What is up, everyone welcome to crypto capital venture hit that, like on the way and lets just jump into it. This is a 30 year rate mortgage average in the united states. You can just see the gains. The interest rate gains on the way up and going to continue in that rot on that rise this year and tomorrow being a really big deal. I want to try and take data from previous years previous cycles and collectively bring it together to get a more healthy picture than these one liner headlines that we see im the type of person that im you very much know. Im extremely conservative and im always prepared for downside im, always prepared for the worst case scenario, its a huge part of my plan in these in these volatile risky markets. But i dont dwell in it. I cant dwell in the doom and gloom because first off its too much emotion in that mindset and that in that world and its just not worth it anticipate that things could really get terrible and plan around it. But but why sit in that? When we dont know exactly whats going to happen, and i want to try and bring some reality into the situation, interest rates on the rise for sure we have this headline – the feds biggest interest rate hike in 28 years could be coming and were going to dig Into that headline, higher rates make borrowing money more expensive and encourage companies and people to borrow less and save more so theyre just trying to get people to borrow less money to spend less slow down inflation and and and were going to see if that works right.

Thats the goal for this to happen to lessen inflation but lets rewind for a second, the feds biggest interest rate hike in 20 years could be coming a lot of the doom and gloom. A lot of the the fear that were seeing comes from headlines like this, and the question is, though, whats behind this this headline. Well, what were the interest rate hikes in 28 years ago looking like, and what did it do right, its going to be just as bad potentially tomorrow in terms of the interest rate hike? Well, what did it do then and 28 years ago, when it actually happened? Lets look s p 500 index. This is what it did. This is what it looks like 1994. theres, the drop because of the the interest rate increase were looking at around eight percent decrease, but look what happened months after this is a monthly chart. It went on to all to new all time highs. Now this isnt me saying this were going to get a similar type of deal, theres other things going on in the world right now and in the economy right now, and we have to pay attention to those things right and we already seen it its weve gotten. A bigger dip than this already right, but this is some perspective just because were getting a similar raise in interest rate hikes, theres theres more going on, and i want to. I wanted to dig into this even a little bit more right.

So this is the the 30 year fixed mortgage average right check this out, heres, where we are right now coming out of these like record lows, this was 1994, the the interest rate hike. They went up to nine percent nine percent and uh. You can just see we survived, we survived and not only did we survive, you can see the traditional markets, s p 500 index here went on to new all time highs. Now i want to take another piece of data here and i actually want to go to unemployment in 1994 when all this was happening biggest rate hike in you know, since that weve seen in 28 years. What happened then, with unemployment? What was going on then? It was at 5.5 percent unemployment. Where are we now were at 3.9 heres an article from today, americans have gone back to work. Now we can move move towards steady growth. There are. There are pieces to the story that are positive. There are pieces to the story that are healthy, that are, that are good that are better than they were 28 years ago when traditional markets recovered and went on to new. All time highs again im not sitting here saying thats thats whats going to happen, but when we start looking at this chart right, we really start getting more perspective on okay, heres, our consolidation so far and its been pretty big. How how doom and gloom is it going to get, though thats the question, and then i i want to bring this in for perspective.

This was tweeted a little bit earlier today, no joke the mortgage rate hike the mortgage rates. Sorry, i was fixing my screen. The mortgage rate just hit 6.28 today beyond words to express at this point, and this guy replied, and he said its just such good perspective. My first mortgage in 2004 was 6.25. We need some perspective, its not the end of the world and likely leads to a healthier housing market down the road and theres a lot. I think theres, if i remember correctly, theres a lot of comments like this kind of bringing in some reality some perspective it. You can all you can look at one piece of the story, which is just the picture of whats happening, the rising interest rates, and just say: oh, my goodness its over, like you can do that, but whats the point of doing that. Thats. Not all of the data and again we dont know how bad things we will get. I havent even mentioned theres theres a really big deal with this war in ukraine right its a huge deal playing a part in this, and so things could get worse. But i think we need to just take it one day at a time and and just analyze daily what happens and and and how quick does inflation respond to everything thats being done? I think theres so much to the story and especially that a 10 minute video that im doing right now, cant even cover im just doing this video, though, because i think we shouldnt be so quick to doom and gloom, and the other thing i should mention actually Is if you think about it, the this guys first mortgage was in 2004 at 6.

25 percent right were in a way better situation than we were from a mortgage perspective. Housing market perspective than we were in 2004. 2004 was literally, that was the ingredients of the entire housing market crash. That happens. All back there in 2004 was the build up to what we saw happen on the traditional market charts right here. This buildup was mortgage companies giving these mortgages to subprime subprime borrowers. That should have never had a mortgage just no regulation in terms of the lending that was going on, and – and this is what caused this in terms of the housing market – there, i think, will be consolidation. There could be some slight correction, but i think a lot of people are thinking were getting like this housing crash that we had back then – and i i just in 2008 – and i just i dont – think that is in play right now and i i dont think It should even be part of the narrative right now. The lending thats been going on uh lately recently, with rising inflation, is nothing like what was going on back here, leading into the housing crisis crisis that happened. So we need to take that into perspective and stop just creating these headlines, that that creates all this fear, and this is not financial advice. Everybody im just im, just a guy out here, speaking from experience right speaking from the data that ive analyzed and its not financial advice, but its just data that i think we can find useful as we navigate our way to finding this bottom.

Wherever that is and, however weeks or months away, it is, but i think were on our way, i really do its been downside for traditional markets, its been downside for for crypto markets, as you see bitcoin in its own cycle to the downside, and it could very Well continue, but at the same time, in this road map and you watch my last bitcoin video, these targets have been hit almost perfectly that weve had for years on this chart. Bitcoin looks very commonplace right now, even amidst all the chaos thats going on right now. So yeah lets watch what happens but at the same time lets have a healthy perspective of what actually is going on and all the numbers and all the data points that revolve around these things and im missing theres a lot that im missing too here, like theres, A ton of other things going on right now that i could draw into this conversation, but i just wanted to just talk through that a little bit, because i think these are some important numbers alone. Well see what happens tomorrow, its a big day, obviously to see the rate increase, may 5th 50 points march 17th. 25 points is tomorrow going to be the day. The 75 point increase time will tell and were going to just see and watch how markets react to that happening. All in all everybody. I say this time and time again, i think the band aid has been ripped off and now its just a matter of getting through plugging away through the formation of this consolidation.

The formation of this bear markets. Let it play out, have your plan be very careful out there could all the doom and gloom last just so long, like some people are saying, maybe be prepared for that? Have that, as part of your your uh, your risk analysis, if you will but lets, take it one day at a time and as always time will tell well see what happens. I appreciate all of you coming by hit the subscribe.