Today we have to go through a lot theres. The fed meeting thats going to come up here. Some people are, some economists are changing their tune on that a bit. We also have some big crypto news, some uh, some liquidations that are probably gon na happen or are trying to be pushed for so were gon na see some volatility and the prices here we also have uh some other big news might want to move your crypto Off some new exchanges and and uh ill talk about that theres. Some big exchanges that that i havent talked about here really at all. I think but theyre some of the top exchanges – and there are some risks that you have to know about them, also want to talk about celsius, and i want to talk about one investment that you probably dont want to make because theres just a big piece of News made about it and i havent really seen anyone talk about it. Yet, if you dont mind hitting the like button and subscribe button, i appreciate that theres a link underneath the video to unstoppable domains. They just introduced dot blockchain, so theyre working with, and now you can even have a simpler way to receive your crypto. You could get something like sam.blockchain instead of typing in a long wallet address. It makes it a lot simpler. Also, there are no minting fees and no renewal fees, they use polygon. So its really quick and easy theres also a link down there to block fi.

You can get up to a 250 bonus, which is a lot right now, thats over one one hundredth of a bitcoin. If you think bitcoin is going to a million dollars in the future thats ten thousand dollars worth of bitcoin. You can get that when you sign up and start depositing and its a tiered system, so the more you deposit, the more you get now the crypto markets. Looking fine today, not great, not terrible. Obviously we bounced a little bit yesterday. Now were down a little bit from those points. Bitcoin touched 20 000 here today, ethereum touched about 1 000 and the the stock market is looking a little bit better, which is interesting. Right were seeing the stock market move up a little bit, crypto still moving down, not necessarily correlated at this point now, everyones pretty much just waiting for the fed meeting which comes out. The statement comes out just in a few hours at 2 p.m. Eastern time, a lot of people are expecting a 75 basis, point hike and some people. Some economists are saying this would actually be good if we saw 75 basis point height, because we would actually take something thats aggressive enough to push down inflation without having to push it into the future, and a lot of people are already expecting this, so they might, As well do this, i think 100 basis points would be negative for the stock market in crypto, but well have to see here we have a couple hours before that happens.

You can see we have extreme fear in the crypto market as well. So many people are worried about crypto and right now its an interesting time, because there are a lot of big entities that are getting flushed out or insolvent suzu. Who leads three arrows capital says we are in the process of communicating with relevant parties and fully committed to work this out now, if you dont know who three arrows capital is theyre, a big hedge fund in the crypto space, they were behind a lot of the Top l1s like avalanche and solana, tara, they were making early investments and have done really well in that way for all of crypto, because these kinds of cryptos do need investments to start off and they were able to get them really successful. Now with that being said, some people dont really like them because they do manipulate or it looks like theyve manipulated in the past even just a few days ago. Remember when theres death or st eth. He said that there is a fair discount analysis and he says that he goes through a little bit of it, but he says its an attractive part of the eth dom port, so he basically said its attractive to take this arbitrage play because st eth was trading. Less than eth, and then they sold their st eth at a loss. So the fact is this has happened before as well with ethereum last year, where he said one thing and then did the opposite, saying that ethereum was dead while they were buying it as well.

On a dip, and then he says that this is a good discount and then they go and sell it anyway. So the fact is, they have manipulated in the past. Some people dont like that and the the interesting thing is now. Some people think that theyre insolvent – this was kind of a cryptic tweet right, theyre working uh with relevant parties and fully committed to working this out, but he doesnt really explain what he means, but some people think that theyre unable to pay their debts. You can see uh that someone was trying to liquidate them and they were aggressively paying back their ave debt against 223, 000 eth or a 264 million dollar position to avoid liquidation. They would only have to go down to about 1042 to liquidate it, and you can see we went to about 1025. now i dont believe theyre liquidated yet, but you can see that this can be a problem, especially with some of these larger hedge funds. They have definitely leverage themselves and you can see some of the liquidations here, weve seen so many liquidations over the last few days, we still have uh celsius at a fourteen thousand dollar liquidation price. They added a lot of collateral. So at this point, doesnt look like theyre getting liquidated, but maybe three arrows capital already did. We also have some fear too, because some exchanges are laying off. We had coinbase block vice some other ones as well.

Uh and kraken just announced that their balance sheet is mostly bitcoin, which some people like, i think, thats uh great in a bull market. But the fact is, if most of their balance sheet is in bitcoin. That means its down 65 percent from the high 66 percent. From the high so thats kind of nerve wracking in a way as well in case they need that money, especially in a time like this, where theyre not going to have as much trading volume, theyre, probably still really profitable. So its probably not that big of a deal long term, but the fact is that does add a little bit more risk more upside, but more risk cz kind of weighs. In on this too, he said it was not easy to say no to super bowl ads stadium, naming rights. Large sponsored deals a few months ago, but we did today were hiring 2 000 open positions for binance, so binance is obviously the biggest player in the space. Might be the safest player in the space as well, because theyre really well capitalized and theyve been conservative in that way right, they havent been doing anything crazy, elon musk said kryptonite. No one really understands what this means. Maybe it doesnt mean anything, maybe hes just trying to make people uh question whats happening so uh its kind of an interesting thing, hes, not saying anything about crypto in a while and then theres one thing. I want to talk about something that i think a lot of investors have to be careful of, and in times like this, a lot of people turn to gold, but theres.

Just a big piece of news on gold – uganda says exploration, results show is 31 million tons of gold ore. Now this is not 31 million tons of gold thats gold ore, so they can make about 320 000 tons of refined gold from this ore and then just to put some numbers behind this gold costs about eighteen hundred and twenty seven dollars per ounce. There are thirty two thousand ounces in a ton, and then we have three hundred and twenty thousand one hundred fifty eight tons of gold that should be able to be extracted. This is 1.87 to the 13th power 18 trillion dollars of gold that they just found in the total amount of gold on earth. As we know, the market caps right around 11 or 12 billion, so this is more than that and you can see there are about 244 000 tons metric tons of gold that have been discovered to date. So this more than doubles the amount of gold that we have found on the earth and thats. Why ive been so nervous about investing in gold and a lot of other people have too right? You never know the supply of gold because we could find more gold. We could also have an asteroid or a comet or whatever it is called strike the earth, and we could get a lot more gold theres just too much uncertainty, which is why bitcoins so nice, because it is all programmed right.

While there is a lot of leverage in the market and that scares people away, the fact is, we know exactly what the supply is going to be at any given moment in time, which is fantastic. So that is what i want to talk to you about today. Were going to get more news on all this im sure in the future, uh bitcoin obviously, is in a scary, place a lot of people think its going back down to 6 000. 3 000.. I dont think its going to hit there. I could see 18. 19. 000 right around, where we were in the last cycle at the top just flirting around that level, you could see that we got pushed down to almost 20 000, but we bounced right off of it to my buy orders, were ready for that same thing with ethereum Right around a thousand its going to be an interesting time, though, and as ive said in the past, i am buying bitcoin, but im really not buying any alt coins right now, because i think there could be more uncertainty in the future. There could be more things that come out like this, with the three eros capital or with celsius theres, going to be a lot of liquidations and a lot of fallout from ust and from some of these other leveraged companies. Some of these other companies are just betting too much too heavy. You can see that were under a trillion dollar market cap, its an interesting time to be in crypto.