As always, it is nick here back today the crypto news and analysis, and today were going to be talking about ripple and xrp. So lets just dive in and lets talk about a few things. So bitcoin has been ranging between around roughly 20 to 22k. It honestly has not been showing a lot of strength. It tried to break out to like 23k earlier today, but it just could not do it. Um were still ranging around um its funny that they removed the market cap. Here it was, i dont know why they did that, but i guess its just up here: its under 900 billion dollars now um its pretty insane that you know where we are right now currently within this market. But you know im expecting a little bit more downtrend within this market, especially ahead of the fomc meeting. Uh later on today, on the seven day spend there is a ton of all coins down significantly, as you guys do see like even nexo, is down like 46 on the seven day span. A lot of these uh coins are extremely oversold within this market, but i do believe that we have a little bit lower to go and a lot of these coins are nearing like. You know: 10x opportunities, 20x opportunities, its insane to me. You know how low this market actually is right now for a lot of all coins, but again im expecting just some slightly more downtrend within this market.

Before we have a nice recovery, you know build of the floor similar to what we did see back in like march of 2020 for bitcoin and this entire market. So lets see how things you know do go. We could go down to like roughly 14 to 16.5 k. I did outline a lot of my buy points um earlier yesterday on my xrp video. So if you guys do want to go check that out, you guys are more than welcome to now lets dive in and lets talk about a few things happening around crypto exchanges. So ive warned you guys multiple times on multiple occasions to get your crypto assets off of exchanges. Decentralized exchanges are not here to you know, benefit you in no way shape or form. They earn fees off of every single trade that you make on any single. One of these exchanges thats the only reason why they are here they do not care about. You, know investor protection or anything like that um. You know weve seen that even with coin bases, you know for the most part, like you know, coinbase, you know in terms of like a lot of the exchanges so over here on uh coin market cap. Coinbase exchange is the third largest exchange by figures. In terms of volume and its interesting right because coinbase for the most part has been one of the scummiest uh exchanges out there and the reason why i say that is we go back in time to like when dogecoin was pumping.

I dont know if you guys remember this, but it was like around 70 cents. You know near the all time, high of it um where we did see coinbase launch like a 300 000 dollar. You know giveaway uh for anybody who was buying and trading. You know. Dogecoin at that time, these exchanges are only here for beneficial terms in terms of like fees that they earn on transactions, and that is exactly why i dont like these centralized exchanges, its all monetary value, that theyre trying to really kind of you know build up to, And also um within the celsius, you know, update from you know earlier this week. A lot of these exchanges do not really care about. You know the customers that they have. A lot of them are actually trading and utilizing your money for monetary value. So to me that is concerning now. Obviously this tweet is a little bit factually incorrect im actually going to be talking to you guys about it, but it still kind of stays. You know true to exactly what ive been saying: coinbase, ceo brian armstrong, just fired. Thousands of employees as the company nears bankruptcy and immediately after he spends 133 million on a los angeles mansion. Now the 133 million dollar mansion was actually back in december uh, but it is also significant to mention the fact that, yes, they are, you know letting go a ton of employees while again you know the ceo is buying.

You know 100 million dollar mansion and he did recently back in. You know december its interesting because you know even like ripple for an example. They just spent over a hundred million dollars on this sec lawsuit and they are continuously hiring hundreds of employees. It is comical because this is a centralized, crypto exchange that is bringing in billions of dollars. I mean for an example, you know on the 24 hour span, coinbase brought in 2.5 billion dollars, and this is down 53. Just to give you guys a little bit of an insight on that, so that is pretty significant. Now, talking more so about exchanges, i do believe that we will see a lot of regulatory clarity or not regulatory clarity, but regulatory restrictions come in for a lot of these. You know major exchanges. We do see your sec has launched an insider trading inquiry into crypto exchanges. Remember early in may, genzler said: crypto exchanges were trading against customers. This could get messy and we actually did see. You know for an example like open c get investigated. For you know, insider trading um a lot of these again, i i always say like these exchanges. Are not your friends get your crypto off of these exchanges. You could buy on these exchanges, but then instantly move them over to something like a ledger right. I talk about ledger a lot its not because im partnered by them or sponsored by them. I do have an affiliate link and yes, im fully transparent on this.

Yes, i do earn money from you guys buying. You know through my link. It does help support the channel and i do greatly appreciate anybody who does buy a ledger through my link, but you guys do not need to. I always say that the only reason why i fully support ledgers, because i have utilized a ledger x for a very long time and i have never had any issues with it. I know that a few people have had issues with it um, but honestly, its just one that i personally love. I think you know the overall like interface for like ledger live, and things are great and you know i just i i look at it as like. One of the most secure things to hold crypto in compared to like a centralized exchange. So of course you know you guys do you um? If you do want to purchase the ledger, you guys are more than welcome to utilize my link down in the description below and in the comments below. Do not you know, purchase from any third party sellers always go through the main link. Even if you arent utilizing my you know, link go through their main link because it is the best way to buy compared to like buying on amazon or something and my link, my affiliate link is actually a main link to go to their website as well. So if you guys do want to go, you guys are more than welcome to utilize that link.

Now we just hear bitcoin, fear and greed index has dropped to seven extreme fear. Yes, we are hitting you know massive monumental levels within the fear and greed index. Honestly, it is pretty insane to me, you know where we basically are within this market. I would say, as we really kind of look at the fear and greed index compared to where we are in this market, and we are seeing you know, things come up on like crypto twitter, a lot of individuals are extremely fearful. While we are at like historical levels for buying and ive, you know told you guys that many many times in the past and uh – this is exactly what we have been preparing for. This is the pivotal moment in time. This is the time where you want to start looking at, you know accumulating, and i wouldnt accumulate just yet until after the fed comes out and talks, we really want to see them kind of do. A pivot move thats. What we are hoping for so lets see exactly what happens within that, but also we have seen over 10 trillion dollars been wiped out of the u.s stock market. This year, like i said you know, this entire year has been extremely bearish and i feel, like you know, in terms of like emotions, things are really, i would say getting to. The point where, like were seeing a mass fear being spread throughout crypto, were seeing a lot of individuals saying that cryptos dead.

You know, as we do kind of like move under 900 billion dollars. For you know the market cap im sure that we will see like news, media outlets saying you know: crypto falls below 900 billion dollars for the first time it says blah blah blah. You know we always see that news being you know, spread at you know near bottom level, so im really kind of paying attention to this market right now, because its given me eerily march 2020 vibes now. We also do see here from kevin cage, and i do think that this is a perfect way to really kind of analyze it and look at it. But we do see a funny story. I met a bitcoinmaxi that doesnt believe any other altcoins will ever reach a one trillion dollar plus market cap bitcoin has surpassed one trillion dollars market cap before i love bitcoin, but there will be improved projects like global software that will serve as specific use cases. Trillions of dollars bitcoin took over 10 years to reach 10 1 trillion dollars in market cap in early 2021. Thanks to bitcoin, i believe there will be alts that can and will reach multiple trillions in the future. Even sooner than 10 years, monetary printing hasnt stopped new use cases, metaverse d5 nfts payments, oracles, etc and shout out to kevin cage for this because, honestly yeah, this is pretty insane like. I really kind of look at. You know things around crypto and yes, i do fully uh.

You know support this idea like no im, not saying every alt will survive, but the ones that do, or even those that remain in the top 50 get ready for exponential growth in the future and its true, like we look at some of these market sizes, like The global equity markets in terms of stocks, its 117 trillion dollars – these are just companies essentially that are not solving problems like you know, ripple is doing with xrp or you know, hedera is doing with hbar. I mean like honestly, a lot of these projects in this market are absolutely ridiculously undervalued compared to like traditional stocks, its truly remarkable to me that a lot of individuals get you know, bearish uh within this market, when we you know, do have something like this massive Sell off event, like i look at this as like a generational opportunity: uh truly, so you know again, you know, pay attention to things that are happening right now and also we do see here. If this is your first time experiencing a correction, this significant take it from someone who has been here for five plus years. This is crypto and its normal. You dont get 50 to 100 x gains without insane volatility and volatility goes. Both ways keep calm and think rationally and yes, this is 100. The truth, like you know, we look at xrp for an example right and a lot of people will continue to say, like you know, xrp is not going to do anything.

Xrp is done its a dead coin. You know i could have made so many more. You know gains on this token that token whatever. Well, i want you guys to understand that, like individuals that bought the dip on xrp, like during march of 2020, made you know great gains, i mean. Obviously, it wasnt like incredible gains compared to what we did really kind of see within this market um, but ultimately its because of the sec. When we look at xrp and we kind of compare and contrast like even the past, we have not hit an all time. High in over, you know, four years so when we really kind of look at xrp it its its truly remarkable right because, like were seeing a lot of updates around the sec lawsuit, for example, we just hear just in ripples, general counsel, stu, stuart alderati says the Sec deliberatively muddied the regulatory waters for crypto, and yes, i do 100 believe that they did, and i actually do think that the reason why they are targeting, for example, like xrp weve, talked about why they targeted you know xrp um. Out of all the other tokens within this markets because they are killing the monopoly, that is, of course, the traditional banking scene um. But when we really kind of look at you know things happening around, you know crypto. I believe that xrp is going to really kind of set the stage for crypto, as we do usher in regulatory clarity for this space and its going to be regulatory clarity.

That is not going to stifle innovation, its actually going to further it, and i really think that anybody in crypto should be cheering for xrp going forward uh, because theyre, basically fighting the good fight ripple for the most part, i would say, has been doing everything right. The entire time i mean you got to remember that they put over a hundred million dollars in litigation fees already into this sec, lawsuit and theyve absolutely been really kind of going. You know i would say that they have been batting for crypto for the longest time, and this really kind of shows you guys that, like if we seen any other project within the space get target like xrp has this case would have been over a long time Ago – and it really kind of shows you exactly why they did you know wan na you know, build out these major use cases utilizing xrps power because they do see the problem. They see exactly what is happening around the banking system. I mean people are getting paid off, people are, you know, creating use cases, im sure that there has been other use cases around the banking scene to truly revolutionize the payment sector, but these are use cases that get you know really kind of, i would say, thrown Out um and paid off because they dont want to fix this traditional system. The reason why is because they are generating massive amounts of fees that are making them rich the bankers? These bankers are the ones that are controlling all of the money.

Essentially – and this is the issue right when you have a company like ripple going after something like the traditional system that has been intact for a very long time, making people extremely wealthy problems arise and you do put a target on your back. This is why i say, like you know, in my opinion, xrp will have regulatory regulatory clarity and we will see a major win for the xrp community and that day, when that day happens, i want everybody to make sure that youre paying attention im going to be Live streaming, probably that entire day, because it is going to be a monumental time for anybody that has been holding xrp, for you know well, say even a year two years, three years, four years, because at that point in time we will see exponential price action on Xrps token – and i really do believe in terms of like the 10 20 30 40 50 x gains plus, we will see these and we will see these on xrp. I mean think about it like this. We come down to like well just say, like 25 cents on xrp, you look at a 50x gain its 12 dollars and 50 cents. You look at like a 100x gain youre looking at 25 cents, even at the current price of xrp youre. Looking at a 30 almost well just say like 30 dollars in terms of xrps price, um, im just going to round it down to 30 cents um, but youre.

Looking at like 15 to 30 – and i know a lot of people will say like that. Price is never going to be seen. I want you guys to understand that that is exactly what everybody always says, but in my opinion, when we take a look at xrp, well, even take it in into accountability like the max supply of you know, 100 billion and well multiply it by like 15. At a 1.5 trillion dollar market cap, that is laughable if you actually look at what xrp is really targeting in terms of the monetary value behind those use cases, its truly remarkable that people continue to. You know, i would say you know, overlook xrp just because of like the tokens in supply that are 100, you know necessary for on demand, liquidity use cases uh. So it just really kind of shows you that these people do not do the research and understand exactly why xrp is being utilized. Uh to you know facilitate for an example like instant settlement, and i also believe that these are the same people that dont under you know, understand and realize how massive of a use case just instant settlements. Uh with you know, unlocking liquidity is for payments.