The entire city is literally a castle, which is super super awesome, and they also filmed a lot of game of thrones here. So you might notice this area in one of the game of thrones episodes, but in this video i wanted to talk about the six reasons why i am so bullish on gala games and believe the coin has 10x or more potential. Now i do need to say even though im a partner with gala. They do not support any of my sentiment about whether the coins going to go higher or lower or anything they dont care about that its just a utility coin. So it is completely my own opinion talking about the future price of gala, but i i personally believe it has a lot of upside, so lets go over these six reasons or more specifically, six games, and why each and every one of them makes me bullish on Gala and i think each one has the potential to bring crypto gaming and play to earn mainstream, so were gon na start at the top with number one forever winter, which is a game that was just announced at galliverse here in malta less than a week ago. Now, one of the reasons why im so bullish on forever winter is because fun dog studios the game that is building it has a ton of developers that worked on the witcher 3, which was an incredible game and forever winter looks to be just as impressive.

It is a shooter horror game that literally is going to bring so many traditional gamers into the web 3 gaming space just really really cool, but now lets move on to the second game. That makes me super bullish about gala long term and the gaelic coin price, and that is last expedition which is being created. It is a shooter game being created by the kings of shooter. Games were talking the developers behind halo, which was incredible and call of duty, which is one of the biggest gaming franchises that has ever existed in history, bringing a game to the gala games ecosystem. Do you not think thats going to be bullish for gala? As a coin, its going to be incredible now i know some of you guys are going to say but theres a new coin that comes out for each game, so gala has no upside well talk about that more towards the end, but first lets talk about the Third game that makes me super super bullish for gala long term, and this is the walking dead, which i was lucky enough to be able to play and stream at this last galleverse with one of the games lead developers. So if you missed that stream make sure you check it out, but the walking dead empires looks really really good and it is really fun as well and its in partnership with amc, which this is another one of those things that just makes me so bullish on Gala the fact that they can create partnerships theyre, making partnerships like no one else in the web 3 space, and it is just impressive one, big studio after another big studio after another big studio, which leads us perfectly into number four, which was galas partnership with nbc Universal that was just announced at galliverse and them bringing battle star galactica to the gala games ecosystem, another game that looks incredible, but whether or not this game or that game is what youre impressed with the important thing is.

Each of these games on their own would make me bullish for a studio and gala has all of them coming into the ecosystem, which is just mind blowing now. Fifth lets talk about grit and galas partnership with epic games. Literally epic games is bringing grit onto their store. It is going to be the very first blockchain game coming to epic games and will introduce web3 gaming to 30 million daily players, which is insane and, like i said a minute ago, it is partnership after partnership, after partnership that gala is announcing – and it makes me So bullish for the entire gala games ecosystem. So now i want to give one final game and then well talk about the coin specifically a little bit, and this sixth game is mirandas. Now mirandas is not being made in partnership with anyone. Mirandas is being made by gala games in house development team and im gon na just walk a little bit, so you guys can see some of this crazy city theres three levels here, but i got to interview if you guys didnt see this some of gal of Games mirandas developers, and it is so impressive, theyre literally bringing people onto the mirandas team with a decade plus of experience, working on world of warcraft and insane mmo, and just imagine world of warcraft on the blockchain, where the entire account economy uh is like real. Its all real and interchangeable with the real world economy – and i just think that, like what gala is building with mirandis, is just as impressive and just as insane as this city of medina, which is what i kind of wanted to record this year.

Gala is bringing something that is building something thats going to last every single developer on gala games. Mirandas team has twenty two zero. Twenty plus years of experience making video games. They have made some of your favorite video games of the past and now theyre working on the next generation, which is going to change everything. But now lets talk about gala coin, a little bit because theres a lot of people that hear me talking up all these games that are releasing on the gala games platform and miranda by the way is exclusive, which is were gon na bring a ton of people Into gala, literally gal is doing the same exact thing that steam did, which made steam successful gala is now doing that in web3 and steam has said no nfts, no crypto. So steam has like alienated themselves from the future of gaming, which is idiotic, but its also. What makes me partially even more bullish on gala gala is gon na, be the only ones in the space that are doing it. This big, even gamestop gamestop, is behind gala games in web 3.. But talking about the coin, the fact that all of these games are gon na have their own cryptocurrencies. That is a good thing, not a bad thing, because gala can stand on its own. It has the same exact economics of bitcoin, which is a max supply and then halvings that happen and every time theres a having theres less future supply.

That next year, and unlike bitcoin, which has a having every uh set number of block transactions, gala has a having every single year. So it is currently june when im recording this and the next. Having is literally next month at the end of july, which means all of a sudden all of the node owners that, if you guys dont, know nodes literally power galas ecosystem. So these games are literally running on decentralized servers of the players, which is just a really really cool idea and theyre paid in yellowcoin. But the amount of gallo coin that node owners are getting paid is getting cut in half in july. So talk about the potential for some short term upside, not even the next five to ten years, which has insane long long term upside, but we have a mix of max supply, so gala can be a store of value having so less dilution as time goes on And eventually, no more dilution because were going to hit the max supply and then its going to be a perfect store of value, and then third, we have all of these amazing games, which i covered over the first half of this video that are each individual one. Going to be bringing more people into the gala games ecosystem and what do you use gala for? Well, if you want to buy nfts for any of these games, you use gala, for if you want to invest kind of invest into gala games as an ecosystem.

You buy gala to do that because gal is a private company, so you cant, buy the stock or anything and just as more people fall in love with the games in the gala ecosystem, you better believe more and more of them are going to be storing their Wealth in gala coin, as just the way to store wealth where youre still right here in the ecosystem. If you want to move between one game coin to another game coin, you go through gala gala is getting its own blockchain, which is going to be launching soon and theres, just yeah, theres, so much amazing stuff happening in the gala ecosystem. That, personally, i would be surprised i would be flabbergasted if at some point in the next five to ten years, gala is not more than a 10x. I dont know how long the spare markets going to last – maybe the bear market lasts a year. Maybe last two years, maybe the last three years who knows that doesnt matter, because gala is building real things, theyre building real games that people want to play and the bowl will run again the bull market, especially for gala coin. I am very, very confident will return now, like i said this is just my own opinion. Uh gala gala doesnt have any stance on the future coin value but thats because they cant legally so yeah. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed me sharing my opinion on why gala games is just an incredible incredible ecosystem and why, just like this city mdina, it is going to stand for hundreds of years thousands of years and its just going to be one of the super, impressive things And oh yeah, one last thing that makes me bullish on gala, because why not its founded by eric schermeier, who you may have heard of, has founded a couple other companies that you may have heard of like myspace and zanga, and i think xenga is actually just Getting acquired right now, which, which is pretty impressive, but yeah, you have an incredible executive team that is going to make this thing work.

So hopefully, you guys understand a little bit better now, why im so bullish on gala games, if you did enjoy then make sure to drop a big thumbs up on this video and hit subscribe. If you want to stay up to date with all things crypto gaming, this channel on chain gaming, is all about the future of the metaverse all about the future of play to earn and all about the future of web3. So until next time everyone have fun roaming.