Please go ahead and hit the like subscribe and the notification bell. If you want to stay up on whats going on in this crazy market, it is more important now than ever to keep an eye and an ear out on whats happening in crypto and the stock market, because it is our money, good people, hey anything i say, Is not a suggestion for you to buy, hold or sell and never fall for spam in the comment section lets get right to it. Uh lets take a look right here at the time of uh. This video, as you can see, the dow, is down its fluctuating around a negative 900 points and um by the time you see this, it could be actually lower lets just hit. You lets just start this off with all its a tsunami of bad news. I cant sugarcoat. This crypto loses a 200 billion dollar market cap over the weekend. Um theres, a in most of it is, is its a a variation of different things, but one of the things is uh government regulation, uh and the possibility of it. It spooked a lot of people. You you guys also know, of course, were in a bear market trending down. The fed is due to talk higher interest rates. Uh proving that uh bitcoin is not in cryptocurrency is not a hedge against inflation right, and so now you have a run on it, people starting to sell, and then you have brokers like celsius that put a freeze on your crypto and so its a lot of Fear in crypto uh lets look at some of the uh lets look at where we are on crypto all right.

So look at here, bitcoin down in the last five days down by 23. Today alone, it was down as much as 15. Look at this 12. uh lets just say: 13 negative today alone about 20 over the month negative, but uh. I know this is little, but if we look at it from the bottom of lets just say. The bottom of the lets just say before uh covet hit. Lets get it lets, get that so before covet hit were still up: uh 133 right um, but hey most people. I get it most. People, including myself, didnt, get in there uh we got in late and um im. Just gon na tell you that theres a lot of things that you could do some people are and its fine. You do whats best for you. Some people are selling their ethereum their bitcoin, because ethereum is tanking. Also too lets just take a quick look at aetherium uh, its its tanking. Also so ethereum lets look at ethereum. If you look at ethereum uh today, ethereum is down 15 and for the month ethereum is down ‘ and so its its tanking crypto winner. Here we here, we are um and theres a lot of moving parts to this, but i just wanted to um talk about some things that can be done. Uh some people are taking their ethereum and their bitcoin and theyre moving it to usd and uh or to cash and what their they will wind up doing is, if theyre, if they want to continue this journey with cryptocurrency, which i am then they will buy back In once, the falling has stopped now crypto.

Unlike uh stocks, you dont get a watch sale, so you could do that with crypto. But if youre long term like me, um i will tell you. I have no hype coins um, i i. I only have the platform crypto like ive, been explaining to you guys. Yes, i have bitcoin aetherium those type of deals um that platforms are built on, and so many other you name them, but the facts are the facts, and that is 80 of these hype. Coins and micro coins wont make it right so im putting my money into the safer coins. I am dollar cost, averaging myself daily with small amounts, because its daily – and i pick mine at night, because here in the states, i see more movement at night, so thats. What im prepared to do, and its in a small enough amount for me to uh dca, meaning im buying the same kryptos throughout the crypto winter and thats? What im prepared for so im, not looking at a short term solution. So for those of you that swing trading its different, but if youre investing long term, my trajectory is five years, and so i know theres going to be a lot of volatility in the next five years. So thats. What im doing im investing and its going to be, what its going to be when its regulated? We also know that most of this is being called by the upcoming fomc meeting wednesday. The fed meeting now lets just talk about whats, causing this all.

No one knows where the fed is going to be and um its its a balancing, app act right for those of you thats that has that flies if youve ever landed in chicago at midway airport, that air airport uh. That runway is so short as soon as that plan lands. They got a slam on brakes and, unfortunately, thats what the fed is dealt with. He doesnt have enough runway and uh hes been asleep at the wheel and hes been behind the eight ball: transitory transitory. While pumping a lot of money right so theres, either one or theres, either or hes, either going to have to show himself more hawkish right now and be aggressive and say, hey were going to go up 75 basis points or were gon na have to go up A hundred basis points to show how hawkish and aggressive he is and how serious he is that could force us into a certain recession lasting a long time or he could say. I need to calm the market down because of the psychology of it all and say we, you know uh, we have our quantitative tightening coming in. We dont see this lasting long and were just going to continue with the 50 basis points like we four stated and um and not take the 75 basis points off the table, like he previously said, and so he will they will be talking. He will be talking on wednesday. You guys weve been through this so many times.

You guys know that while hes talking the market is gon na, do this its either gon na run up or down right, while hes talking, unfortunately, theres usually talk by other fed members. The day after and the next day after, and so what normally happens is by that friday, even after the fed talks lets, say the fed talks. The market goes green. That friday will probably be a sell off depending on what he says right, and so how do i react to this? I have learned with this fed im not going to try to guess it im going to wait and you could do what best fits you, but im just going to wait and see what the fed does right and im really not buying much of anything. Until then, i did dip my toes in a little gold uh, but thats about it right, so um thats whats, going on the nasdaq is down in crash territory. The nasdaq has come down under 20 lets. Take a look here, as we can see the s p. The russell uh im, sorry, the s p, not the nasdaq im. Sorry, the s p. If we go out six months and lets lets go out a year from the high uh here lets. Get rid of this lets. Get rid of the dow lets get rid of the russell and, as we can see from the high, the s p is in crash territory. Look at that almost 22, so the s p has crashed all right.

So the s p is in a bear market. I know this is not good, but it is, and so let me talk about the stock splits. Listen a bear market bears down on everything. You know um amazon, stock split. Remember i told you guys its not going to have much so it went up, but because were in a bear market amazon cools back down if we werent in a bear market, itd be good right. Same thing, tesla talking about a stock split run up a little bit after hours back down because were in a bear market. Uh remember for all of the crypto guys, hey robin hood, listing sheba e new were in a bear market. Cb news says big deal back down, and so these are whats going on so now, im gon na also say this because i know im throwing a lot at you guys, because i want you guys to be armed to think for yourselves. The fed goes off. Whats called the core cpi numbers right, and you know it really doesnt make sense, because you know the two things thats, not in the core: cb pi numbers, the consumer, price index, energy and food. What do you and i consume daily energy and food? You know, uh and and a big portion of the cpi numbers are new and used cars, which makes no sense because you and i dont – buy a car every day every week every month, but we use gas every day and we eat food every day.

And so you have to understand that uh. Some of these numbers are skewed, these cpi numbers and uh, so um what i am doing and im just going to tell you what i am doing and what im not doing what im not doing is. I have a zero hype stock in my portfolio i have, i dont, have all of these potential short squeeze stock hype stock and all of that, and what what i also am not doing is – i am not taking my costs down on stock that i believe that Are going down lower, meaning im, not getting my average down on those all right, theres a time for that right now is not the time, but what i am continuing to do is to dollar cost average in my five dollar a day stocks in my three portfolios, Because the purpose of that is to be consistent, dollar cost average in im sorry good people, i saw of something flash two dollar cost average in and that im going to continue so im going to dca in my three portfolios. That does not stop and because we are investing long term now, you can go there and look at those portfolios put in larry jones five dollar a day challenge. You can pick uh one from each portfolio to three portfolios: myself im buying them all at ten dollars. A day uh, but i just gave you samples, but you can pick your own companies.

It is just to help you guys that are not investing to create generational wealth, so we continue to dca through the good times and through the bad times now you can cheat a little bit, meaning if you know for a fact or you feel that the market Is going to give up another 30 percent, then you can stop your dca but continue to put your money in your portfolios and then, when you think its bottomed out, then you could uh put all of the money in there. But just remember trying to time the market, let me know how that works for you, because if you could be consistent, you dont have to even think about it all right, good people, you guys know about all the promos thats going on. You guys know that moomoo were were loading up on moomoo. They got up to 25 000 worth of free stocks right now, click my links below and look at the promos right, plus a free share of lucid and then weeble the same thing deposit. One penny in weibo and youre gon na get six free stock worth up to thousands of dollars, but in moomoo you cant put a penny in, but i want you guys to put a hundred dollars in stock. Josh and myself are discussing something thats going to be training during this period with small amounts of money. So you can invest hundreds of dollars, but you will learn how to gain thousands of dollars all right, im gon na leave it right there, good people hey.

I im gon na try to go, live with these cpi numbers and um uh and then uh on wednesday, and i just want to do my best to keep you guys abreast on everything thats going on all right. Good people, uh well see you later live.