Doing great yeah, you look okay, okay, so this is day whatever i mean, because fathers day is coming up. I hope you lose it by then. I will and i hope, im losing some weight. Um. A little fatigue, but its really not bad for me and im im: lucky thanks: okay, okay, oh gosh! Really you needed to come on and talk business, so youve got uh one i probably shot with coving, because youre, tired and the other eye on the markets. Im good um markets, not so good right now. Yesterday, the s p 500 hit a bear market down 20 percent. From its all time highs, it happens every four years. It hasnt happened in 10 years, so the newer investors arent familiar with it, ive been through three or four of them. I love them. I could get to put my 401k money to work at a cheaper price, but most people dont, like that. The fed meeting is happening today and tomorrow thats, the thing were focused on because theyre fighting inflation, you can see inflation, gas prices, airline fares, food stakes, rents, mortgages, everything is being affected by inflation right now of note the 10 year treasurys at 3.4. So, even though the stock market stinks, if you want to put money in a cd or a treasury, youre getting a good return now historically, so there is some opportunity for other ways of looking at things: elon musk is going to meet with the twitter employees, thursday And thats going to have some headline news and airline fares theyre starting to drop because demand is starting to fall because prices got too high thats the good news.

As inflation has pushed up, we have started to curtail and uh. Maybe our story wont be inflation about 12 months, but it will be for the next nine okay um, and what about crypto is still sliding. I mean everybody was like. Oh, this is a great investment and they were making bundles and now no flipping homes, um tech stocks in the 90s. You know that we go through these little bubbles and they always end badly. I own no crypto. I feel bad for people that do because it has crashed 65 bitcoin from its all time, high of 69 000.. I just checked its around 22 300 down about four percent five percent today, thats, not good, because the bubble is popped now for people to get break. Even its going to take months weeks years, um its a crypto winter, jim cramer, interviewed tech executives a couple days ago and all of them said we dont own any crypto. So who owns crypto speculators, who are trying to get rich is the thought: wow um ether, cardano solano, doji coin um theyve all collapsed to the tune of 60 to 90 percent. If you remember elon musk going dont, you go into the moon, theyre supposed to fight inflation. They dont theyre supposed to have no government intervention theyre going to get more regulation, so id be very, very cautious and even like getting your money today is very, very brutal. Um, it would be like you having a hundred thousand dollars in the bank because no no come back next week, wow youll be pretty unhappy.

A lot of people arent able to cash in and theyre just watching their crypto go lower and lower and lower. I just i never got it and so when i dont really understand a product so to speak, you know so i i dont buy it because i dont get it. You know with that said: im! Okay. If people want to go one to three one to five percent of their assets, but its the riskiest asset, you can do, and i own none and i might say something: yeah, okay, um lets uh to get a better understanding of the housing market which i do Have a pretty good grasp of, but youve got some kind of tips. Five things you need to know about the housing market. Today, yeah mortgage rates have jumped aggressively. Last year, 11 months ago i got a 30 year mortgage for two and a half percent. Today, its over six percent – that is the craziest thing i could say out loud without being institutionalized, uh four hundred thousand dollar home, which is the average home in 2021. It would cost about 1400 a month uh, now its over two thousand dollars a month. So you do the math there thats an extra seven thousand dollars a year. Most people dont have that kind of money: uh theres low inventory, so its prices arent going to collapse like they did in 2006, 2008. theyre sticky prices, because theres really good lending were no longer going liar loans.

I dont know if you remember liar loans, but all you had to do was say you made a million dollars and they believed you um so theres some positives here. It should hold up better than 2006 2008, but even like i was watching the sacramento news last night, no disrespect to daria and kron4, but its a different world out here. They hate the bay area like stop moving to sacramento area, because theyve actually outperformed us in real estate, so people from sacramento are now saying its too expensive and theyre moving to nevada, which i find interesting right um. So those are the things that you need to know. I would consider a five year arm or a seven year arm now, because probably dont take that as hardcore advice, because rates are gon na go higher short term, but over the next five to seven years. I think rates probably go back lower a little bit so know what your monthly payment is going to be know. That theres low inventory know that theres good lending, and you know that, like an adjustable rate mortgage might be a good tool and then, when rates go lower thats, when you go back to our 30 year mortgage and youre such a fancy guy, i thought youd never Get coveted from the family because i thought you had different wings, you know so you know what he didnt want him. What grant grant lotuss kid goes to buy a kids school yeah and at the end of the year they all got together.

They all ate pizza. They all went to pool parties as parents, um thats. What did me in? We were happy for our kids living a normal life yeah. No, my kids gave it to me. I mean this is back in january, everybody i know yeah, they got it from their kids. Thank you, kids and for the record i was boosted four weeks ago, otherwise i might be on a deathbed, because you know i live a unhealthy lifestyle. Daria! Okay! Well, then, im glad that you were boosted and it seems to be holding and working for you. I wish you the best. Thank you for coming on, be back thanks, crud all right! Thank you.