Bitcoin ethereum xrp, all of your top cryptocurrencies, are going down a lot right now, as were recording this video and should you buy, should you sell, should you wait? What should you do next? With your xrp, with your bitcoin with your ethereum were going to take a look at all three charts, and today we have a packed episode, because inflation is at record breaking levels and the federal reserve is going to increase interest rates faster than expected by a lot Of people june 15th tomorrow, the federal reserve is going to increase interest rates, but why should you not worry? Why should you not sell, because this chart right here shows the federal reserve interest rates increasing from 2016 to 2020? As you can tell, the interest rate right now is starting to go up again, but what happened to the stock market? What happened to the crypto markets during 2016 and 2020 between those four years when the federal reserve was increasing interest rates? What was going on with the stock market, for example? Well, we started a brand new bull market at the beginning of 2016 and we ended in 2020. So, even though the federal reserve was increasing interest rates between 2016 and 2020, the united states dow jones basically entered into a bull market during those same years, so thats. Why im not freaking out thats, why im not selling and were going to take a look at xrp in greater detail, bitcoin and ethereum in todays video, so sit back, relax and enjoy destroy the like button.

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This right here down here is the rsi and it measures how over bought or oversold something is and were going to take a look at this, the same indicator for bitcoin for ethereum and for xrp, okay. So its going to be easy for you to follow along now the rsi this right here, the last time it was this low, as we are right now, look at us right now were basically down at 27.5. We are down below 30.. The last time we were this low was never never on the weekly chart for xrp, so this is when you wanted to buy like, for example, lets say you bought right here. When the rsi was this low in 2015, you would have bought to xrp at point zero, zero, four cents, and you would have 750x your money from these low prices all the way up to about three and a half dollars to the high in 2017, 2018 right. So that says 750x, if you bought at the low of the rsi and then sold it the high now lets say you did it again in 2020 right, the rsi again was this low down here about 30 right in january 2020.. Now, if you bought at these low prices, you would have basically 20x your money between then and last year, so thats why you want to buy right now when the rsi is low. Look at how low the rsi is for xrps at historically low levels.

This is why i am buying okay im, not selling im just buying xrp okay. This is why, because we are at low low levels, now bitcoin same thing on the weekly chart for bitcoin, it shows that lets say you bought every time. The rsi was this low down here. Lets say you first time ever it was in 2011 2012.. You would have 500x your money if you bought when the rsi was down here and then lets say you bought again down here in 2015. When the rsi was this low, you would have 125 extra money lets say you bought again in 2018 and the bear market of 2018. When the rsi was this low again, you would have 33 x your money, so lets say we do a 10x from todays low low prices on the rsi for bitcoin, like our the rsi for bitcoins, also at historically low levels like it has almost never been this Low okay, but lets say we just do a 10x right now were sitting at 22, 000, so thats already a 200 000 plus bitcoin. If we just do a 10x, okay, so thats, why im buying im not selling at a bitcoin in ethereum ethereum same thing lets say you bought down here when the rsi was this low in 2016 you would have 260x your money and then again in 2019. You would have 50 extra money with ethereum so thats, why, at these low low prices, when the rsi is all the way down here, this is when you want to buy and not to mention.

Xrp has basically been coming down for about 10 weeks straight. This is a weekly chart for xrp, as you can tell all these red candles right here. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 12 weeks straight, i remember nine, like we were nine weeks into this decline, and a lot of people were like. Oh nine weeks is crazy, like we must reverse now, but we just been coming down and again on this channel, i told yall that im expecting another big sell off and thats exactly what were seeing so far thats why you want to destroy the like button subscribe. If you have not yet already and please this is what i want you to take away from this video, if you take anything away, just one thing away from this video is this: i know inflation. Inflation is a big big concern here in the united states. Its probably the biggest thing bigger than russia and ukraine. Okay, the inflation is a much bigger topic in the united states and thats. Why were seeing the federal reserve doing what theyre doing thats? Why were seeing crypto going down so much and stocks and everything going down? So much because of inflation and interest rates right, but again, if you just take one thing away from this video its this – that just because interest rates are going up, does not mean were gon na go into a recession, and this is proof right here.

What happened to the federal reserve in 2016 to 2020 in the four years that they increased interest rates the stock market just kept going up like at the beginning here in 2015 2016, when there was expectations of interest rates going up thats when we went down a Little bit we consolidated, but literally at the beginning of 2016, almost exactly january 2016, when the federal reserve started increasing interest rates right here at the beginning of 2016. thats, when the bull market started for the dow jones intel industrial average. So the bull market started when they started increasing interest rates. So if the dow jones in the stock market just consolidates a little bit longer and then start going up on a brand new bull market, you heard it here first, because the dow jones is oversold. Xrp is way oversold, its historically the most oversold its ever been xrp bitcoin same thing, extremely oversold, ethereum same thing extremely oversold. So that is why i am not selling. That is why i am just buying and please be careful of the people that are telling you to wait. If youre listening to someone telling you to wait right now that its not a good time to buy theyre lying to you, theyre lying to you, because the indicators show us that its a good its a perfect time to buy. In my opinion, this is not financial advice, its just what im doing with my money. Okay, if you want to be rich, you want to buy now when theres blood on the streets and tell me what is this.

This is blood on the streets. Look at this! Its all red, its all bleeding everything everything is bleeding, so this is when i am taking advantage of these low prices. Okay, so please be careful of those people telling you not to buy right now. Okay, those were the same people telling you to buy. All time highs, but we were telling you to wait at all time highs and now we are telling you to buy okay, just like right now, im telling you to buy this decent hardware wallet before the prices go up on july, 1st. Okay, so i love you all get one or two real quick using the links down below, and the point is please do not sell out of this xrp or good cryptocurrencies whatever it is that you like, okay, whatever whether its hbar or hgix or ethereum or solana, Or cardano whatever it is that you believe in please stay strong and know why you bought in the first place, if you bought at an all time high, you should be happy right now buying at low low prices like if you bought xrp last year. At almost two dollars you should be so happy buying it right now at 30 cents, thats crazy, crazy. So why would you be selling? You would be crazy to be selling at these low low prices thats? What im buying is right now, so, yes, the prices coming down have been extremely shocking, but the low prices are also extremely shocking.

This is an emergency warning to all of you to please. Please do not sell and do not be scared. That is why people are selling, because theyre scared that their investments, that their money will never come back. But if you know what youre invested in, if youve done your homework, if youve done your research, you know what youre invested in and your money will grow. 10 times over easily in the next few years, crypto is super small right now. Yesterday we broke one trillion dollars in terms of market cap, so crypto fell below one trillion dollars for the first time. In months now, one trillion might seem like its a lot of money right. One trillion dollars is a lot of money right, no, no apple by itself. One company in the stock market apple is worth two trillion dollars, plus so its over two times larger than the whole crypto market combined just one company in the stock market. So if us crazy people that think that crypto is the future, if were correct, imagine we are so early so early if the crypto market is still right now at one trillion dollars thats, it were just getting started so thats why you want to join us thats? Why you want to destroy the like button subscribe because again were just getting started. So are you? Your money is in safe hands, literally, if youve done your homework and if youve invested in good investments and just give it some time and dollar cost to average youll.

Be fine, okay! This is not financial advice. Dont sue me! Okay. I have to say that in every video, so people dont come after me again, if you have not yet gotten this decent hardware wallet. What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? The links are down below, so i will see you all very soon until next time, please be safe, be smart with your investments, because no one will invest for you. Okay, if you have not yet bought and youre waiting right now, could be a perfect time to buy. Imagine how many people last year would have wished to see these prices so keep that in mind. I love you all and i will see you all very soon until next time you all know what it is.