Regarding all coins, no, this video is not telling you to buy anything right now we have not capitulated yet. This is simply here to help you create your own opinion about different things. Take what you like from this video and expand on it, not financial advice, but lets get it babes, Music! Welcome back to the osho everything crypto and nfts. Every day before we get into crypto news. Breaking federal reserve raises rates by 75 basis points, so basically theyre raising these interest rates to combat inflation. However, we all know that inflation is not going anywhere and it is not transitory. It is here to stay. We also know that we are in a recession not going to be in a recession. We are in a recession and i hope to god. We do not get into a depression because the poor, the lower middle class in the middle class we cant, breathe as it is now. This rate height is also the largest since 1994 1994, and i think they will continue to raise rates as things get incredibly worse. But taking a look at the crypto market, this actually caused some good news and we can see some green around here when i talked about not aping into altcoins. That was, if youre going to dollar cost average for long term. I recommend to wait if you want to get into all coins for short term flips. I support it 100 and now taking a look at bitcoin.

We had to take a look at the four hour chart because we could see the price action a little bit better over here. I talked about potential consolidation. Well, i guess we got ta go back to the weekly, so you all can see. Just in case you missed the live from earlier today, so i am anticipating some more consolidation in this range. This would be a bullish scenario for approximately twenty six thousand two twenty thousand dollars. Of course, therell be a smaller range. We could establish on the lower time frames. Better scenario would be a breakdown below 20 000, but it looks like we were defending the 20 000 area quite well. Now, on the four hour chart, the news was just now released by the fed earlier today, so were seeing a nice little bounce on bitcoin were not out of the clear yet. Yes, we have printed local bottom, big, daddy, chad, green dots on market cipher. So hopefully, the support area holds at approximately twenty thousand dollars as of right now its looking like its gon na cold, but be cautious, because if we get more news with um three arrows capital celsius or any other crypto company, that does something absolutely wild. We could see a break of support here now, taking a look at ethereum. Weve got to go to the shorter time frames here. Ethereum is actually looking good six hour. We printed a local bottom with market cipher and were just kind of consolidating in this range.

A break above 12 um 1278 bullish, a breakdown below supported 1037, its going to be bearish. I still stand by my statement that in a real bear mar well, we are in a real market, but in a total complete bear market, we will see 750 ethereum. Now this store over here we have to talk about finance ban litecoin transactions with mimblewimble upgrade. Basically, the mimblewimble upgrade is going to be some sort of a privacy feature for litecoin. I actually like this and i think its a smart smart move for litecoin to go ahead and introduce this privacy feature because a lot of people want privacy coins, especially with the cbdc, coming, etc. Binance is trying to be on the up and up so theyre going to be delisting coins that could potentially not be kosher with any regulatory bodies that theyre dealing with, but over here. As far as a mimblewimble upgrade on litecoin, the mimblewimble extension was first proposed in 2016 by a developer named tom elvis, its primary goal is to offer transaction privacy on may 19 2022. The litecoin network received mimblewimble a privacy scalability upgrade so basically all they want to do. Is they just want to make um litecoin more private and 100 with it, because weve got monero weve got zcash, but a project like litecoin. I think this is great. I think its gon na be good for its future long term. However price wise right now because of the binance to listing all these other things could pose issues, but at the same time we do need to protect our privacy next story super exciting.

I hold link and i dont hold moonbeam, but i do hold quite a bit of polka dot chain link integrates with moonbeam to provide price data to polka dot developers so derek yo. The founder movie noted that the integration lets their platform provide building blocks to d5 developers, so basically, all its going to be its going to be one of the last integrations needed to provide a full set of building blocks to the moonbeam d5 developers. D5 is still the future, regardless of how bad it got with celsius and with terra luna were just gon na need to be a little bit more careful im. Judging what projects are solid projects and what projects are not. But overall, this is positive news for both of these projects um for chain link for moving and for polka dot. Again, i do hold chain link and polka dot im, not interested in adding any more to my bags at this time, but i do like this. For macro term price action that means way later down the line. Also too quick friendly reminder. We talked about unlocks calendar earlier on the show today on the live, but i want to remind you again: i highly recommend you follow them. They do have a paid service. Im not telling you to buy the paid service, not telling you to just blindly believe everything they say you always have to fact check, but i do like the fact that they give you updates, on upcoming token, unlocks okay.

They also have a database of coins across ftx, coinbase and finance. The reason why this is so important is generally we like to hop in a lot of projects. A lot of these projects like ethereum um bnb, whatever theyve had icos theyve, had pre sales and basically the way these pre sales work is. They have unlocked periods in time. So what that means is, is when investors put money into a project, investors want to um. They buy at the pre sale they buy when the price is super super low because they believe in the project before the price pump, and they basically have unlocks and the reason why they have unlocks they have unlocked. So they can go ahead and get some of their capital back for investing, so this um these people over here they let you know when some of these unlocks are happening. So i highly recommend you check them out. Thank you all so much for watching. So have a great rest of your day. Yes, im a little bit stuffy and ill catch.