Here we are the chiba burn channel. Half of our ad revenue goes to burning sheep and now i know its been a long time since i made a video had my in laws. I was lazy, working, yada yada, millions of excuses i can make, but we are back uh. We are still burning 50. The mission is still on, uh views are down, and everything and the markets down badly, as you can see here, lets take a look at the market right now. Real, quick yeah, the market is just nasty, were looking at uh bitcoin right now. But if you look at sheba were in the eights now we lost uh, we gained, i should say, a zero, so its not looking good, but this is a whole market situation, so the total crypto market is uh in the toilet. Looking at bitcoin, we are in the toilet, looking at the stock market, we are in the toilet, so uh. This is not to be um a big. You know like oh freak out. You know oh shibas done like really. The whole market, as we know, is in the toilet and inflation and cost living and gas, and everything is kind of a little crazy right now, but with all that said, lets go and look at the channel analytics real, quick and then well touch base again on The general situation were at 34 for the month uh 28 days here for the lifetime. Its a lot more uh lets see its probably around 600 bucks.

If this can load lifetime were at 600 bucks, but we have gone down a lot in revenue. Like i said uh in the month of our last 28 days, weve only made uh. So in the last 28 days, weve only made 34 dollars, not a lot of money. Because of lack of videos, i mean look, we made a video a while ago may 25th. So its been some time im im, still surprised that were still hitting like that two dollar mark here and there sometimes four dollars right here. Uh right now were in the sense again, but uh were going to start making more videos and hopefully we get more views. I know uh viewership tends to go down. Even if i start pumping out videos, a viewership still goes down uh during times of um. You know the price of everything going down. Uh less people are interested people just kind of hold their bags and kind of move on to other things and kind of forget the stocks and the cryptos that are down. But hopefully we can get more views, get more revenue because nows the time to burn like with this low low price of shiba, we can burn a heck of a lot like th this, like a hundred bucks worth of burns here, you can burn a significant amount. More than at all time highs right, so this is the time to burn. I know i say this all the time you know.

Oh, the price is low, now its time to burn but uh. Hopefully, people actually put in the practice now that is so so so cheap right now. Looking at my google adsense were at 94., so were six dollars short. You have to get a hundred dollars to get the payout as it says right here, um. So that should happen next month and uh we will do a burn, uh and then were going to pick up. You know making videos again its been a difficult time with. You know, work and i had some family over and this and that but im trying to be more consistent, uh. You know here soon and unfortunately, looking at you burn were only at 368 billion burned. I was hoping for a lot more than this. I was hoping to break that 400 billion, but its definitely slowing down, as you can see here its like, i, you know, last 24 hours has slowed down uh, not massive massive burns. As of late again, i want to break this 400 here soon, hopefully, by this month we break this 400, but well see again. Burns are very, very uh low right now again, i think mostly because people are not super invested in burning and looking at crypto or burning heba, again people kind of retreat when the market is taking a massive beating like it is now people arent as involved, and I think this is whats happening here because yeah, i know ive been lazy.

You can say whatever you want about me, however, regardless its down burns have been down and so thats, not a good sign and looking at the crypto market, we are at number 17. So we definitely lost our place. We were at like 15, when we last did this, but now at 17 dogecoin is that number 10, but yeah that was 8 billion dollars. I remember when doge was at like 20.. We were at like 17 and now were at 4 billion 4.5 billion, so the whole crypto market has lost billions and billions of billions and billions of dollars, not just sheba, but the whole market has lost billions of dollars. So again, this is a rough beating and im just kind of laying low theres not much. We can do except burn and burn a lot more now that the price is low, again, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn and going back to the technical and going back to the technical analysis. This is uh where we are uh. I mean honestly theres, not a whole lot to say were at 25 billion right now on, bitcoin were keeping your eye on bitcoin, because you know thats the king of crypto and where bitcoin goes, the crypto market will go and the big level of support here is 18 billion ive heard 22 billion. Excuse me, 22 000. Can you imagine a billion anyway, uh, 22. 000 to 18. 000 is uh kind of the next floor.

Uh 22 000 ive heard from various other people, but um im, sure theres a you know, reason for that kind of support somewhere around here. Maybe its right here, uh theres, a level of uh kind of sideways price action right here. So we can put a thing right here about right here: man thats about right, so you know thats about accurate. It seems um, i guess thats, where they come up with that number unless theres something else that im not seeing but yeah. I would say this is the next level about this. This right here of support so well see what happens and, of course, the stock market, where that goes also will affect crypto, whether we like it or not, so keep your eyes on it and uh yeah. Just hang on tight with your investments, youre both your crypto and stocks, and what have you? Because you know this tends to happen. You know not. Everything can go up up up up and up forever, but you know i know this uh kind of sucks, but again the silver lining. We can burn a whole lot more. We just have to watch videos consume. You know, play the games, listen to the music watch. You know whatever you know, go out and burn thats. All i can say and if you havent already please follow me on twitter at sheba burn tube there youll get the latest news, updates, burn projects and more you know just go out there and burn.

You know. Thats, what were all about so its up to you, whether you want the value of our crypto, go up its really in your hands, so you know: go out a bird! So please like subscribe, hit that notification bell and until next time, thank you for watching now.