But i do have some good news and information for you right now that i need to share with you theres a whole bunch of fun managers for cryptocurrencies. That believe that bitcoin sounds crazy. Cryptocurrencies will break all time highs this year were going to be talking about. This were going to be taking a look at the charts were going to be seeing if cryptos are going to be heading any lower, because the price action is getting crazy, of course, so guys make sure you watch this video to the very end. It is extremely important you must watch this video now before we get into the video were going to dive straight to the content, make sure you guys smash up the like button like youve, never smashed it up before subscribe with notifications on, and let me know in The comments below are you buying some of these dips? Did you buy some of these dips because we bought bitcoin around 22 000 last night, which spiked up a good bit spiked up about five percent from that buy alert last night? Congratulations if you took that trade, but were gon na be taking a deep dive into the charts theres, a bunch of cryptocurrencies out there that are actually going really crazy. Right now were going to be taking a look at that, but look at this. This is the 15 minute time frame and bitcoin last night guys hit 20 795. A lot of people were calling out 21 000 for bitcoin, which may be the bottom, and there is a particular reason why people are calling out 21 000 for bitcoin.

The reason why that is is because, in this 2017 talk for bitcoin guess what was around twenty thousand dollars close to twenty one thousand dollars in bitcoin? Usually every single cycle never surpasses and goes lower than the previous all time, high of that previous bowl cycle. So very interesting to take note of on right now. Bitcoin is sitting around 22 163 dollars, but let me show you some interesting price action. I mean if we take a look at the chart here, we can see some support structure building up like this is indicative of some type of bottom or support, at least for the immediate short term. So we could have reached the bottom uh we. Maybe we didnt reach the bottom. Nobody knows for sure, but there is certainly a possibility that this was the bottom of the crypto market, so well be keeping a close eye on monitoring the current price action and seeing how this ends up playing out and seeing. If this is the bottom uh. This might be the bottom honestly, this might be the bottom uh 20 800 might be the bottom, its gon na be a little bit different on each exchange, but look at some of these other altcoins, like cardano, is up eight percent and pretty much like the last 16 hours or so cardano bounced up spectacularly and is trading at about 50 cents. Right now, and i mean it wasnt too long ago, that cardano was about 66 cents.

You know just a few days ago, and so were back up to 50 cents. Cardano hit a low of 43 cents guys these prices are super cheap and from the bottom to the top of this whole play right here: cardano moved about 20 cardano is an incredible cryptocurrency. Thats performing in this bear market really. Well. We have ethereum uh just about twelve hundred dollars. Ethereum did bounce up pretty nicely as well uh along with cardano, and so did a lot of altcoins its very surprising to see that. But when you start to see the altcoins spike up like that, that is a good sign that we might have reached somewhat of a bottom or this could just be the continuation of the downwards trend. So you know nobodys sure of whats happening right now, but we do know that these prices are extremely discounted and that it is very likely in the future that when the bull run starts again, despite what everyone thinks is – and people are thinking that the bear on The bear market is going to be lasting forever in just years and cryptos will never go back up again. The same people thought that last summer, when bitcoin broke down from what 50 000 crashed down to 28 000 and went to like 27 000 and was just crashing for a couple of months and then boomer went to 69 000.. The same people that said bitcoin was going to go to zero back then, and that kryptos will never see a bull run again are the same people that are saying the same things right now i mean last year.

People are saying: oh well, the economy is so different. Everything is so different. You know, cryptos were actually in a worse state last year, because we had china banning crypto, crypto mining was being banned. There was cryptos being banned everywhere. That is way more worse. Fud than whats happening in the economy, because cryptos are not the economy, the economies are not cryptos. The correlation between cryptocurrencies and the economy is not as strong as some people think thats. Why? I believe, as well as well as many others, that, even though the stock market may continue to crash and go lower, that kryptos will most likely at some point decouple from the the stock market from a lot of other types of markets and assets. But look at this guys. This is absolutely crazy, so the majority of crypto fund managers surveyed predict – and this is recently bitcoin – could reach a hundred thousand dollars by the end of the year. This is absolutely incredible. So, despite the current volatility, despite bitcoin and cryptocurrencies crashing, it seems like theyre going to go to zero the smart money, the big whales, what theyre doing right now, theyre buying theyre, buying the dip guys they are dollar cost averaging they are buying these dips bitcoins at 22 000, it was just 70, 000 bitcoin always recovers and bitcoin will recover. Just like the stock market recovers, it always recovers. The stock market has seen way worse than what we are experiencing now and it recovered way.

More just continues to grow and recover stocks will recover, cryptos will recover the u.s economy, will recover economies around the world? Will recover and guess what happens when all of that happens? Kryptos will be bouncing up and recovering at the same exact time, maybe before, maybe even before so dont. Let all of this fud and fear get to your head, because when people everyone is bearish and everyone is extremely bearish, theyre selling everyone selling off and saying cryptos are done with their quitting kryptos. Is that that those exact moments guys thats when cryptos bounce up? So do not give up do not lose hope. This happens often guys these crashes, the volatility happens, often its not like weve, never seen it before people that have been in stocks for many years, people that have been in cryptos for many cycles. Theyve been through this many many times, and the people that have been through this many many times guess what theyre doing theyre buying theyre theyre super bullish uh in the long term. Cryptos are not extremely bullish, obviously, today or tomorrow, theyre, not extremely bullish, but but guess what kryptos can turn around in a split second, just like last summer, cryptos look like they were going to die and then boom. They took off like crazy. Shiba inu took off a bunch of whole cryptocurrencies, took off like crazy and went up faster than people expected now tomorrow, theres going to be the fed meeting tonights video, i will be making a video discussing what thats going to be about, but they might be raising Interest rates more than expected, and if that happens, we could see another crash, another guys thats, certainly possible.

It depends on what the fed starts to speak about. I believe theyre going to be speaking today as well, but what they determine and what they conclude. What theyre going to be doing with interest rates and inflation now it is possible that the current crashes in dips have already priced in the high interest rate hikes, and if that has already happened, if the interest rate has come, we could actually get a bounce. We could start to see some upwards movement because guys kryptos the stock market has been beaten down, really really really bad and whenever there is a major crash, really bad beating down and whenever any stock or cryptocurrency or the major indices at the stock market, total theyve Been beaten down for five six, seven days straight, like theyve, been beaten down and just hammered over and over again, they got ta balance. Theyre gon na balance it doesnt matter how bearish things are things always bounce? Just like we saw a pretty big balance in the crypto market last night and a lot of people were probably selling at that exact bottom. A lot of people were selling thinking. Oh cryptos are done with that. Cant, take this anymore and look thats the problem with selling guys when the market is crashing over and over and over. You dont want to do that unless you sell after a pump a big bounce and then try to catch another bottom, so you can get some more free kryptos now guys if you want to get these trade alerts, and these constant market updates join the patreon where You will get access to speak to me on the phone.

We can go over. Your current portfolio move some things around in this market and you get access to these trade alerts that are profitable. Last night we put a profitable trade alert with bitcoin hit percent over six percent profits just about six percent profits at last night, and if you guys want a great trading platform, make sure you go over to buy bit and claim your 4 000 deposit bonus guys. I have special deposit bonuses for people of you, using my specific link, guys use that link below or in my video description you guys will get free money. If you deposit crypto over there, you can trade it. You can short the market if you believe its going to go down. You could log the market if you believe its going to go up and make sure you guys watch my course its going to teach you guys strategies and what you need to do in these markets when to buy when to sell its going to teach you indicators, Its going to teach you all of everything that you need to know to trade and invest in this current crypto market thats going to be it for this video guys. I will see you later so stay tuned for my video tonight were going to be making a very important video tonight.