I was getting ready to do a shiba, inu video and i dropped in to uh what you see here on the screen, and i literally saw that it was up. Eight percent im like what the hell is going on. Why is shiba inu up eight percent right here right now and to be honest with you, i couldnt find a specific reason: okay, so theres not its not like chaberium just came out yesterday or anything like that. Um, the welly nft mint it you know thing is: is there but thats not enough to move it and im like what is this about, and i didnt couldnt find a specific uh scenario of why this was happening, but you can see we are trading up. Eight percent – and this is why its so unprecedented i mean look. The overall market is down three percent uh. Now bitcoin and ethereum have come back a little bit right as well. Right here see it: okay, so theyre coming back a little bit um, but again really nothing major going on there. And if you look at the like the last one hour uh, these are your top movers, but in the last 24 hours you see, uh, helium, etc. Is up you know? Some of these are up chain link in the last 24 hours and and shiba inu is definitely up as well its right here, its up, eight percent, okay, so interesting, interesting scenario, playing out theres, no real, specific movement as to why this is going on.

I have a theory by the way we retook the seventh the 16th position, so we have a market cap of 4.837. We had given it up to avalanche avalanche, had overtaken us, but theyve dropped a little bit more as well so heres. My thoughts on what this is um historically and ive talked about this in previous videos, because shiba inu is so pr, so so low price right and because its available globally on 116 exchanges globally, you can buy it anywhere and because of the nature that it is A community coin, things of that nature, usually what happens and ive and ive talked about this and ive done. Ive said this in video videos is that i think that shiba inu is a very in good leading indicator of kind of overall social sentiment and money may be flowing back into crypto, because lets put it this way. If you know, if youve got a thousand dollars to spend and youre like hey, i want to put it on a bet that i have more uh, not a bet, but a crypto or maybe i have more more room movement up and i can buy a ton Of tokens of shiba inu because of the price point, then i might put it there again im talking about kind of globally social, behavior and kind of attitudes towards it versus i, you know i can go, buy just a tiny piece of a bitcoin or something like That im not saying its right or wrong im just saying i think thats my opinion about why shiba inu could be a leading indicator of kind of peoples, sentiment and and kind of attitudes and mentality towards com money.

Coming back in now, dont misunderstand: i think that weve still got a major major major event tomorrow, uh uh wednesday june 15th, when the federal reserve, the fed here in the united states, is going to meet and are they going to raise the base interest rate 50 Basis points or 75 basis points to try to slow down this red hot in massively bad inflation scenario, thats playing out, you know, etc. Okay, so, but but shiba inu up, eight percent weve probably got some whale activity. Whales coming in thats, thats always something there. People are buying at this massively low level, but hey wow were up hey there, you go were up 8.5 now, just all i got to do is do a video when you go up even more im kidding i have i dont have any. I dont have that power over it um, but yeah thats, where were at right here right now, were up 8.5 um and thats.