My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency, video and bitcoin is right now continuously falling towards the downside. We fell down below this descending triangle and bitcoin has from that breaking point fallen down: um 28 29 and we are getting closer and closer and closer to that 20, 000 or nineteen thousand dollar target. That weve been talking about for quite some time here: um so yeah, big big movements currently im going to talk about ethereum as well and the bitcoin futures, but um. First, i want to go out to the weekly here on bitcoin and show you the weekly moving average, because this is what ive been talking about for the last couple of days here and look at this. Essentially bitcoin has never ever lost this support. On the weekly time frame, weve seen uh weekly dips, but only weeks then weve come straight back up again, even here well say a week and then straight back up again. So is that what were seeing right now, a dip below but were going to close the week above this moving average? In my opinion, looking historically its very likely that were going to go back above this moving average and close above but thats simply looking at at the history and assuming that history will repeat which is not always the case right but thats, just my opinion. I think were probably gon na close this week above the 200 weekly moving average and looking at this chart.

This is the bitcoin em cme futures. We do have a pretty clear gap up here at um 29k approximately. So what i think is possible is that we do get a pretty big bounce here around the 200 weekly and then we go up close the gap and then were going to go a little bit of sideways, maybe for a little while and then were going to Decide whether we go up or down but thats a quite likely scenario in my opinion and um, as you can clearly see here, bitcoin has come down and filled this gap that we had down at 24k uh but, like i said we do have a gap down At 18, 000, so 18k might be the level where bitcoin could come and, like you know, get a big wick down and then go back up again. A big liquidity grab down there very very possible looking at ethereum. We can clearly see that ethereum is also down here: um touching the 200 daily or 200 weekly moving average um signing or giving us a sign that big ethereum is also very very low. Ethereum is now officially met my target or actually very close, but um yeah. We could say its, i mean the target. Technically was one thousand twenty three dollars. Weve come down to one thousand eighty dollars. I guess thats close enough guys, uh thats. Why im right now accumulating more ethereum, i think, were, were very low.

We met the uh, the head and shoulders targets, and let me know guys in the comments, if you guys took this massive trade and if you are accumulating at these levels, personally, im buying more ethereum right now and some people still think i should sell my bugatti And buy ethereum because i bought my bugatti up here with ethereum at four thousand dollars now. Ethereum is obviously much lower down at one thousand dollars, so that would be a great trade um, but yeah. I wan na show you now how to how you can get four thousand dollar bonus for free scroll down below this video and click. This buybit link, because if you click this buy with link, you get four thousand dollars in bonus and also if you join my buy bit troop in the trading competition, you will be able to share eight million dollars in profits. But you need to be signed up with my links here. It takes 20 seconds to sign up with your email, make an account, and then you join the troop, and then we can split those 8 million dollars when our team wins. Basically, you dont even have to be a good trader to split those 8 million. You just have to sign up to buybit with my link and then sign up to my troop, and if my troop wins, then we will share those millions and millions of dollars across each other and historically, my team has performed massively well in these trading compensations on, Buy a bit so link down below sign up right now, um if you want to split those profits, and please also leave a thumbs up down below.

If you enjoy these videos that im putting out to you guys, obviously bitcoin will be back. Ethereum will be back. Many altcoins will be back some of them not but bitcoin and ethereum, but specifically bitcoin is always going to be back so dont. You worry out there. Everything is fine. Actually when it comes to bitcoin. However, of course, if you lost money, luna and celsius and other protocols like that im, very sorry for you im one of you, i also lost millions of dollars in luna, for example, but the next bull market will come very soon so make sure to huddle and Biddle, build biddle basically hold and build in the bear market. Is your opportunity to build business, create cash flow and accumulates very important, so i want to end this video on a very bullish note, a very positive note: everything will be fine. This bear market is just one out of many bear markets weve seen before this is my second big bear market.