Everybody is turning their head asking what the heck is going on. Will this ever stop? When will the bleeding end well were going to talk about it here? In this video, keep in mind that these corrections or crashes happen all the time in cryptocurrency. Remember. This is a very volatile asset class weve had crashes like this in the last two cycles and were not even there yet in terms of the pain that we saw in the last two cycles, meaning bitcoin and ethereum went down nearly 90 percent in both of the Most recent crashes right now, bitcoin and ethereum – are down about 70 to 75 percent from their all time high set last year. So with that being said, theres probably more pain to come. However, what comes after that pain is huge. Growth always play the long game here. If youre getting into any type of investment, dont look for the short fix, dont look for the short term gain or the or the quick buck if youre looking for that, go to the casino right go to the sports book, i dont encourage you to do that By the way, but if youre looking at long term, investments these days are opportunities, this is where millionaires are made. So with that being said, lets dive into a few things here in this article, this is crypto bubbles we can see. Bitcoin is down and ethereum way down: bitcoin down 14 down to 23 000 and some change ethereum is heading toward 1100 as it just crossed below 1200.

. Everything is on sale, and i mean everything is on sale, especially here in the top 100. So if youre looking to add to your highest conviction place in my opinion, this is the time to start dollar cost averaging in. I wouldnt get too aggressive, not a financial advisor hammer that like button, though im not getting too aggressive, im just going slowly into the market. Okay, so last night – and this morning i added to crow chronos number 20, ranked one of my favorite cryptocurrencies its getting down to the levels that i bought at back in 2021. I love that from a long term standpoint because im trying to get a hundred thousand kronos right so now i want to add to my positions so, but everything is in shambles right. We got algorithmic stable coins, uh crashing as well. More stable coins have become de pegged here this morning, uh trons stablecoin actually got de pegged here for a short amount of time. Everything is looking terrible. I mean right now we are back below a one trillion dollar market cap were down 13 over the day. Bitcoin is down under a 500 billion dollar market cap, its really easy to look at the market. Right now and just say, im done, im finished its over im, not investing in cryptocurrency anymore, its not for me, but really. What we need to be doing is flipping that mindset a little bit and we need to be saying: hey, listen, im playing the long game here.

This is my opportunity to acquire assets at a cheap price. Its very simple, buy low, sell, high thats how wealthy people get richer, buy low sell high. Do you think wealthy people were buying the tops? Last year in november no theyve been here before they were already priced in? They were already in there. They were accumulating last summer before the big run up happened in 2021, now its a long year. Could we still see a run up later this year? It is certainly possible right now. Our world looks a little bit different than it did a year ago, but cryptocurrency is crazy right. Its crazy volatile were gon na get some kind of clarity on regulation. Maybe that brings in some big players. Listen, we got ta have we have? We have to have the mindset beyond 2022.. We have to have the mindset beyond 2023.. Ask yourself what your goals are. Ask yourself why you got into cryptocurrency? Did you get in just to experience one bad moment in time, one bad crypto crash and then freak out and get out no youre here for the long term and remember flip the script. These are opportunities right now in cryptocurrency. These are how people got rich before any of us did, or any of us will okay, i dont care, if youre rich, yet or youre, not youre, going to be rich youre going to be rich. Put that in your mind, right now, youre going to be rich, because these are opportunities and youre early.

You are an early adopter of cryptocurrency if youre watching this video right now you are in the five percent. There is time there is ample amounts of time and youre ready, youre prepared, because you have a seat at the table 95 of the people they dont theyre, still learning they will come years and years down the road theyll come into crypto many people wont get into Crypto until 2030., its not even 2025, yet keep that in the back of your mind, you are here early. I know the crypto crash sucks. I know in the short term its frustrating, you know what put your phone down go for a walk, just, throw it just not not literally throw it, but throw it away. Lock it away. Dont look at the charts because you know what the longer you sit there and look at it and think and oh my gosh, its all going to come to an end. The more likely you are to make an irrational decision. So just put the phone down go, relax, go, do something else and just remember why you started this journey in the first place, thats what ive got for you here in the video? Let me know your thoughts about all this down below in the comment section hang in there im going to be with you every step of the way and theres a lot to learn right now in this bear market we will get through.