Do you think crypto prices are cheap? I think you should watch through to the end of this video, because im going to show you some of the charts. Some of the indicators that show some crypto is cheap. Some still has a lot further to fall were also going to take a look at some of the top news. Some good news, some bad news and everything in between also were going to end with three different uh survival tips and three different things that you have to do now. If you want to actually make money in crypto, otherwise you could lose everything im, not playing that up its really true. So if you dont mind hitting the like button and subscribe button, i really do appreciate that i bring you the content as quickly as possible when theres top news, i think thats, really the best thing ive done on this channel is when theres news i try to Get out as quickly as possible and dont care about all the frills that some other channels have so im really here for you in that way, now, theres also a link down there to blockfy. In case, you want to start buying on a broker its a great place to buy and they gave up to a 250 dollar bonus in bitcoin when you start buying or depositing so definitely check that link out underneath the video now crypto has bottomed a bit, at Least short term us falling down below 21 000 yesterday, its seeing right around the 200 week moving average right now, a lot of alt coins are actually doing better than bitcoin over the last 24 hours, which well talk about here in a little bit.

You can also see the stock market is pretty much sideways for the day i mean the nasdaqs up a bit, but its fluctuating a lot, a lot of people making big changes to their positions ahead of the fed meeting tomorrow and the reason we were down so Much yesterday was because it came out that 75 basis points is on the table. This is a monitoring tool that indicates what the fed is probably going to do moving forward. You can see that theres a 99 chance now that we will have a 75 basis. Point hike instead of a 50 basis, point hike and then a 99 chance that we get another 75 basis, point hike after this. So obviously the markets are pricing this in a lot more than they were even just a few days ago i mean, when we look at previous week right theres a 95 chance that we had a 50 basis point hike now its switched to 99 that we get 75 – you can see from here on out after that we expect 50 basis, point hikes for september. Another 50 basis points uh, actually yeah 50 basis points for november, and then we got down to 25 basis points and were not exactly sure. So a lot of people are expecting that were going to get some larger hikes than were expecting recently. You can see thats been devastating for crypto, with bitcoin falling down on this news from about twenty seven thousand dollars all the way to twenty one thousand dollars now were slightly below the 200 week, moving average just kind of sitting there.

A lot of the fear is in the market right now were at extreme fear and eight, which we dont get very often weve been below this once right around a five or six in the past back in 2019. So obviously, so many people are scared, and this is one of the worst quarters. Weve ever had look at this. The only quarter – thats worse is q1 of 2018, where we had a 50 drop now were in q2, obviously and negative 48. So if we fall just a few thousand dollars more, this might be the worst quarter that weve ever seen for bitcoin. Now you can take this as a bad sign. You can also take this as a good sign right, theres, so much fear in the market, and so much is priced in that. If anything comes out positive, well, thats going to be quite good for the overall crypto market. Even if something like russia and ukraine gets cleared up or supply chain issues, or inflation or uh, the fed isnt as hawkish as we expect it to be, you can also see the realized price here. This is the aggregate or the uh average, of all the bitcoin. On the network, the last time they were spent on chain, so you can see were right there i mean we havent been here since back in the covet crash, so we hit this a couple different times over the last few years. Another indicator that now might be a good time to buy, and so much of this uh cell pressure, and so much of the reason that were down is just from liquidation, so much leverage in the market, and you can see one of the reasons that weve had So much cell pressure is just because weve had so many liquidations.

I mean two days ago we had over a billion dollars liquidated. Yesterday we had over half a billion dollars liquidated a lot of fear too yesterday, because people were worried about celsius being liquidated, so they have wrapped bitcoin uh. They have some of their money that theyre leveraging uh some of their bitcoin. That theyre leveraging – and this was around 20 000 21 000 – i believe at the beginning, their liquidation, price and theyve been adding collateral to it consistently and now its 38 below the current price. So you could kind of see the whales going at each other. Yesterday, a lot of people were trying to liquidate this, and this is a large position. This is a half a billion dollar bitcoin position, so a lot of whales were trying to get the price underneath it to liquidate them, causing the price to go even further. Down short it on the way down, while they did that and then long it on the way up – and you can see, though, that its getting harder and harder to do that, so the chances that uh that celsius gets away with this without being liquidated or getting Higher and higher, i think its probably unlikely that we see under fourteen thousand dollars uh that i think would be pretty hard to get to because so many buyers would be coming in, but it is possible now, with that in mind, celsius still hasnt really given an Update on when theyre going to start enabling withdrawals and transfers again, you can see that theyre not even holding twitter spaces because they need all hands on deck now celsius.

If you dont know, they also have an issue because of lido staked ethereum, not only their bitcoin leverage position, but they have a lot of their ether in the staked ethereum, and this is losing peg compared to ethereum its about 60 or 70 off. At the time of this recording, which is about five percent off, this is another reason that they held up withdrawals just because theyre having a bit of a bank run, and they have to sell at a loss if they want to complete these withdrawals. Now we also have other stable coins that are losing peg. I mean i dont know anyone that would put their money in the usdd, which is uh trons algorithmic staple coin. After we had the ust debacle, but obviously some people do. I mean take a look at the market cap right, almost a billion dollars and its starting to lose its peg as well. So theres a lot of things going on around here. A lot of bad things are happening. We also have more companies laying off their workforce. Obviously this has to happen especially with the thought of a looming recession, with it harder and harder to raise money. I mean we just had coinbase go ipo this year, dpo or whatever they did and now theyre down what almost 90 percent from when they uh when they were at their highs. So you can see that a lot of companies are having to cut back now.

I think this kind of brings us to a couple key points now uh with all this stuff happening with celsius. I think now is a good time to talk about where to hold your crypto, and i talked about block by earlier. I do use a lot of these different exchanges. I use all the ones i talk about, but i think it does make sense if youre looking at protecting some of your wealth long term to use something like a ledger or some kind of hard wallet. A cold wallet, storage device ill leave a link to ledger. Underneath the video this isnt sponsored or anything like that, but a lot of people like ledger im, also going to try out the treasure as well and see which one i like more. So if you want more content on that, let me know again ill leave a link to it underneath the video in case youre looking for one, but that is supposed to keep your crypto safer right. Not your keys, not your coins, as they say, and this protects you in case there is some kind of fall or one of these companies that you work with happens to have a bankruptcy or something like that or over leverages. They try to make money in a lot of different ways and usually thats fine in the bear market or in the bull market, but in the bear market it can be quite an issue. Obviously, as weve seen now, i think its important to take a look at where the market is now to determine what were going to do.

Obviously right. So this thats, why, i said, are you thinking about buying crypto? Do you think its cheap watch this beforehand, because there are a couple of key things to watch? Obviously i pulled up a lot of uh things. That said, that were oversold. I mean if you look at the rsi on bitcoin or ethereum were oversold. A lot of cryptos are down 80 90 95 percent uh, the greed index is very low or the fear index is very low. Uh so obviously were oversold. We could fall further. Bitcoin has never reached its old all time high from the previous cycle. It could be possible this time right, i mean theres still a lot of fear in the market. We could have more liquidations, we could have more selling pressure. The macro still not looking good. The previous highs right around 19 000 – i think theres a big psychological barrier at 20, 000 and then another one at 19 000. I dont think were going to fall much further than that. If we do get around those prices, i think thats pretty much bottom im. Not even saying we will, but i wouldnt be surprised if we did go back down a little bit, especially if the fed does something kind of drastic if they raise by one point or something like that. Obviously you have to take that into account. There is a possibility for that now. Looking at a lot of the other cryptos, i should say too on bitcoin, i am buying im buying more than just my dca right now, because i think over the long term, this is a really good price.

I mean whenever were around that 200 a week. We typically only stay here for a couple weeks that doesnt mean that we cant fall significantly further weve done that several times with 15 and 30 percent under the 200 a week, but thats usually short lived. Now everything can happen for the first time, so we could be here for two three four weeks who knows, but i think now is a good time to be picking up cheap sats now looking at some of the other cryptos theyre actually up on the 24 hour. I think you have to be careful about this. Obviously, bitcoin dominance is actually falling a bit after being on a tear. Recently we were up at 48.5 or so now were right, around 46 actually dropping below it. I think you have to be careful. I think uh with bear markets. Typically, we last in them for a while right, its not like. We just get right, quick out of them and go into a bull market again, and a lot of these will bleed against bitcoin. If the pass is any indication, a lot of people will move into less risky assets and a lot of these projects right. A lot of the smaller projects wont last uh, because theyll run on money. Their founders will just rug, pull or just leave because they made millions and then theyll just move on from there. So i am not looking to allocate too much towards the other cryptos at this point im not against it.

I think a lot of these will last over the long term uh in the top 20, 30, 40 cryptos, but im not looking to buy right now and one other thing to take. A look at is obviously ethereums down a lot. But when you look at it compared to the last market crash, obviously it fell down 94 thats over about was that 12 months 11 months. Compare that to this market cycle were only down 74. So far, so we can fall a lot further. If we fell down an equivalent amount, 94 percent, we would be at 279 dollars, so obviously we could fall down a lot more. We could fall 80 percent from here 75 percent from here now, im not saying thats as likely im thinking that theres less and less uh chance of that happening. We wont fall as much each new cycle, so it might be a 90 percent or 85 downturn. But i still think that will bleed towards bitcoin for a good amount of time, at least especially when we hit that accumulation phase bitcoin will stay sideways for a bit most likely. A lot of other alts will bleed. Now this takes us to three different things that i think you need to do if you want to be buying in this market, three different things to keep in mind, even if youre not buying as well. First of all, you have to stick around right. You cant, you cant, make money in this market.

If you leave right now right this is the time to be buying and watching and researching. Also, you just have to survive. Thats part of the same point here right. You have to survive and you cant over allocate and the reason i say that is theres. So much inflation right now, like you, cant over, allocate towards crypto, feel uncomfortable and then wait until the very bottom get pulled out of your positions because youre just too fearful you over allocated or you dollar crossed average too quickly, or something like that. You have to be able to survive this bear market, you have to be able to mentally survive. This bear market from there. You also have to take money out of anything sketchy right. So if you have money on an exchange – and it sounds like theyre having problems – i just move it right. You dont necessarily have to sell everything. Just transfer it to another account be careful when you transfer it obviously, but if theres any kind of site of that happening, i would just be careful right. Have your crypto over multiple different places, dont just put it on one exchange or one device. So just be careful of that thats, something that i think is really important. Make sure that you get out quickly jump ship quickly if you have money in something like this usdd just pull money out. In my opinion, of course, this isnt financial advice, but its not worth sticking around to see if it resolves just move it and then third increase your income.

If you can, i think now is a great time to be focusing on this. If you dont make a lot of money or if you dont, have much crypto, if you dont have that much of a portfolio focus on increasing your income, because things arent moving as quickly in the crypto market for the most part right now, everything is very volatile, But there will be some kind of phase where we are just sitting sideways for a while right. We did that all last month, thirty thousand dollars uh twenty nine thousand dollars, thirty thousand 000, just back and forth for a whole month. You want to increase your income because that will be so beneficial when we do get those dumpster level prices. On a lot of these cryptos i mean heck. If solana falls another 70 80 percent, and it could because obviously ethereum did that as well. In the last cycle from where it would be right now, the fact is if it falls another 70 or 80 percent, and you were able to increase your income, you want to allocate towards it thats going to make you a ton of money over the long term. Right any way to throw more money into the market while still staying, safe and surviving through the bear market, and not over allocating any kind of way to increase that income and really funnel that into investments is going to make a huge difference over time. Especially if youre working with a small amount of money to start – and i get questions like what should i do with my hundred dollars – that i just got really if youre wondering what you should do with a hundred dollars, and this is like what you have to Invest or even a thousand dollars what you really should be doing is investing it somewhere.

That has good potential over the long term in figuring out how to make more money and thats going to be much more beneficial figuring out some way to make two or three times as much money, instead of figuring out how to get an extra five or ten Percent annually on that money at that stage, so its going to be really important, just to figure out how to increase your income. So let me know your thoughts on all this underneath the video again stick around to survive. This bear market take money out of anything that looks like its drowning any kind of sinking ship and then figure out a way to increase your income. I think thats really what you have to focus on over the next few days over the next few months over the next year. It will be interesting if the fed doesnt increase rates as quickly as people expect it could be bullish for the market. Its going to be interesting to see what comes out tomorrow ill, try to give you guys information as quickly as possible. I do have a couple appointments that i cant miss tomorrow, thats right around the time of the fed meeting but ill try to update you as well as possible. Thank you so much.