84 in the last 24 hours with another jolt down, as we just come on to the live 10.22 percent down for Ethereum on the day, falling all the way to 1 360.. I told you yesterday on the live: dogecoin five cents, ethereum 1250 and bitcoin 25 000. We saw bitcoin hit the 25 000 mark. That one was right on point. You can go watch it live and see. I said those exact numbers make sure to subscribe with notifications on because we do have some of the most accurate predictions and all of cryptocurrency here on this channel bitcoin, even though that has hits target that we were expecting. Ethereum has not quite gone down to 1250, yet so there could be some more room for it to fall. We also said dogecoin. Five cents was the number for doge dogecoin. Now at six cents, approximately so were at six cents with doge, so it still could fall. A little bit further, it actually did hit five cents for a very brief period of time, so that prediction on the point as well, every single prediction we have made has not only been on the point, but it has been completely and totally spot on. For the downside, which we were hoping wouldnt happen, but of course it did as cryptocurrency continues to see one of the most negative periods in its history, as it has absolutely fallen out from its all time highs. Here are some stats that i think you will find very interesting.

Take a look at this. You can see these stats. Show you exactly how concerned you should be by the way theres a picture of someone on their phone. Take a look at this 2013 to 2015. Some stats on previous market cycles. We saw cryptocurrency in the form of btc flying 82. During that period there saw massive fall during that bear cycle. Then 2017 to 2018 btc fell from 19423 to 3217, so a massive fall of 83. You also saw ethereum going from one thousand one hundred or one thousand four hundred forty eight to eighty five dollars a ninety four percent fall for ethereum, which is similar to what dogecoins experiencing the same thing that ethereum did in 2017 18 cycle, then for the current Cycle, rather than 83 94 were at 59 and 69 percent after it has just fallen a little bit more. It is now actually over 60 percent for btc its down to 25 000, so were getting close to that 80 or so percent mark, which is where we could actually see btc going thats. One of the reasons why i told you that we could see btc falling all the way as low as 21 000. This is absolutely terrible territory and we were hoping rights that maybe some of the benefits of the market being bigger more people be involved in it. Institutional investors that could allow to hold a little bit stronger than previous cycles, but that has yet to be determined, as we are clearly not done with this bear market, yet will be only a few percentage points more than it falls, or will we see the full 80 to 90 percent that we typically have seen in the past will that be rised.

The other positive thing here is that every single time, the past it has done this cycle. Whats then happened next, a massive massive spike crypto extremely volatile, but it is easily the fastest and most prominent way that you can get rich in this day and age because theres no better opportunity than cryptocurrency with these big swings. But in order to have that high upside, which you know how to capitalize on hopefully better now, every single cycle, you learn more and you get more educated, then the next time we see a big run, youll know exactly how to capitalize on it more so than You have before ethereum down 69 dogecoin is down more than 80 percent from its all time, high realistically speaking, though dogecoins at around 70 or so down from its real all time, high counting 75 cents as the all time high because of the insane hysteria just seems Off to me, if you just came to live, take a second to not press the like button, because this is unfortunately a negative live and we do not want it to go to more people. We just want it to be us in here. So do dont press like dont comment: dont do anything to bring the viewership up. This is a live where we only want to be our community. No one else needs to see this its, not good its, not good news. Unfortunately, i feel like someone wants everyone off.

So it can pump im staying in, says cultural politics at this point, statistically speaking, you have a higher chance of benefiting from staying in then going out. What you should have been doing, of course, is slowly selling the top thats. Why i said i said very clearly. I tried to tell you as many times as i could. Most people listen if you didnt do not feel bad thats completely and totally okay. Maybe it was your first cycle like this, maybe youre just being optimistic. I love that its good to be optimistic, but now is the time to be optimistic more so than any time before, because at this price, dogecoin can really only fall, arguably around 10 to 15 percent. More, maybe 20 more were not going to see it falling insane insane degrees theres too much support theres. There are too many watts that have not sold in too long and as it continues to grow, we see more and more of that, so it really cannot fall below a certain amount. But that is why its so important to know these numbers and understand them. Do you see a recovery soon? It says l, o l, absolutely. The question is how soon and thats why you need to subscribe with notifications on to stay updated on that, but dont whatever you do, do not go down there and press the like button, because if you do, one new individual will come to live and we dont Want that we dont want them to have to deal with this horror.

How how could we put someone through that? How dare you dont press it? We are heading to a depression, not recession, says uh midwest yep youre right. I mean its very upsetting to see this insane amounts of money that are being spent by the government. The government is entirely at fault, for this. Whats, crazy, though, is what aligns right, along with the next cycle of bitcoin thats right, the presidential election, and that typically can shake things up depending on who wins. If a pro cryptocurrency candidate wins, and you combine that with the next half in cycle. That could be the biggest pump that we have ever seen in the history of cryptocurrency. So lets hope something like that happens, thats really the moon shot right there do you think one dart is still go absolutely and ive continued to say this year, deutsche 21. I still firmly believe that it does not matter what price we see. Dogecoin to one dollar is so inevitable, and actually there is some degree of positivity to the fact that dogecoin is down a little bit more because then, when it starts to spike it will have more momentum and energy once it gets to that 30 cent range that 40 cent range the more momentum and energy it has the higher the chance that we can actually see it passing its all time. High now that doesnt mean we have to weather a bit of a storm now, but thats.

The most silver lining possible way to look at it, the most punching in the face, with an optimistic hand that you can possibly get. I mean yes, its stretching the optimism a little bit, but you know what we stretched optimism before in the past and, typically speaking when you stretch something it can become nice and fluffy and feels good its good. I, like stretching stuff other things i enjoy stretching include pizza, dough pizza is pretty fun to stretch rubber bands, sometimes gum after you blow bubbles. Youre welcome to stretch the gum lots of things you can stretch your body wherever you want to stretch, cant wait for it for s. Clubs to accept dogecoin says pete pete is having pete wants to have some fun with his doge. You know thats theres, nothing wrong with that. If you want to have a little bit of fun with your doge, why not its cryptos already passed over sold, says john shape shift at these prices. Doesnt mean we cant go down further. We certainly can and probably will, but there are, is already life changing opportunities on the table for those willing to buy and hold for long term. I, like the optimism there heres another negative story that well talk about real, fast elon musk, talking again about the usa, birth rate, which is significantly below sustainable levels, have not been above that for a very long time you can see you need to have 2.

1 per Woman thats bursts at least to sustain population growth over time and to sustain just a normal level. Really you have to have at least two, unfortunately, the last time we had two was like 20 years ago, its been plummeting recently there does seem to be a little bit of a shift upward. So hopefully that will happen if you have not had enough babies yet have another one to have another one after that, have more babies its time to do it tell your wife that you want to have another kid. Just just do it or your husband. If uh, you have a husband and you are watching the show, doge community will survive this period and bounce back better and stronger says no tap. No tap is right there. I i fully fully believe that – and this is not the first time dogecoins found this much its done it multiple times before every single time. What happens after it can only fall so far before. Eventually, it goes crazy. Also, this is pretty crazy. Article, a woman was awarded 5.2 million in a settlement from insurance company geico after contacting after contracting a disease from her partner in his vehicle, while insured by the company court documents show, and so she was awarded 5.2 million for that im, just ridiculous right. There i mean yeah, she was, she got something bad, but how? How can car insurance cover, something that silly i mean thats, why your car insurance rates are so high, its ridiculous? That needs to absolutely be overhauled.

That entire field is just crazy. The profits needs to go down for the companies whats the point in having a profitable company when you literally have to have it and also theyre profiting that much off of it and being that inefficient, its just, not cool how the entire system is running. If we continue to scroll down, you can see every crypto pretty much is down near protocol. Fourteen percent ill grant ten percent there. We are h bar thirteen, thirty percent on the week foul coin. Down massively, i mean some of these just huge huge, huge drops, its very hard to find coins that are up. Neo is one of the only ones with four point: seven: five percent up in the last 24 hours gas prices as well says uh, mr dabrico are absolutely going crazy. I mean its making it harder for spacex its making it harder for companies across the globe to actually operate. Everything gets more expensive because of the fact that you have to use fuel to transport stuff places and that plays a big role in the price of your goods. So its pretty bad all around whats happening here, dogecoin millionaire is uh, lost, 3 million says rai. He did not lose 3 million, actually he is still holding and when it spikes again, people will just pretend like this never happened. I mean yeah, it sucks right now, its not fun, but no its its ridiculous. To criticize him, not only is he still up right now on his investment, he still made a lot of money, not only that, but on top of that he is respected across the community for the fact that he held, i also held my dogecoin, and the truth Is i did make a lot of money from selling other cryptos ive been very upfront and forward about that at the top of the market? I said to everyone im selling, some of my cryptos im taking profits and if you want to as well that could be very smart.

I didnt want to directly tell you what to do, but i did very heavily imply over and over and over and over again to sell at the top and the one thing i said: im not selling is dogecoin just because i love it too much id rather Profit from the other cryptos and so thats what ive been doing, the entire time profiting from kryptos but holding my doge, because its too dear to my heart, also, i very strongly hold the cryptos. I support with a couple of rare exceptions when i feel its appropriate to sell and its been a long enough period of time. Since my support started and everyone else, i make sure to know that you know as well: hey nows the time when you can start taking some profits and its probably smart right. No jordan now says get a job all right mcdonalds. Here i come. I im dogecoins down so its time to go, apply for mcdonalds. You may you may see matt flipping burgers, oh no! Oh! No! What are we gon na do crypto its time its time to finally turn in the youtuber hat ill, sell my camera and go trail in for a mcdonalds apron or maybe chick fil, a chick fil, a sounds like a good place to work ill ill. Do it ill sling some burgers, i dont mind that sounds that sounds. It sounds like a kind of fun job. I actually know someone who worked for mcdonalds and uh.

She enjoyed it, so it cant be that bad uh. Jordan now says: yeah hes dumb for not taking some profit, you mean dogecoin millionaire. I mean he. He made a decision not to think about this, though heres the biggest point of why you should not harp on people or roast people too much for not taking profits. If dogecoin millionaire was the type to take profits, he probably would have done it. The second hit one million dollars he would have taken it all out. It would have never hit three million dollars. He probably most people would have done it when it doubled. If youre the type to take profits, youre not going to wait until its three million dollars, if youre the type to hold, then if you do wait and then it goes down, some youll probably expect it to go back up and then youll keep holding so thats. Why you hear these stories all the time of people who had huge amounts of money in their portfolio and they didnt sell it because theyre the type to not sell thats, why it was able to get to that amount in the first place, everyone else who would Have sold at the top already sold beforehand before it even got that high, so its logically really invaluable, which i think is the right word to use there. I actually dont know what that word means. It just sounds right for some reason anyway, whatever i know most words, some of them, though some of them escape your memory whatever, regardless of that, when it comes to selling cryptocurrencies, you cant really feel bad for holding on, and then it goes back down because thats, What got you to that point in the first place, its really just logic and common sense, thats, why i always say slowly: you can take profits when youre going through these periods of the top thats, the most smart thing you can possibly do, and i will also Do my best to guide you through the field of selling your crypto, so you can make the best decisions possible notifications on very important, especially for that right now we have not had as many calls because of the market, keep in mind when the market goes back To green again, we will have a bunch of calls.

We had some of the biggest calls in crypto history when the market was in bull mode, some people becoming millionaires from our call group. Some people become millionaires from our channel. Multiple people will become millionaires from the next cycle. Rest assured of that, if youre wondering is there a way, if maybe youre, in a position where you want to be significantly wealthier than you are now, if youre wondering, is there a path forward to that? That does not involve me having to get extremely lucky. Yes, there is theres a strategic path. You can take in cryptocurrency to achieve that goal, and it may be significantly easier as long as your patience than you think, thats whats important about crypto thats. What makes it so special matt will beat our a time. John obrien says max. We will beat our all time high. I, like the sound of that and i fully agree with you. There were up to 1 760 viewers. How? How could we be and 100 people press like who are you dont do that on? If you press like, unlike we, do not want more people saying this live, this live needs to be seen as by as little people as possible. Only our inner community should see this, because its bad were not talking about good stuff were saying: dogecoin could even fall. Further were saying five cents is the target here that it could hit were saying. Bitcoin could fall even further to 21 000.

Why would we want more people to see that? How could you possibly bring yourself to press the like button, its just ridiculous, terrible idea, dont do it dont do it? Millionaires are made in the bear market, says: jordan, no thats, absolutely true a lot of the biggest and most successful crypto channels. You see, including myself, were made at that time when cryptocurrency was not exciting. I started my channel when dogecoin was at less than half a penny right. It was not exciting that no one cared about it and yeah. I made videos on deutsche every single day because i loved it and because i believed in it my first videos when i get a lot of views, ill get a few thousand here and there. If i was lucky, maybe a few hundred, i mean i just continue to grind and continue making videos even during those moments and so thats how you know, i will continue grinding and being consistent during these moments as well its a beautiful thing as we watch the Market, though, make sure whatever the heck you do, that you turn those notifications on. I cant stress that enough, its very important. I know you hear me say it all the time and you probably are like hey whatever. Maybe i dont need to. No, you absolutely need to, because when you miss that notification, that could be the life changing one, the big one thats when youre going to feel like oh man, i should have done it.

I should have listened to not out, i mean ill. Tell you about it! Ill say you should have done it heres the video and youll be like dang it. I should have done it. Youll youll, hear it so make sure dont forget, dont, miss out turn the notifications on most important thing. You can do anyway, im matt wass.