Exactly whats happened with the federal reserve were going to be talking about. Some gems of wisdom from czed of binance were also going to be talking about some other critical news. You guys need to be aware of in the crypto market today. So if that sounds good to, you, guys make sure to hit the thumbs up button. If you guys are new to the channel, make sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell and as always, this is not financial advice – im, not a financial advisor, but i hope you guys are enjoying the journey so far and guys. I want to kick it off with this article right here that i saw – and it says here – el salvadors fm says 40 million bitcoin loss not real as they havent sold any coins yet, and that is absolutely true. So in the last 24 hours you know we have seen an increase in the prices of crypto. Well talk about the prices at the end, but you have to remember even if youre down in value, be it the stock market, be it the crypto market uh. You know a loss isnt realized until you actually cash out. So there was a lot of fear in the market. Yesterday, a lot of people were predicting bitcoin would go down to fifteen thousand dollars that hasnt happened, but overall you dont actually make a loss in crypto until you cash out, and you guys can see right here.

The president of el salvador, some of the trades he has done in the crypto market, and you can see some buy ins at around the fifty thousand dollar level uh, the forty five thousand dollar level actually brought in at the sixty thousand dollar level and uh. This has only been done over a few months and you know technically, the value of his investment would be at a loss. But again, if you do take that long term horizon, who knows where the value of bitcoin will be in three to five years. So if bitcoin ends up going to a hundred thousand dollars, 250 000 in the future potentially could go to a million dollars with the amount of inflation money printing out there. El salvador would then be in a profit position and if they do take some profits, they will be in some profits. But i just wanted to point that out to you other big players in the crypto space, fidelity theyre, saying that bitcoin is technically oversold. So a lot of people there was a huge amount of fear in the market yesterday and uh, some of the biggest traders in the crypto market, theyre actually saying bitcoin could possibly be oversold right now, which is a good signal, good bullish signal for the long term. Other people are also pointing out that ethereum. I was potentially oversold yesterday, so some people have brought up the dip yesterday and that theyve made some good profits if theyve taken some short term trades.

Some other bullish news we do have about crypto adoption check this out. So former president of the new york stock exchange joins uni swap labs as an advisor, so this is good. We are getting some crossover between the traditional stock market and also cryptocurrency market, and it says right here on wednesday, uni swap announced that former new york stock exchange president stacy cunningham, will join the company as an advisor. So this is really good to see guys. So we do want to see more cross pollination between some of the traditional financial markets and the cryptocurrency markets, because it will help with some positive regulation that, in my opinion, will help the crypto prices. And we also have some other bullish news in the crypto space and have a look at this one. True global ventures doubles down on a web 3 with 146 million follow on fund. So this is good to see so some more investment is coming into the crypto market. Some real fiat cash, its getting developed in the ecosystem. More development is always better for cryptocurrency. So that is really good to see as well, and we also have a very interesting tweet from cz of binance right here, and he says it was not easy saying no to super bowl ads stadium, naming rights. Large sponsored deals a few months ago, but we did today we are hiring 2 000 open positions for binance. So who is he taking a shot at here, so hes secretly taking a shot at crypto.

com? So you guys know. Crypto.Com did a lot of sponsorships recently and theyve actually sacked a lot of people. We covered that in yesterdays video, but whats happened here is c, is out of binance said he didnt do all the advertising and now theyre hiring 2 000 new jobs when other crypto exchanges are actually cutting it. So coinbase crypto.com theyre, actually reducing positions but really good to see our binance hiring more people in these frosty times in the crypto market and hes also said right here, while lots of projects and exchanges are going to struggle through the bear market, many will come back Stronger than before, those that fail honestly will start new projects and bring critical learnings from this experience. This is how an industry grows, and i 100 agree with that. So you know lots of experience is getting developed in the crypto space. Be it you know some cryptos may potentially fail. Some exchanges may struggle as well, but again its what you learn its how you improve in the future. So some good wisdom from binance ceo cz right there and guys lets do a bit of an update on luna classic as well. So you guys can see the volume numbers there for luna classic. So there is still a lot of volume going through for this cryptocurrency. The burn number is up to 983 million so yet to cross over to that one billion threshold and what we are kind of waiting for is that big transaction tax to go through on lunar classic.

So once that potentially happens, that is when the burn numbers should. Theoretically, go up on the basis that you know a d5 ecosystem is built up so played away in game utility for the cryptocurrency. You know giving people motivation to actually transact in the lunar classic ecosystem that is whats going to generate a lot of value. In my opinion, and guys lets talk about this massive news coming out of the usa and it has to do with the federal reserve, so theres been a really interesting reaction to whats happened here, so the fed hike actually did go up. 0.75 percentage points the biggest increase since 1994 and a lot of people out there were thinking. You know the stock market, the crypto market would actually plummet, but maybe the crypto market. Maybe the stock market had already factored in that 0.75 percent basis. Point and uh what you actually did see is the stock market actually went up so its very, very interesting that stocks and cryptocurrency actually went up as this battle against inflation kind of unfolds right now, so really good uh for crypto holders out there a lot of People, you know, were expecting the crypto market to tank. You know down to fifteen 15, 000 bitcoin, possibly lower, but that didnt happen so bitcoin has actually held the line. Well, take a look at the crypto prices soon, but you guys can see here. Whats important were looking at the fed rate right here and you guys can see an increase in the interest rate, so i dont think technically you know the usa its not out of the woods yet so, even though we have seen an increase in the stock prices In the crypto prices, i am a believer you know there is.

There is still a lot of debt out there, particularly by governments around the world who just love to print out money out of thin air. You know tax their residents and i do think in the long term there will definitely have to be some changes to the world economy. So hopefully you know we can get some peaceful resolutions over in eastern europe and that the supply chain is back on track. But again you can see the increases of interest rates which is important to pay attention to right there and guys in the last 24 hours the crypto market has actually pumped so in the long term. Are we gon na see crypto go back to the moon and uh beat its all time high, but in the short term we are seeing some nice price movements in cryptocurrency, so you guys can see across the board. Generally, there has been a nice increase in crypto prices and if we do take a look at the 24 hour chart right here for bitcoin, what we can see was there was a lot of panic in the lead up to the fed decision. But just recently you guys can see it actually hit a low of around twenty thousand uh 200 right there, but there was actually some bullish sentiment, so the crypto prices actually went from twenty thousand bitcoin price went from twenty thousand dollars up to around twenty two thousand. Eight hundred dollars, so hopefully we can see bitcoin maintain this price level.

You know if it does go down im, not too worried because again, if you do take a long term, look at the crypto market, you know i do factor it in you know terms of years as well. So just recently weve encountered a lot of short term volatility, but in the long run i do think there is some nice potential and i want to give a shout out to some of you guys following me over on twitter. So i did ask the question: if you had a thousand dollars to buy the crypto dip right now, what cryptocurrency would you buy and ill put the options as bitcoin, ethereum, bnb and other and uh looks like a lot of you guys would buy other crypto. So what are some other cryptos out there so im seeing a lot of safe, moans, green life, energy, seifu, safe moon, birdie, satoshi, swap and lots of safe moon and a lot of other little cryptos out there. So always remember in the crypto space uh generally, the way it works, so the higher the market cap, the less risk that is associated with a cryptocurrency. So bitcoin is the least risky crypto on the market but at the same time, sometimes its harder to move the market cap upwards. If you do go for those risky smaller coins, you can get potentially bigger levels of reward, but you also have to be comfortable with those levels of risk as well, but guys that is a big update on the crypto market.