com, ticker, symbol, crow is down point five percent on the day, which basically means nothing right. The trend is still not a friend. The general direction is still not in our favor and we can potentially continue to pull back. We are currently at a critical stage, as i do have some very important news that i want to go ahead and share with you all regarding an event that is taking place tomorrow and that you want to be aware of, as it has a direct influence. A very heavy influence on which way the entire crypto market is going to be moving next, meaning also, of course, and also the entire stock market, so guys pay attention here were going to keep it short and sweet, beginner, friendly and basic for you all zoes. If this is your first time on the channel, do me a favor like the video, helps reach more people and subscribe to channel for more updates on crow and also, if you want six totally free stocks with all the way up to three thousand dollars, use that Link down below sign up for weeble deposit, just one dollar onto the platform and again youre, going to get six absolutely free stocks lets go ahead and get right to it so check this out, recapping our numbers on the day. We are down point five percent big deal. We dont really care about that. What we care about is the fact that, again, the trend is still not our friend and its still way too early to say that from this point on crow is going to have a full on rise in recovery.

Our our volume has increased by three percent. Our trading activity, though i really really like our trading activity here. It currently consists of 75 buyers and 25 sellers, its actually outperforming dogecoin on the day, which, of course, fundamentally completely different projects. But you know deutsche queen has a very strong community of investors behind it, but again at this moment, when it comes down to percentage as far as ratio between buyers and sellers guys, crow is looking very, very bullish. This data is showing us that investors are simply taking this as an opportunity to pick some co op for a discount right and thats. Not me just blowing smoke its an actual fact again, really really good ratio here between buyers and sellers. So i will give a full credit to crowe for being able to do to do that there. The entire market here is up 0.98 bitcoin at 22, 655 down just two percent. On the day now, a couple of of coins are pushing up here right again, nothing significant uh, ethereum up technically one percent, but obviously i mean were still at these lower ranges here. Uh 1200 euro cardano, i would say, would be one of the most significant gainers here, uh at 50 cents up a little bit over seven percent solana up 11 percenter. So i do want to set proper expectations, even though it seems like technically were seeing some green at this point. I personally dont really care because its still way too early to say that from this point on bitcoin is going to begin to rise and recover right, and we have a heavy emphasis here on bitcoin because of course it tends to act as an almost index.

Uh. For the entire crypto market right here you can see that were still pulling back, and so tomorrow we have uh. We have a meeting that is going to take place that is going to happily influence which way bitcoin is going to be moving, which is also going to heavily influence, of course, which way and your entire portfolio are going to be moving next, and so this Meeting that is going to take place is, of course, as im sure you could have uh you know predicted here is a fed meeting fed likely to boost interest rates by three quarters of a point this week. Now there is a lot of you know: discussion going around regarding exactly what is going to take place tomorrow, because the fed needs to set proper expectations right. They want people uh to trust them again. Theres been a lot of inaccuracy lately with their predictions, especially regarding inflation. Right, so tomorrow will be very interesting to see how it plays out. Weve already seen the markets begin to price this in right regarding potential uh inflation right regarding any sort of interest rates, and this is very important to pay attention to, even though it might not be the most exciting thing. But again, fed policy makers are entertaining the idea of a 75 basis. Point rate increase this week. This is very important to pay attention to, because if we see an in an increase in interest rates again, even though the markets have somewhat already factored it in, this can still affect the price of the nasdaq index right.

This nasdaq market, the index at the entire stock market, follows, and you might be thinking well, why do we care, if it has an influence on the nasdaq market bitcoin throughout these last couple of months, has closely followed the lead of the of the entire nasdaq market. So if the nasdaq market is influenced by this increase in interest rates right, as we all know, the stock market uh suffers whenever we see an increase in interest rates, businesses suffer. So if we pull back here, this is also going to lead to a downtrend for bitcoin, which is going to lead to a downtrend for for crow, let alone crow right, but your entire portfolio so pay attention to that. I just wanted to make you all aware of this meeting that is taking place tomorrow. If youre asking yourself at one point: why is crow pulling back uh? Why is the entire market pulling back again? We have this upcoming meeting here, where it doesnt have to be uh. You know uh 75 right 75 basis points that the interest rate is going to increase its expected to be, though so, still very interesting, to see how thats going to play out when it comes down to uh the technical side, taking a look at crow. At this moment, uh its still too early guys, its still too early to say that you know crow is going to be pun for a significant upgrade or anything like that uh.

We are still positioned by the simple moving average line. We try to push up here and validate uh, you know or trying to build a support for ourselves right here, but as of right now, the trend is still not our friend. The general direction is still not in our favor, and i just want to set very proper expectations right. This is coming from someone who is bullish in the long term on crow and and wants to see it. You know succeed and i and i do believe that through fundamentals right so as the business itself grows in the long term, as we have more positive tablets were going to rise and recover. As of right now, weve just been pulling back whos because, of course, the entire crypto market has been playing back, but these couple of of green candlesticks they dont get me excited. I dont really care about them. The the general trend is still not our friend; the direction is still not in favor. I will say this, though we previously validated 16 cents as a support level. So now that we are approaching it from the bottom up, we may validate it as a resistance. Remember previous support levels can act as new resistances. Now that we are approaching it from the bottom up, we can potentially just meet it and then end up pulling back. So the one way, one of the ways that were going to know hey whether or not uh crow is truly prone for an option here would be if we position ourselves above 16 cents again break above 16 cents were going to be printing for that more substantial Option that im sure you know all of us are looking forward to in the case of bitcoin.

If i show you uh where bitcoin currently stands on the sticks, we need to break above the general uh kind of 25 000 area again, a previous support level that can now act as a new resistance, so break above 16 for crow were in good shape, break. Above 25 for a bitcoin and were gon na be in good shape, and if anything, you may take this also as an opportunity to pick some of your favorite projects up for a discount.