We have to start to transition away from that. If you already have investing apps its time to get on an app where 90 of the people who use this app are categorized as long term investors and you get some free stocks, while youre over there and no payment for order flow, i see you over. There were also using this app by the way for the 26 week challenge where we just got our instant deposit. We dont have to wait for our money to clear over there. It automatically goes into your buying power and then boom. You could load up on your favorite stocks in 26 week. Challenge were gon na have five thousand dollars at the end of the 26 weeks. I just deposited 210 over there, so guess what we are on week, 15. baby – we are more than halfway over the mark. I see you over there if you want to join a 26 week, challenge hit that link in the top comment to get on the discord and join public. So you get the instant deposits baby. I see you over there now lets talk about sheba new, the little dog, the beast, the banger, now quiet as its kept. There are so many detractors and naysayers who talk about shibenu in a negative light, but they never get to the fact so im coming at you with the receipts baby check out these receipts. First of all, i got a video that i posted named sheboy new thats.

All it is in the title. This is from march 18, 2022 and i even said back then – and i got an arrow here – go to facts for you. Im gon na keep it real with you all of the time that, if shiba new broke under the 17, the 4017 on the technicals, it was very likely to come down to the four zeros or five zeros and five im, always gon na. Keep it real, whether its good, bad or ugly and thats? Why people subscribe to the channel because im going to tell you the truth, whether you want to hear it it doesnt matter, i tell you what you need to hear, so you can make an informed decision now that we know that check this out. She play new. Is currently many zeros and nine its up one percent on the day, its down thirteen percent on a week and its still up forty nine percent on the year im, not telling you to buy, hold or sell im going to give you the facts from sheba new. So then you can be. The judge now check this out. The motley fool, the one. No only the motley fool: they recently posted an article and they said that shiba he knew could eventually go down to zero straight up worth absolutely nothing, no value at all. Now there are many reasons that they are saying this, but remember allegedly supposedly this is the motley fool right with nobody trying to get sued, but you already know how they get down.

How, whenever something happens here they come after the fact and then they try to tell you. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah right. They always do that, but you know what time it is with the mainstream media. Their key point is, there is no shortage of headwinds, meaning the rate hikes coming up. We know about that a potential recession being in full swing. We know about that. The fed doing everything that theyre doing to slow down the recession, theyre saying all these different things, and on top of that theyre talking about with cryptocurrency and regulations, how crypto might be more regulated than ever before, and then this could dissuade people from getting into cryptocurrency, Which would make all crypto rise now lets take a look at this tara luna like we were talking about before, which is one of those kind of headwinds that theyre talking about you could call it a tailwind, meaning it already passed, but we kind of live in An aftermath of it, but theres still more to come, which is making people just basically not understand, whats, going on in the crypto space and have less trust, more fear, uncertainty and doubt lets. Take a look at this tara luna like were talking about before its currently four zeros and seven, it was actually 116 dropped. All the way down to way less than a penny basically lost. One hundred percent of his words now theyre saying on a motley fool that sheba new could end up being exactly like this, except its starting from a lower point.

Its gon na drop until it has literally no value where so many zeros and decimal points that you cant even tell what it is now take a look at this. What happened with tara luna that caused a lot of that fair uncertainty and doubt just for a recap, is you know what, after that crash, came all the way down? People lost millions, billions of dollars. This encouraged people to stay away from cryptocurrency and then the developers of cryptocurrency people are starting to say um. I dont know if i trust you so people are looking at the developers of shebay knew people are looking at the developers of all these different cryptocurrencies and trying to see. Are they cashing out, and then they found this. They said tara luna, again, allegedly right nobodys. Trying to get sued it says taralona employees reportedly confirmed to the sec that duquan cashed out 80 million a month prior to luna crashing from that 116 lets. Call it all the way down to many zeros and seven. So they say he took out 80 million dollars. So people have a lot of mistrust in the situation and then, after they found out that information, they started combing through all of the evidence with a fine tooth comb and then allegedly, he reportedly cashed out 2.7 billion on top of the 80 in a span of A few months prior to the crash, so then, when people see this and bitcoin is coming down, ethereum is coming down.

You know all coins like shibe, knew are going to come down and all other kind of coins like that are going to come down because of the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounded by all of the developers and all of the coins that are not bitcoin and even Bitcoin is coming down. All of that fear surrounding it is going to drag the crypto market down and then luna 2.0 came out after luna 2.0 crashed like that. They made it another luna and then this one is down 85, since it launched at the time that they posted this screenshot and then, on top of that, an update happened in regards to a phishing exploit incident in june early june on shibay new, where they were Making nfts with a partnership that they had, but now you know what the scammer said. Okay lets attack shibuyanu lets, make sure that we can make a lot of money by sending people to the wrong website and putting in their information and then just stealing all their money out of it. So theres a lot of fear uncertainty doubt again, im not telling you to buy hold yourself, but i always want to give you the information, because i trust you to make an informed decision. I think thats in your best interest to always know the facts and thats. Why people subscribe to the channel because they know that im coming with it? Now i come with the good news.

I come with the bad news and i definitely will come with the news that you need to hear baby now check this out when we look at the ether scan, because you got to remember. Shebanu is an ethereum token, which means everything that happens on the sheba new chain. We basically gon na, see and understand how we could look through the data and find out. Oh, this was a transfer. This was a burn if sheba knew remember burns. If she be new make it so that there is less in the circulating supply, meaning were making shiba new, more and more rare, for example, and the more rare it is, the more value it can potentially have so check this out. We look at the ether scan. We can see all of these. It says age. Eight hours, 58 minutes there was a transfer into the burn wallet, just a direct transfer. Someone sent some shebano into there, so its out of existence. Almost now they got a system. Thats called buy and burn. Where you can buy shibei new, but then what happens is once you interact with this interface. It burns a little bit of it and sends it to that wallet. So we like to see this, because this shows that the developers are trying to make plans to reduce that circulating supply. One of the largest criticisms of shebay knew is that the circulating supply is through the roof, absolutely through the roof.

Now, at over 500 trillion yeah, they do need to bring that circulating, supply down and actually working on it. When you look at a lot of these, the method you see, burn ship buy and burn burn burn. So many different burns happening that we want to see this actually ramp up literally thousands of times more than this, but thats what i got for you today again shibley knew we talked about how its going to come down to the fives. That should be the next support line if it breaks that support line, the free fall shall continue at least on the technicals. We would hope that we get a bounce at about 10 right now, but again follow the chart and not your heart, but if you cant handle the heat of these hot stocks to stay out of the kitchen hot crypto too, and consider investing in index funds, i Got you back when we get some good news on ship? You know im coming with it. We get some bad news on. You know im coming with it, but i love yall and ill. See you in the next one join the discord.