But now after the markets in asia were able to uh process the data and see what was going on with the federal reserve and inflation, the cryptocurrency market has dipped down and bitcoin is currently at the price of 21. 000 were gon na get into all of this. All i ask is, if you smash that, like button – and here we go so currently, the price of bitcoin is at 21 000. It is up two percent of the last 24 hours, but in the last seven days its down 30 percent ethereum is eleven hundred eleven hundred dollars up three point: six percent in the last 24 hours, but it is down significantly in the last day. So what is going on what happened here? Well, i made a video last night with the breaking news about the federal reserve, raising interest rates by three quarters of a percent, and i said we are saved for now. Why for now guys? Well, basically, what i was anticipating was that the u.s market would be like yay. We got what we wanted, and the stock market went up, cryptocurrency followed suit, but then what happened? The rest of the world, mainly people in asia, were like. You know what we dont. Really care about this uh, the crypto market is dropping, were seeing a lot of liquidations and you know what were gon na. Take our risk off the table and thats exactly what happened. Weve seen the crypto market drop and bitcoin you can see from the high that we saw last night is down seven and a half percent here.

So its going to be very interesting to see how this is going to develop in the next few days. Remember that cryptocurrency trades 24 7 so were going to have trading over the weekend and into next week when we have juneteenth where the stock market is closed. So we could see a lot of action, people that mainly would trade the stock market would be in crypto, and that will be interesting as well. The crypto fear index continues to drop, and currently is it high high extreme fear at seven. The lows that i have seen it is at five, so were getting really close. Lets lets uh load it for a second still at seven, but it could drop down even more if bitcoin is able to break through that 20 000 level. There were rumblings about micro strategy that they had uh 21 000 as a margin call, but ceo, michael saylor came out and debunked that information and said no, we do not have a margin. Call at that level. Be assured that we are okay and we have enough money to back that up so its off the table. The 21 000 is gon na drop bitcoin to a lower level, but we will see if we talk about tara luna for a second. It has continued to be stable here at the six thousand five thousand level. Yes, its dropped, six percent in the last uh 24 hours, but its being stable here and with the market in turmoil, its been pretty stable, shiba inu reversed their gains from yesterday uh.

You can see that it went up all the way to the 840 level, but has pulled down to the 8 800 level that has acted as a support. It is going to be very interesting in the crypto market in the next coming days to see what is happening, will specific cryptos move because of news, or is the whole cryptocurrency market going to move as a whole and move up and down if bitcoin does break Through that 20 000 level there could be a lot of hurt and we could see bitcoin drop even to the 14 000 support level. Here we havent been in that area for a long long time, but there is a possibility that that happens. We have seen 20 000 as the all time high uh, the previous all time high, if you remember in 2017, and so that could be a resist, a support level here for bitcoin, and that will be very interesting guys if you enjoyed this video of fast paced. Only news uh smash that, like button subscribe to the channel for these daily morning, updates check out the links in description down below. Thank you for watching.