Yes, the markets are going down, yes, crypto is dropping, but in times like this, we dont freak out right. We dont freak out. I tell you the truth. I just saw a. I took a nice day with the wife. This is why the video is a little bit later today and we went to a uh like like a lecture from a guy that talked about fear, and then we watched the top gun movie right, and that was before the the movie itself, and he was talking About fear and how fear can be debilitating right? You, you cant, sometimes you either you fight you flight or you freeze or you try to please right. There are four four things here and now the market is in a 13 down in the last 24 hours, guys. So now were gon na have to make a decision. Do we do we f flight right? Do we sell? Do we run away right? Do we fight right dollar cost average in potentially right and not financial advice right? Do we freeze, freeze and do nothing right and just sit on the sidelines and say you know what maybe the storm will pass and everythings gon na be all right or do we decide to please so please would be if somebody was trying to steal your money And says: give me your wallet and then you say: okay here take my watch. Take my sunglasses. Take my hat too right thats to please.

So you think if you do that, then hell leave you alone. So i dont know if please is relevant here in this scenario, all right, maybe we could think about something but its just bloody, bloody, bloody and well talk about this. In just a second one of the big uh crypto lenders has frozen, frozen withdrawals were going to talk about in thats the second, their token just completely got destroyed in a really short time. Uh. So bitcoin is down 13.4 percent breaking the 25 000 support level. Ethereum is almost said: one thousand dollars these. You know things are getting to prices where we wished. We would have got. You know back to those areas when we were there and we didnt buy, and then they went up to four thousand. Sixty thousand was like. Oh, why didnt i buy back back when it was were getting to those prices right. So if you do have some cash on the sideline again always do your own due diligence depending on your situation, long term investing short term investing, but but things are getting into areas where theyre looking very, very tasty right. But but we dont know, we dont know where whats the bottom here gon na be um, shiba, inu right down another 13 and a half percent. I made a video last night that, if it gets to the 600 area, be very, very tasty. In my opinion, uh and even tara luna, which was you know, holding uh more or less decided to pull back another 15 here right, uh, we said it was holding its holding right and just when the everything started, selling off uh, it went on the ride with It and so its interesting and – and you see here, right, bitcoin tumbles, as crypto lenders celsius house withdraws.

I already saw this last night to tell you the truth. I was gon na go. I went to sleep and and before that you know i was looking in the interwebs, and i saw this i was like. Oh, this is bad right. This is not good. We already talked about the fact where there was uns unstaking of lidos stake, ether and ethereum right. They got off track here. You can see theres about a 70 difference, theyre supposed to be pegged to each other right and now this is happening and bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies tumbled. On monday, after 12 billion dollar lender celsius, necro halted, customers withdraws in the latest sign of intensifying trains across the diligent asset industry. Whats going to happen here. Right is extreme market conditions. What what is going on people took out leverage they bought all these leveraged contracts and things like that they took out money they lent here. These are. This is a lender right and now things are its just like margin, and now things are going down and whoa wait. Wait, wait a second! Oh nobody told us that things could go down right. Wait, wait! Wait! We thought uh. You know. 20. 20. 20. 21. Everything just goes up right. No, this is not the situation. Okay and so people over leveraged and now theyre gon na get theyre gon na get you know, uh smushed, the smashed right and a bad way right, uh, and so its gon na be interesting.

How this uh, this you know, plays out the move deal the heavy blow to the broader digital asset market bitcoin, the worlds most actively traded. Cryptocurrency has dropped almost 20 since friday, the lowest level since december 2020 right and their token collapsed. I think 55 in in about five minutes or even more right. Uh lets see here how much its uh currently down right celsius. Crypto right, we have here, lets see no thats technical difficulty time. I think i think the it went down around here. Fifty percent uh – if i, if i remember correctly, yeah 51 percent uh – it just crashed in a matter of few minutes when they came out with this news, uh and – and it was a big big dip here and so um. You know people that had money. There are freaking out, and you know a few weeks ago we had the whole lunar situation and now were having this situation and, and you say, whoa okay, so you know what uh good thing i have my money in the stock market. Well, stock market futures are dropping too right, im going nasdaq minus three percent and smp 500 down 2.34 right and inflation is going up so youre losing from here and youre losing from here and youre losing from there right, and i understand right its scary. You get freaked out and if youre, not an uh, a seasoned investor, you say to yourself: you know what i dont need this uh beep right.

I dont need this. This um theres a word in yiddish service. I dont need these uh in hebrew. I dont need these troubles right uh. Why do i need these troubles im losing money here, im losing money there im losing money from inflation ill end up. You know on the street this this. If this keeps up right and and if youre youre too stressed out, you cant deal with this youre feeling like the weight is too heavy in on your world step out. You may miss out this time, maybe on the gains or whatever if it does recover. But if your mental health is not good step out right again, not financial advice always do your own due diligence before you decide to invest but its its not in the short term. You might not be ready right. You might not be ready to handle these kind of dips and these kind of fluctuations and its okay right. I tell you march 2020, when the stock market was crashing significantly, it wasnt easy. It was very, very hard and you know i saw my investments going down and down and down and down, and it was freaky now you can of course uh. You know, do uh defensive measures and have uh puts or have by uh inverse um uh. You know etfs and things like that and crypto. You can also buy uh. You know by the inverse things uh so thats a possibility right, so thats a possibility to still make money on the way down right, uh, but that that uh comes with a lot of stress as well a lot of pressure.

So again, if you, if youre able to if youre up to it, so do it if not uh, stay on the sideline, if youre, if youre long term – and you have cash on the side, you might be saying to yourself: okay, listen long term uh! I have these assets that im looking at here now take a look. This is a good opportunity by the way to pull out a second take, a look at your assets and look at them say: okay, would i buy here this asset at this price and if the answer is no, i wouldnt have bought at this price. Then maybe its time to say goodbye to this asset, but if youre like, oh, my god, what a great opportunity i wish i could have bought it last time around at this price, then theres your answer right, and so this is maybe time for some uh spring Cleaning right or summer cleaning, uh and so well see how this plays out, but its gon na be very interesting check out the links to moomoo in the description down below get those eleven free stocks and um plus. I trust capital as well start investing in your ira. It might be a big opportunity to get some crypto in your crypto ira link is in the description down below dont forget to smash the like button. Thank you for watching.