Towel with jt news. Make sure you smash that, like button smash that subscribe button lets get right into the news all right, so cardi, b pops up and performs the k flock song at summer. Jam sounds like a hot mess, but she looked good. Uh people are excited to see her summer jams getting kind of weak like nah. Its probably should have been there cause hes dropped, so many albums they had like a bunch of they didnt have like they had like city girls, a bunch of other stuff. I mean, i know thats whats hot now, but we still got to keep certain stuff going. You know, i dont know its just new yorks different now, im im sure they have 504 and stuff like that. I dont know just different now: soulja boyce is the first rapper to produce on a plane. You know producing rap on a plane, whatever man im sick of the firsts and everything soulja boy is getting annoying right. Once again, hes arrived hes annoying. He talked about trouble after he passed. He talked about um dolph when he passed bad taste bro like im kind of done with that uh roddy rich is released uh, we dont know the details on it, but he gets released the same day after getting arrested for a weapon. So maybe they were able to prove it was somebody elses weapon or whatever i dont know, diddy is put under pressure by young miami to claim her as his girl.

She said we go together, we go there. He said, whatever you say, brush that off real quick yeah young miami youre fun for the moment and im paying like i way for that hes, probably gon na. At the end of the day, you know miamis gon na probably cost him a million dollars for sure he got it. He got it, but you know. Sometimes you got to pay to get through the pain. You know hes hes, going through a lot of pain. Right now, im not saying like, i feel bad, i mean i do feel bad for his kids and everything they lost their mother, but diddys kind of a different kind of guy man, but uh. You know he does need to get through that pain and raise his children man. So he has, he has kids um. You know he lost cassie. A lot of stuff happened, so um couldnt get cassie back. He said you know she moved on with. You know. Has kids and everything – and i couldnt really get her back so i had to move on and you know doing what you got to do. Four of five old black members arrested, fbg ducks murder, have been appointed public defenders, but muap is the only one with a paid lawyer, obviously theyre gon na snitch someones gon na snitch with public defenders. This is just a guaranteed situation: okay, uh! Then we got rick ross, saying no one. Listen to me, because uh fed fears spark sudden 100 billion crypto price crash, sending bitcoin eth bnb salon all this stuff plummeting.

I knew that was gon na happen. Eventually, you know it just doesnt make sense, nothings making sense. Nft selling for 300 000 makes no sense. I know little babies looking at his nfts now, like oh my gosh, i spent 300 000 on a digital picture dumb. This is gon na, be the dumbest known to the dumbest time in history. Im telling you im, sorry guys, i know some of you guys believe in all that stuff, but im gon na tell you. The nft thing was a thats. When i knew things were a little, the crypto thing made a little more sense right. It made a lot more sense, thats, eventually, obviously going to happen. Nfts the blockchain technology behind all that is obviously the technology, but the the nft paying that much money for an nft is crazy. Caught the op son not divided like crazy. Did you guys hear that and then little scrappy is doing wwe now he pretended to perform something, took the mic out of his hand, and then he body slammed him its interesting. Did you guys see that story where, like the elephant like trampled a seven year old woman and then came back during her funeral and trampled her funeral? Is that real thats, crazy whats going on that elephant? She she was doing something to that elephant man. That elephant remembered something he was like yo, not its, not enough that i trampled her im gon na come back and try it so its sad, but also at the same time you got ta wonder that you know they say elephants.

Remember everything come on man with that elephant.