First potential opportunity is that, and i looked at the chart again a little bit in more detail that we can actually count this here as a wave one, two three four five complete. This is the only or one of the few cryptocharts where i can see this um. I dont see this on the bitcoin chart, but this would suggest that ethereum could have completed here. Five wave move it made a lower low compared to this low here. On the 14th of june in a wave three, it moved up in a way four, and now it is currently coming down here in a wave five yeah. So if i zoom out a little bit, we can actually see ethereum made a way lower low than the 12th of may. That is what we needed. What we expected, we expected a triangle to break to the downside: everything fulfilled yeah um, and then we obviously tracked this wave down here this wave down, and i gave you the 1 000 level as a potential target as we broke below 10 70 um, the 78.6 Level but bear in mind, we are back above the 1075 fib level, so i told you it is now here where its going to work out and where we can be looking and figure out if the low is in or not. This is currently the space yeah. We could be just now in the low as crazy as it sounds were in low um in the hole okay.

So, but this is again the message here, this wave 5 could be complete. Is it high confidence, dont think so yeah? It is not my primary expectation but its a possibility, and when do we know more well, we would know more. If we now get a screaming rally to the upside, i would really want to see a pump huh um. I would want to see a pump and i would want to see a pump above 1261.. This is here the wave 4 high well actually its a bit higher. It is uh. 1267.. 12.65. If im very here, let me just move that yeah. I dont want to mess around because of a dollar 1265 yeah. This is the wave 4 high. If we see a a rally above that level and if it is a five wave move that would be super interesting yeah. That would be super interesting and then we could be careful in saying that the low might have been in okay. This is one scenario, not my primary expectation um, because if this is happening, then what we would want to see. You know he came down here in the way five we hit the low here at one thousand fourteen dollars pretty much 1011 as per this chart, and we would then start to move up now in an impulse yeah. So something like that. One, two, three four: five. Now that wave three and we currently see a bit of a pump but no reason to formo, please dont start a fomo.

There will always be an entry point. There will always be an entry point. So what this wave three would need to go and im going to use the fib extensions bear in mind. Theres only one possibility its, not my primary expectation, but we want to chart out here potential breakout scenarios now because we are in the space here where it could happen, and i told you on this channel, you will know um as soon as possible, yeah my view About if the low is in um – and currently i cant confirm this yet, but the wave 3 would need to go to 1295 – that would be already a move above 1264.. What we would then want to see is a wave 4 down and the wave five up now, and at the moment, though, what this is could just be a three wave move. Your primary expectation would actually be for me that this year was only thats. The alternative would be very bearish yeah, so weve got a bullish way or a really bearish way to look at it, because the bearish way would be that all of this was just a wave one that we are now moving up in a wave two. The next way would be a wave three to the downside, then away four up and the wave five down two scenarios, and you know i go. I told you what we need to see now that the bullish one works out.

What would need to happen for the bearish one to work out? Well, we would need to stay below 12 64. and honestly, maybe we just see the breakout here. But again we want to see five waves um in the bearish version. We want to move below. 10. 11, here and when we see that break out to the downside, yet that that potential break or scenario to the upside would be invalidated anyway. Here so it would mean we now see a three wave move, and this at the moment is. It is a clear three wave move at the moment, and this would then be just the wave one to the downside, the wave two up yeah, which should not go above 1264 and then we would in a way three break down below 10 11.. So that is why, at the moment, it is this turnaround point where it could turn around and we have two clear levels to look out for and then we can take it from there based on what the price structure is telling us. Okay at the moment, despite this strong move up, please dont get fomo. It is not confirmed at all that the law is in. I want to make that very clear here. We have not yet seen price action above 1265 1264, and even if we see that price action above that level, i want to see a five wave move. Okay, and that would be the first confirmation we could get now.

There is never a 100 guarantee. Please understand that as well. My primary expectation, im very honest with you – would actually be rather the bearish one. That means that we come down here currently in this five wave move, which would be a wave one of five in blue um. We would now be moving up in a wave two. We come down in a wave three wave, four up and wave five down and where would the wave three to the downside needs to go to and again we can take the fibonacci extensions and i cant really 100 tell you because it depends on how high this Wave 2 goes here, but lets say it peaked now, potentially, then, the wave 3 would need to go to 818 dollars, no um and then yeah. You know what then, potentially, that whole correction could finish at the 88.7 flip level. Actually, even though i find it quite ah, it is quite an extreme case here, the 88.7 that would be at 617 dollars and thats what im going to track here, the next few days um, you know, maybe we see a decision today, uh where the market is Going to head and ill definitely keep you updated, yeah, absolutely and channel members on telegram and discord will of course know first, especially at the moment in this time, unless im sleeping ill make you aware and in the videos you will, you will see here the key Levels anyway, all right, so hopefully you like the update, if you did please hit the like button, leave a comment and subscribe, and if you really like the content, then check out the channel membership and maybe even the trading course im currently offering on morecryptoonline.