My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video today im joined by waffles and da vinci, hey hows it going im in the pot five five five staying alive in dubai. Are you alive right now? Yes, i am, how is your opponent checked, how is your portfolio doing the portfolio is dead, yeah, yeah, yeah thats? What im trying to say our portfolios are not doing very well right. Now, yes, were very poor. Now, however, da vinci we have been through bear markets before yes, we have so ive, been through a few more than you yeah yeah davinci is the real veteran here. Hes been through. Probably four bear markets, yes yeah, but for me this is my second bear market. So um do we look super sad? No, we we know that bitcoin is going to be back and the vast majority of our actually i dont know about you, but the most of my crypt is bitcoin. Yes, most of my crypto is bitcoin yeah, so its all gon na be fine, its all gon na be fine. Yes, it will be fine, it just uh. It takes time and its really rough. Every single time, ive been through a bear market. I dont know about you, but every single bear market was pretty rough for me. I felt like yeah you felt like. Oh, my god, is this going to ever end yeah towards the end of the bear market, its always the worst right, because its like okay, maybe we were wrong, maybe were not going to go back up, but but at the end of the day, bitcoin is always Back right exactly exactly well, i never feel that its never going to go back up.

I just you know its just its just very disheartening that its taking so long right and its, even though its not that long right, its only like a four year cycle right compared to the regular stock market, which is a seven to fourteen year cycle. So so, for example, remember when uranium went down um like quite crazy because of the um, what was it the the nuclear problem in japan when, when they uh when they had a problem, uranium crashed, and it was only seven years later, seven years later, the uranium Came back, roaring up, yeah and currently were seeing some very, very big things happening uh. First of all, luna collapsed. I lost two million dollars in luna by the way, as you guys know, um and then celsius now is halting withdrawals and there are rumors out there that other exchanges are also halting withdrawals. Exactly well. Binance had some problems the other day um, it was uh, they halted withdrawals for six hours. They said that there was technical difficulties, but it kind of looks, fishy and suspicious so im a little concerned about that. Yes, and also there is one platform right now where i have five million dollars and i am requesting a withdrawal, but its been like three four days now. I will give you an update, i told them. I give them a few hours today, um yeah. The deadline is very soon and i told them if i dont get my money by that deadline.

I will make a public announcement that they are holding my five million and in this market right now, everyone is really like. Oh, so, if that news comes out, it will be a big story exactly so im gon na i told people about that that particular uh company, that hey theres a possibility if things get a little scary, that you might not get your money, because i did an Investigation of that company – and i asked them, do you have a tail risk in scenario right and they said no? No, no! So when things get bad youre not going to get your money guys, thats. What i said in my video, but one thing which is nice, is that even if everything goes to, we still have waffles just exactly shes, always gon na love you. This is waffles. Shes, always gon na love. You thats a great thing. Shes amazing she wants. She wants to sleep on you right now, guys if you feel bad in the bear market, get a cat exactly theyre, always trying to take away the negative energy thats, what they do. Yeah its amazing cats are very nice dogs also, actually, okay, but so what? I think is that, because of luna celsius, and these other exchanges, seemingly going bankrupt, were getting a massive cascading, liquidation and cascading panic, sell off and usually takes a lot of time for markets to recover from such a thing. If someone tells you theres, a v shaped recovery coming im telling you right now.

This person is wrong, but whos smoking that weed people always say this. Ah theres gon na be a v shaped recovery. People say these things. Always i remember, but like these things v bottoms look theres not gon na be v shaped recovery. This is definitely um its not the beginning of the bear market. Weve been in the bear market for like four months already, as ive told you guys on my channel um, but this what happened now when we broke down below um 40k and then followed through down below 30k, this uh means that the bear market will be extended Over at least a couple of years, in my opinion, exactly what do you think, how many years at least another two years we have until 2024 – maybe the back the tail end of 2024 before we see any kind of um end recovery coming with, i can actually See bitcoin is dumping right now, as youre talking yeah yeah were right now at twenty thousand three hundred and seventy six lets see or you know what waffles is amazing, but bring it over to that im gon na get waffles off a little bit because its good Okay, so lets take a look at that because right now i can see that bitcoin. Is it reversed now thats bad? Yes, you know okay, but uh yeah. Essentially, bitcoin is right now falling down uh close to twenty thousand dollars. The question is: davinci. Will bitcoin break down below 20k yeah? There is a possibility of that, but it wont last very long now.

If, if we have a weekly close below the weekly 200 moving average, oh yeah, it would be a disaster thats. What im looking at as well! That would be absolutely thats never happened before. No, its never happened before. Okay, guys, the 200 weekly moving average. You heard it from me. You heard it from davinci. Take a look at that. The weekly close is very important and by the way, guys, if you want to trade, this volatility head over to buy bit because they you get 4 000 bonus, which you can put into a trade and trade. This volatility only for experienced traders, but guys bitcoin. Oh now, its back up to 20 500 yeah, but thats still not good right, yeah, its still pretty bad were on the hourly here and you can see the 13 yama which is in yellow is is far away, so we could get a little bit of a Bounce to get up, but there, but its reversed here, you cant, remember much honestly it doesnt matter uh. What you can see here is that we failed to break above the 13 ema multiple times on the two hour on the hourly. So that means we are. We are headed straight down. This is the next support level right here, this green line. The summary is that we are in a downtrend and there is no sign that the bulls have stepped in just yet, which is just above the 20k.

So you can see that now the real support by the way, guys you have to like this video right now. I think we should reach 2 000 likes actually annar. How many likes should we get on this video uh? How many likes we need to make this video? How many likes? Yes, five, three thousand five thousand nice five thousand likes guys um anar and his positive energy will make sure that we get 5 000 likes 5 000. excellent, big, shout outs to anar um. Actually, there is a big chance that im going to give you bitcoin. Remember yes! Yes, yes, yes, give me bitcoin. Yes, yes, yes, guys! This is coming up very soon, so uh subscribe right now and uh follow anna on instagram and youtube and everywhere yeah. Yes, of course, its not like my first bitcoin from cairo moon, amazing. Yes, so i have more bitcoin than you, but you have more followers than me. Yes, you have 17 million followers right and 4 billion views, 4 billion views hes the real billionaire viewer Music. Okay, i teach you make million views, you teach me make billion dollars and we can teach you and we can teach million people make money. Yes, millions, people so yeah just so. You know where the bottom is right here. If we get bro, we cannot see anything because its reversed, so okay well ill. Tell you ill, just say it: okay, if we get to 17 800 yeah, that should be a bottom 18k.

If we go to 18k, that might be the bottom and actually, by the way, dont kill waffles. Bro dont sit on waffles, theres, also cme gap down there, but heres the thing heres, a scary thing. If we fail to bounce at the seven the 18k, the next level were talking about is 12 like anywhere from 12 to 11. I know i know if you break 18k, we go to 13k. In my opinion, thatll be devastating, then all exchange is probably gon na default. Oh my god youre laughing now da vinci, but when that happens, everybodys been crying were gon na be crying here: Music, okay, guys lets end on a positive note. Waffles is still alive shes. So cute very nice, look at that! Look at that beautiful little cat, okay, so um leave a thumbs up down below 5 000 likes and um.