All eyes are on the fed meeting today and what jerome powell is going to say at 2 30 p.m. Eastern time now he has the power to absolutely destroy stock markets and crypto markets, and the sad thing is, he has said so many times that that is not a gauge of economic. Well, being so, it is of my opinion that we are going to see some further downside today and i want to discuss why i dont want to just come on here and say that well jerome powells going to ruin the stock market. Jerome powell is going to ruin the crypto market. Jerome powell is going to drive shiba inu coin to zero, but i do want to talk about some of what the expectations are and then why those would drive prices even lower. So if it sounds like something, youre interested in lets get started. Music whats up everybody im clay im here to make 2022 the best year ever. If you even click that subscribe button, make sure to subscribe to the channel join us become a bro. We are here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together. Hey look if youre brand new to investing you dont know how or where to buy stocks in crypto, but you do want to buy the dip. You got a link for a description or you get a link for weeble in the description below youre gon na get six free stocks during their anniversary promo one dollar crypto trade gets five dollars in free crypto and then, if you guys want a crypto exclusive exchange, Where you can load up in this bear market, voyager is going to give you 50 in bitcoin just for making a hundred dollar trade, and that bitcoin is going to be worth more someday right, so make sure to sign up for that, and then they do have Excellent passive income, where you can earn over 12 just by holding your crypto on the platform you dont, have to stake it or anything.

So make sure you check those guys out, but lets discuss the federal reserve expectations for today and then why we expect the crypto market shiba, inu coin stock market everything to continue moving lower. Now it all boils down and why we have so many concerns and problems going on right now. Is inflation and well save why inflation is so high for a different discussion? You guys can argue about it if you want, but you know, inflation is high and inflation is rising and the federal reserve needs to they need to try and bring that inflation rate down and the only tool they have left at their disposal is raising interest rates. Now this is an interesting concept right, because theyve been raising interest rates for a while now, but at a slow pace. Expectations. Market expectations are for a roughly 75 basis. Point where theres, some people, leaning towards a 50 basis, point increase, which means a half. A percent increase and then uh theres, a lot of people that are leaning towards a 75 basis point increase in interest rates. Now you might be saying: well the federal or the federal funds rate it doesnt matter for me, yeah it all trickles down if youve got credit card debt, the the interest rate on your credit card debt is going to go up. If you get a home equity line, the interest rate there is going to go up. If you guys are borrowing on a car to pay for a car, the interest rates gon na go up.

It is going to be a very difficult time for anyone, borrowing money as the interest rates increase. Now this would shock the market and therefore we could see further downside for shiba inu coin bitcoin, ethereum stocks in general and so on. Why? Because, as interest rates rise, people with cash have the opportunity, do i risk my money in a market where i may be able to earn five six seven percent conservatively? Or do i guarantee my money in a bond market where i can earn four five? Six? If it gets out of control 10 20 30 interest by parking, my cash in a bank by parking, my cash in bonds and so on, the investors going to choose the guaranteed 20. 30. 40. 50. If things do continue to just spiral out of control over the risk in in assets like stocks and cryptos, and especially shiba inu coin now, that is why we can see downside but lets talk about some further implications and it may not just affect shiba inu coin, But may affect the economy as a whole, so interest rates are very interesting interest interest; okay, ill! Stop with that one, but anyway, interest rates are interesting, because if you raise interest rates it makes money more expensive. So if youre gon na go out and youre gon na buy a home, if youre gon na buy a car, if youre gon na you know take some loan out on your credit card, it makes that money more expensive.

If interest rates are near, zero like they have been in the past, youre, basically paying nothing to borrow that money spend spend, spend go buy whatever you want. You want. A million dollar house go, buy a million dollar house. Now, if you want a million dollar house, youre going to be paying 60 70 80 000 a year in interest alone, imagine if the interest rates continue to rise, you might be paying 200 000 a year in interest alone to buy that million dollar house. Now the idea is, if you make money, expensive people will spend less, they will, they will be forced to spend less money and therefore, if theyre spending less money, prices should come down and thats how they battle inflation and thats, how they try to bring inflation back Down to a desirable rate around that two percent mark now, if people have less money, if theyre spending less money, they would theoretically be buying less shiba inu coin, they would be buying less bitcoin. They would be buying less of these risky assets and trying to gain and grow their portfolios because they would be, they would be strapped, theyd be tapped out and they would simply be buying things that they can. They need for survival right food, shelter, clothing. Things like that is is where the majority of spending would go to, and you know thats how they thats thats. Basically, in a nutshell, why theyre raising interest rates is to bring down spending now.

This could be catastrophic if it shocks the market, so bad, that people stop spending all together and it further exacerbates the problem of gdp. Now you might be saying: where does gdp or what is gdp, or why does that even matter at this point? Gdp is gross domestic product, its basically, how much money is is used in a certain country and in the united states we have contracted over the last quarter. The first quarter of 2022 gdp fell, it is not growing, and if gdp contracts for two consecutive quarters, we are in a recession and in all honesty we probably already were living in the recession right now. Nothing has gotten better during quarter two of 2022 here and, and we know that right were living through the recession right now. They just havent called it yet. So if we get if we get thrown into a recession and people start in businesses, lets lets start there. If businesses start cutting their employees because theyre able to spend less because theyre able to borrow less the moneys more expensive, so they put push that savings onto their employees by getting rid of them and and that causes less jobs to be available. Less jobs causes less money, less money causes less spending less spending, and it all spirals out of control there thats why this is such a delicate balance and people are, are so focused right now on every little move that the the leaders of this country are doing And why it could be so detrimental moving forward, guys weve seen some nonsense over the last couple of years.

I know you guys understand that. I know you guys see that everything is just bizarre and and its only going to get more bizarre until somebody steps in and says what is happening here. So i would not be surprised if we see a 75 basis point increase. I would not be surprised if we see further increases in the future as they realize that inflation is indeed out of control and, if thats the case, if they throw us into a recession, yes shiba inu coin could tank in price im talking adding another zero im. Talking adding two zeros bitcoin could drop back down, and this is not doom and gloom right. This is just the the reality of the situation that you could see. Bitcoin back down at a thousand dollars, a coin. Ethereum could be sitting at fifty dollars a coin and so on, but heres the thing that we need to remember every single recession that we have been in, whether the person that caused it is the person that fixes it or if, if a predecessor or somebody else Comes afterwards and fixes the situation, what happens is that every single recession has been resolved. Every single depression has been resolved and we have come out and we have soared in value since then use this as an opportunity to determine how much you believe in cryptocurrency how much you believe in shiba inu coin and bitcoin in ethereum in stocks in corporations, and So on, if your conviction is there, it will be the the buying opportunity of a lifetime.

If not, it might be time to get a little conservative put your money in the bank and move on with life im here, i believe cryptocurrency has a future. I want to know what you guys think down in the comments below. Let me know your thoughts is federal reserve, chair, jerome powell going to destroy the markets today or or is he going to come out a little soft? Let us know down there: if this button right here is still red, make sure to click it subscribe to the channel join us become a bro. We are here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together.