Welcome back to the channel. Today is a big day for cryptocurrency and the overall markets, as the fed rate hike is incoming, were going to talk about what were expecting to hear today, uh from the feds, and is it priced in uh over the past couple rate hikes, it has been kind Of priced in, but i dont know today could go a couple different ways we did get. The information yesterday about the big move were going to talk about that with the fed rate hike they are saying bitcoin to 20k is in the cards. I believe we could even go lower than that as well. Ethereum could break a thousand dollars, but again were looking at these as opportunities, not as uh. You know nightmares uh if, if youre only looking at it in the short term, its a nightmare, but if youre looking at it long term, these are opportunities right, so lets dive in here uh to the fed rate hike that were expecting today. So this is set to be the biggest rate hike since 1994, as the federal reserve is expected to raise the target range for fed funds by 75 points to 1.5 percent in between that and 1.75 again, the biggest rate hike in 28 years. Now investors have rapidly repriced their expectations in the wake of fridays inflation report for may, where the consumer price index, the cpi data rose to a fresh four decade high of 8.6, now whats in store for bitcoin.

It says bitcoin bounces at 20k, as microstrategy, fails to calm nerves and we can bounce over here and see what happened with bitcoin here in the one day it did hit down here at 20k uh and then bounced okay. So in our seven day we can see what its been like, not a lot of fun right now in the crypto markets, and this is everywhere its not just crypto right, so its not just one particular asset class, but not too long ago. Five days ago we were trading around thirty thousand dollars, bitcoin right now, trading at twenty one thousand three hundred and fifty dollars. Now it says here bitcoin slumped another nine percent to hit an 18 month low uh, where it you know, kind of bounced off that 20 dollar level. Digital gold has now lost 33 percent in the last week, a fresh blow to its supporters claims of its ability to act as a store of value. Listen, i think, eventually, bitcoin will be the store of value its just not there yet right. Gold is a 10 trillion dollar market cap. We look at bitcoin right now were at a 500 billion 400 billion dollar market cap right now, uh now we were as high as a one trillion dollar market cap with bitcoin at its peak a little bit over that. So were still about a 10x away from bitcoins peak to golds market cap, so were just not there yet, but eventually, in my opinion, bitcoin will become the store of value uh, but ethereum meanwhile fell another 10.

5 now down 43 percent 43 over the last week. As the collapse of the crypto lenders, celsius network continues to have a ripple effect through the ecosystem of tokens linked in one way or another to the ethereum blockchain. We have seen many many issues, of course, with tara luna and now the celsius network issue uh its almost like these issues are popping up right at the right time right when the talk of regulation has ramped up uh, which is interesting and fascinating. I dont know if its just ironic or if these problems have created themselves due to the conversations about regulation now micro strategy, ceo michael saylor, said on tuesday that his company, a de facto leverage crypto hedge fund, had enough extra collateral to forestall any margin. Calls on a 205 million dollar loan, which the company previously said would trigger at a price of 22 000. So today, of course, a very big day for the overall markets. We are going to see the feds uh. It looks like moving up 75 basis points, something we havent seen in the last 28 years. Let me know what youre thinking about this down below in the comment section ive got meetings all day, but i will be bringing you up to speed on this. I will be keeping tabs on it. Thank you all so much for tuning in. I appreciate you hit that like button on the way out, also check out the patreon page and my other links down below in the description take care.