Today we just got our concrete in and behind us were building whats going to be basically our interpretation of, say, like rob, deardex fantasy factory, but for cryptocurrency a little bit more humble than something as wild as uh his setup, but were super excited. This facility is going to give us so just so many new capabilities when it comes to cryptocurrency, crypto mining, the boss, queen crypto, youtube channel, so today, im gon na run through what were doing how were doing it and why Music? What do you have to say alexa? What do you think of the crypto compound were excited itll, be a new space to kind of have a playground and do everything mining related whats. The number one thing you want to do in this building. I want to create a cool little room where we can take cool b roll shots and like get some new footage of all of our miners and our setup, and just have kind of like an intake space for everything and so thats. One of the best things about this building its gon na be the for the first time in about five years by the time, its actually fully set up and running at full speed, realistically its going to be like for the first time in six years. But this will allow us to get our work, our hobbies, our projects out of the house, which is fine in the beginning and fun in the beginning.

But eventually you get you get a little sick of having minors in the bathrooms. Snuck, a mining rig into miss voss bathroom, i dont even think she knows about it, drew. Why is there a mining rink in the bathroom? Why is there my thats, your rig in your storage room in your garage in our spare bedroom? You know they just kind of end up everywhere i mean it depends a little bit what youre doing with cryptocurrency too. Obviously, mining is a little bit more intrusive and like your physical space, but thats also one of the things that makes mining so cool. For example, this building is going to be two stories. The bottom portion is going to function as basically our warehouse, its going to open up distribution capabilities for us and were not looking to be the next big mining reseller or anything like that. But this will allow us to order merch in bulk and do other, maybe like limited edition releases and and be able to take delivery of all of them, and with that we can increase our quality control. You know lets say we collapsed on a minor. We could get them in here. We could test them ourselves and give them a stamp of approval, make sure no one gets a doa dead on a rival unit, obviously its not too common um or anything like that, but even just having the ability to do. That is really cool being able to order.

You know a hundred, a thousand shirts or something crazy at a very good price point, and have it all in house, because right right now, with all of our merch, were pretty much just drop. Shipping and theres really no profit margins in that, when you buy a box coin, t shirt, i mean we make maybe five bucks um and if we were handling the distribution ourself, the profit margins could not only be higher, but we could also have more competitive or Just simply lower prices on our stuff – and you know, thats really exciting in its own right. On top of that, with the second story, im planning to finish that out, you know slap an ac unit on there and a heater and then the reason for this buildings. Specific location is because you know this year were throwing bitcoins. All right were growing corn back here next year were growing bitcoin and with that were going to have our solar panels creating green energy off there. In the distance, a little bit were going to have our mining farms im going to be doing a mining shed. 3.0 ive got a new video coming out. Thats, you know breaks down everything um on that front uh, but were also going to do. Some shipping container builds were going to look at some plug and play options, and what i really want to you know again like on that. Fantasy factory line is test the best mining setups, how to deploy them and document everything, and then just bring you guys real world mining data of just uh.

You know, is this container worth it versus this one or diy option, because diy is really cool, but not everyone has the either know how or wants to learn how or the capability and the time to just diy a uh say like their own shipping container. For a bitcoin mining farm and so looking at some off the shelf options, as well as a home grown option as we build our own mining shed 3.0 back there. The true successor to our previous mining, shed, which you know that was that was my pride and joy um when we started this, and that was what helped me get. The miners out of the house then and help me scale and you know, hit a bull run. Mining in stride weve been severely limited by our garage mining farm thus far, and that was really supposed to be a stop gap and not in use nearly this long. The solar money farm plan has has really been a two year project before we even broke ground, which is honestly pretty devastating when you, when you really kind of think about it, that we hit some unique hurdles and then honestly, a lot of these things just take Much longer than you probably think that they would so, i know we kind of started the solar mining build probably like two years ago at this point, but we really went through a lot of unexpected hurdles in this process. This is actually the third property that we looked at purchasing and its a protected area, so our state in virginia has protected laws where, if theres any kind of stream or river running in through whats called an rpa, it basically leads to a larger body of water And anything that happens on that land or interferes with the water source has to go through special permissions with our state government, but its its been definitely a learning process through the whole thing, so between county and state approvals.

Working with the farmer and then delays on build and increased prices of materials, its been definitely a long journey, but were super excited to actually be started and pouring and everything so were hopefully going to be up and running and have this building done. At least the shell of it within like the next month or two, so thanks for sticking along hey, hey, you went in on a little secret yeah. Let me tell you about that: little secret, its the fact that you can earn interest on your cryptocurrencies with the ftx app its available for everyone in the world to my knowledge and heres, the surprising part, including u.s citizens, get your money working for you and get Some free crypto, when you smash our link in the video description below bowler bear market were going to be chugging away. It does given the current market conditions, but really when the markets, red or stagnant thats, going to be the best time to be building mining prices or mining rig prices are coming down for the first time in forever. You know the global economy is looking a little iffy thats kind of what happens when your favorite governments just print as much money as they want to, and then they tax you and then they print more money. And then they lie about how much money they print, and then they block you out of investment opportunities that would help you make money its pretty ironic, the way it all goes, but thats another day, another subject so really stoked about all this um were going to Do a stick, build structure, metal prices have gone through the roof.

To the point that i just went back to a stick built building um. You know we plan to stay here forever, so i hope that we get the full 30 years plus out of this building and uh. You know itll be really fun to see the way things these things can kind of grow in shape. This facility will give us the room and space to adapt evolve. You know two stories here gives us a lot of flexibility of basically having a nicer top end, um a clean area, and then the bottom can kind of be more of like a workshop. Dirty bring some miners in there, get them fixed up and then either get them back in the farm or get them shipped out. The left side is going to function initially, just as basically additional storage, but if you look at the the pad behind me, youll notice its basically separated in two pieces, weve got a two car garage door back there well be able to bring anything. We could ever want in there a man door on the front and then a very large single bay door here and the end goal hope for that is to basically build out our own rv that you know were gon na. You know, you know were gon na. Stick a minor in it, but also thatll, give us the ability to get out there and tour very distant mining farms um across the united states bring all our gear.

Do it at our own pace and keep the consistent upload schedule that whole time and it would also open up the door for a canadian mining farm tour that would just you know. It would just be very cool, very, very like unique opportunity, um and so well. Have to see what we can do, itd be fun to also obviously bring tails on the journey um. You know she doesnt really like going in the car too much, but an rv setup well put a well put a bed in there, so shell be should be living lavishly, as always so from my perspective, im super excited about this building because i think were gon Na have a lot of cool projects that come out of it were gon na have. This is basically gon na, be two levels so on the top level, is gon na, be more of the production part of it ill have a section where we can shoot cool, b, roll and just kind of store, a bunch of our our stuff that we dont Really want around the house and itll be really close to our mining, shed on the other side, so well be able to go back and forth and kind of monitor the miners and give you like test results and stuff like that, and then on the first floor. Well, have kind of like a test bench set up and then i hope were gon na do kind of more some merch and different things that we can send to subscribers and kind of like a shipping department.

A little bit, i know, were not known for shipping stuff out, but weve actually shipped out over a thousand parcels with bosscoin over the past few years. So thatll give us really a nice spot to just be organized and kind of regulate everything that goes in and out without it being in our actual house. This is like really gon na help us kind of get to the next step, with with content creation written guides. Video guides, you know, have a good, a good setup where we can just easily and consistently in the same exact environment, test things like watts. You know how much you know: electricity consumption. Are these miners pulling whats the decibel rating? How loud are they really keep a scale right there? We have plenty of room to set everything up and get exact weights and measurements, and you know just be able to be an authentic third party. Reviewer of our hardware um, whereas i dont have to you know, set things up and tear them down consistently, especially, you know, depending on market conditions, its very go go go over the last year. Its just been so go go, go and i really want to just kind of get back to having more fun, getting back to the basics, nerding out, um and bringing you guys better videos, um, longer videos, more technical videos, and you basically kind of get back to That quality over quantity kind of the next hurdle is just gon na be getting electricity out here.

Um, the big hurdle were gon na fight with this building, but especially the mining farm is. We do not have accessibility to or access to three phase, so we only have single phase right now. Um im fighting with the power company, i think, were going to win sooner or later, but it may be a long battle to get three phase out here. So thatll be, you know, a boon for us from a mining point of view because all the industrial grade, you know mining equipment, containers things like that. Theyre all wired situated set up for three phase, but we can still make do with single phase, especially in the short term. A single phase would be more akin to like, say, like your residential electricity in the united states, and three phase is basically industrial grade and its got three legs and you can spin off and basically you just get way more density. So the other thing of note is internet, so were going back and forth with a local cable company, but the prices are ridiculous. You know shout out to mr elon. Musk starlink has now opened support for our area. Ive already got it, we got it in. You know were good to go and situated on that, so i really just need to get an electric hookup and we have an internet option, ready set to go and really kick this off, which is really exciting, and that will help us.

You know really reduce our time and our initial expense, our upfront expenses, big time uh, because the cable company wanted, like a ridiculous like im, not exaggerating like a ridiculous 50 grand to pull cable out here and then bill us indefinitely im like wow. What a great deal you know were only like a mile off the road, its insane and were really just going to start trying to plug and chug here and just get these things going um, so im super stoked ill leave it at that. I dont really want to ramble too much in this video. This is going to provide such a cool environment for us and i hope that well be able to bring you better videos than ever before, uh so seriously, as always thanks so much for watching. My name is vyas here on the vicecoin youtube channel. Please subscribe were chasing a million subscribers and uh. Of course, the beautiful miss vosk, the tails vosk down there ill see you tomorrow. We need your help right now. Please drop a cool name for this building, not down in the comments, because we have a bunch of youtube. Comments has been difficult lately, so click the link to the forum thread leave your bitcoin address and the name that you think that we should name this building and if we choose your name ill, send you some satoshis look ill, be on im, not gon na. Send you bitcoins, you know its, not gon na be plural, but you know im not just gon na take the name and not give you credit and reward.

You so help us out im totally stuck here as high as my arm goes. Yeah thats good, maybe thats a little yeah yeah like like that thats good kind of like in line more like with your eyes.