My name is rodney and the cryptocurrency markets are starting to rally. But the question is: is it the best time to buy right now because you see a lot of people, especially on social media, starting to fomo in now, if you watched coffee and crypto earlier today, we watched a video by clear value tax who said that this He said that this would happen right that there would be a dead cat bounce, but then we would see a catastrophic dip to the downside. Now. The good news is, the good news is that, first of all, first of all, i dont think that this is a good time to buy. I think that this is a fake out. I think this is going to catch a lot of people by surprise. I think a lot of people are full mowing in right now, but you have to think about the news we got. We didnt really get the best news earlier today when the interest rates uh were released. Right were hiking at 75 basis points now thats, aggressive and thats good, but that means that theres not going to be a lot of extra spending going on in the months to come. What does that mean? That means uh risky assets like cryptocurrency, no ones going to buy them right because they dont have the money to right now right, no matter how much we want to think that the crypt cryptocurrency is not being traded like a tech stock and its just different from The the economy, its its moving with the market right cryptocurrency, is moving with the market, so we have to understand thats what its doing right.

Now i mean. Maybe it was a hedge against the markets a while ago, but its coupled with the market as for right now, okay, so we watched that video earlier today by clear value. Tax talked about this. You know dead cat bounce right its going to pump and then its going to see a massive sell off now. I think that to be the case, im not sure right. Now is the time to be fomo in um, even dca in right now, but i mean do what you want its your money now the cool thing and where i think that a lot of people can have a crazy opportunity to make money is when this catastrophic Dip happens because im bullish on cryptocurrency im bullish on blockchain technology, smart contracts, all those sorts of things right, defy im bullish on all sorts of things like that, but theres a lot of crazy things going on right now in the space, especially when it comes with Tether um, you know maybe d pagan, usdd right with tron d, pegging celsius not being able to pay all of their. You know the people that hold accounts on their exchange back thats, crazy to me, theres a lot of errors in defy that. I think that are really going to tank. The market like not only is the market going to take a dump, because i think its just its just due for one. I think that those things those deficiencies in cryptocurrency are going to drop it down even more because its going to scare a lot of people away, i mean you go on reddit a lot of people had their life savings in ust and tara.

A lot of people have their life savings in celsius which to me is crazy, but you know when someone sells you something so hard. You know when you see a project doing well for so long and when times like now happen where things look bad, those companies go under it makes you lose all your faith and cryptocurrency that could scare a lot of people out of cryptocurrency forever, but i think There are some good projects out there that are not offering insane returns on your investments, because that is like a red flag. Now right, thats, our thats, a red flag, now is like looking for protocols that say hey park. Your money here well give you 20 apy. Is that sustainable? It doesnt look like it, especially when you know start to hit the fan now. Products im looking at are like ethereum, uh, bnb, cardano xrp, even solana, polka dot, you know avalanche. You know: ftx polygon, like chain link, theres a unit swap theres a ton, damn theres a ton of projects. I think that are good that are going to be good to buy when this dip happens, because i think this dip is going to happen. I think theres going to be a fat dip um. I could be wrong. I could be right who who knows right, but i think that and what a lot of people are predicting, that that dip is not going to last. You know further than the first quarter of the new year right first, so not not further than q1, so thats good thats good.

That means that were going to have to endure this bear market for maybe what six months something like that right. So i think that were gon na have a once in a lifetime opportunity, i think, with cryptocurrency, coming very very soon its to buy our favorite products at a discount right. So whatever you got to do, if youre bullish on cryptocurrency, if youre scared of it thats fine, but if youre bullish on cryptocurrency do what you have to do to get extra cash to buy your favorite projects, projects that you think hey theyre, established theyve been around For a while theyre not offering something crazy insane apy, they dont seem like a ponzi scheme. Um the project is clear, concise its improving defy those sorts of things im not talking about volt, enu, saitama stuff, like that im, not talking about that im. Talking about blue chip, cryptocurrency projects that are tried and true that are going to survive an insane crash because thats what theyve been doing – and you know those are going to be the top players in cryptocurrency. So what does that mean when theres new all time highs? Well then, now you can bask in all the profits. I mean. I watched an alex becker video the other day and it made so much sense. Its like everybody wants to. You know, buy on the green candles, but no one wants to buy at the dip. Everyone wants to sell its like that doesnt make any sense, but i think thats, just crypto twitter, like ive, been into cryptocurrency for a while, but i havent been really in the cryptocurrency like in the sphere and watching so much content for crypto, for maybe more than A year i mean ive been investing for a while, but thats a little different.

Instead of being in it, you know and understanding the real sentiment and what the real people who know things are saying. You know not not not what gets clicks all day every day, because that can be misleading, sometimes um. So let me know what you think in the comments down below like i said. I think this is a fake out. I think were going to rally some more and then were just going to take a huge dump and i think thats going to be a golden opportunity to buy your favorite cryptocurrency project. So let me know you think in the comments down below. Thank you.