So we are seeing some green come into the market today, and i wanted to make this video to discuss where i think the market is going to go. Next were going to use some data from history to decide exactly. The levels were gon na watch on the way down to see where we might be heading next and whether or not i think this little green day is gon na last. Also, of course, were gon na go over all of the news that you need to know to be fully up to date, with whats going on in the market like whats, going on with celsius, some lunar stuff, and just everything that you need to know with. That said, if you dont know me already my names connor and i am not a financial advisor im, just a guy sitting in a room here in australia. The weather is absolutely terrible and lets jump straight into this video. So first of all well head over. Here. Sorry whoop and what we got here, we got the daily crypto giveaways. We have just picked our winner today at 22 minutes ago. So, if you do want to take part in these daily giveaways, i am giving away usdt if you do want to come. Take part. Come over and follow me, the links are down there in the description. Lets jump straight on to the crypto bubbles here, and we do have a green day. Thats whats happening its green across the board.

Weve got some of our long term holds up. Weve got some of the coins weve been watching closely up. We even got eight coin up: 14.9 percent mana 14 solana close to 20 very nice to see, but what is going on right? What is happening right now and if we do head over to the bitcoin chart, you can see that we are reacting to the 200 ma right, and this is a point that we have interacted with a lot in the past. This is the weekly bitcoin chart. You can see after the 2017 ball round. We came down, we interacted with this for a few months here. Then we had a nice little kind of ball run people. Some people call this a bull run. Some people call this all a bear market here, depending on how you look at it we came down, then we had the covid crash here: lovely buying opportunity, of course, and then we sprinted up now with that said on this lovely buying opportunity. If we do look at the crypto, green and fear index, we are at a seven a seven now, according to history – and i say this a lot but according to history, this is a seven im, not even sure the last time we went down this low here Here was this: it september i cant quite get it on the chart, but maybe theyre in september 2019, but this is very rare. This is very, very rare, buying in a situation like this now.

Do you remember this is a little bit delayed, its probably higher, but around yesterday i bought some yesterday and around yesterday. If you had a bought in this extreme theater, i think that was a perfect opportunity right, of course, i might be wrong. This is just what im doing what i think you guys have to make your own decision, but look at that were reacting with that now its likely that we can spend some time underneath this according to history right here, but maybe this could be an indicator that The actual bottom for this market is now in dont. Forget that if we do check here, how long did we spend here? We spent a total of 140 days right 140 days. If we chuck this onto here, we can see that that would take us, even if we had a similar play out to that. That would take us to october right so thats something to take into consideration. If we had something similar to this, if we are in fact here in the market now i did say earlier were going to look at where i think we might go potentially, so one option is now the bottom is in. According to this thats, a decision you have to make and another option would be – you can see – we almost interacted directly with this old all time high. So with that said, the next level that i would be watching on that same idea would be around the 14 000 mark.

You can see here. It played a part over here right in right at the end of the ball run and it played as resistance right there until we broke through and absolutely shot up. You can see when we actually broke through that 14 000 resistance here. That was an absolutely monumental pump that we saw next, so i would say that the next level to watch if we lose this level here of 20 000. If we lose that, i would expect us to kind of drop almost instantly down to that. Fourteen thousand dollar mark this might be a region where i put some buys in just in case. We get a nice wick down there. You guys have to make a decision for yourself. Dont, follow me blindly, research, it yourself. So we got the 14 000 and then again around that 12 to 10 000 mark would be the next one and i dont think were gon na drop lower than that. But of course you can follow this and decide from there where you think we might go, but i think that is lightly right now, with the amount of fear for a wick down to around that 14 000, because we have nothing really no price action whatsoever happening In this market, apart from where we are literally right now now, like i said, i am going to be setting some limit orders to try and buy down there around the 14 000 mark.

If you guys want to set your own limit orders, whether or not theyre buyers or sales, one of my favorite exchanges is kucoin theyre, the first to list a bunch of coins, and you can do so much here. Of course, you can use the leverage trading. You can earn directly on the platform. You can do nfts, theres so much stuff here and if you use the link down there in my description, youre going to get up to a 500 bonus just by following that link and its always good to have a number of different exchanges that you can use. Depending on the climate, so if you do want to follow the link down there in my description and set up your orders, you can follow it right now and lets jump straight back into the video. Now. If the market turns we get some good news, we get some good inflation data. We get some good news from the fed that sort of stuff we could turn from where we are right now, but not pumping extremely right. Nothing like that. I think we are now in a bear market which, for 140 days, could easily keep us right in this bottom range. So for me, just simply dollar cost averaging the projects that i believe in, for example, bitcoin is what im going to continue to do. I dont care if we drop down to that thousand dollar mark im, going to continue to dollar cost average and use this time wisely, learn how to trade learn how to research learn all of these different things, even learn how to increase your income.

You know side hustles. All of that sort of stuff is the perfect thing to do now, because over here we had almost no time right in these bull markets. These huge huge pumps – you dont, have time to do other stuff because you want to be focused on not missing out, whereas right now we have a lot more time to dedicate to these other options that we have and thats what im going to do in the Market now we do have some news from alex here: hes the ceo celsius, the celsius team is working. Non stop were focused on your concerns and thankful to have heard so many to see you come together is a clear sign of our community as the strongest in the world. This is a difficult moment. Your patience and support mean the world to us im, not sure. If ive seen many people have patience and support, not i dont really think thats whats happening. I think people are mad. People are mad mad mad that you guys have blocked their money. Now we have, they havent collapsed, yet they have actually been posting more collateral celsius. Has paid almost 50 million in debt for its bitcoin position on maker, dow lowering their liquidation price to 14 000.. So theyve got a lot more to go. I would say: theyd want to drop that below the 14 000, because its quite likely that we do have a wick down there. Now something tells me that there is a fight between the way it was happening right now.

They smell blood in the in the in the streets in the water or whatever they smell it and theyre out for it right so companies like celsius, we saw it with terror which we are going to go through, and i think that these over leveraged entities, um, Are going to see a lot more pain and that pain is going to result in more pain for us thats, why? I think its likely that we do go lower, but again dollar cost averaging taking advantage of that pain and not getting leveraged. If we do look at the bitcoin liquidation still in the last 24 hours, 500 million dollars worth of liquidations, it was a billion. It was a billion around 24 hours ago, because people are going mad. These liquidations now would have been because the price has gone up. So these would have been short liquidations and dont. Forget people who can control the market can see these positions right. So take that into consideration when youre making your decisions. Now a little bit of news has come out. Terraform labs owned the wallet behind the ust collapse. New report claims now this is just a claim. This is not factual. Dont quote me on this. I dont know if this is true or not, but of course we have to talk about it, because this is a key player in whats going on in the market. Right now, so, according to a new report, the wallet identified by multiple independent entities, as the main culprit behind terrors collapse, could be terraform labs, very interesting stuff.

If that was true now this would be horrible. This would be very bad. It would mean dokwan actually knew what was happening and he did it all on purpose. I know a lot of people think that is the case. Of course. I normally see the good in people first and i would hope that this isnt the case, but the report links the wallet with multiple binance accounts and wallets, allegedly belonging to luna foundation, guard and luna, classic dao, a terror 2.0 validator, allegedly created by dog, kwan luna. Classic has denied the reports claims claiming that the wallet labeled as belonging to the dow is actually kucoins hot wallet. So this is just a report something to take into consideration the price of luna down to 2.45. I want to know from you guys: do you think that the bottom is in for luna is the bottom in for luna or do they have more pain coming and the luna classic price here at im, not even going to say it but up 2.7? This is the community version right, the community have taken over luna classic and they want people to move their money from tech from the new luna to the classic. Now i do think that if we do go into another ball run lets say its in a year or two years, whatever right. If we go into another ball round, i feel like luna classic is gon na play the role of doge or shiba.

I do also think that eight coin will be there, but it would be very interesting and a very fun rise from the ashes if terra classic managed to do that. I know the community behind it is very strong. I hold a tiny little piece of this that i was day trading when it was all happening, but i think thatd be a very fun uh thing to happen, especially if it did turn out that theres more to this crash than meets the eye. This would be the community taking the old coin and really showing you know. I dont know sticking the middle finger up at whoever needs their middle finger stuck up at, but i think that would be very fun. Let me know what you guys think down there in the comment section, but now lets move on to a little bit of news. Today we got some fud, the bank of england, governor warns about crypto. Amid the bloodbath be prepared to lose all your money, yeah weve heard it before we get it, we get it. We have. We have our risk under control right. We only invest money for the long term and money that we dont need right. So, yes, i dont think its going to zero, so i dont agree with him now moving on the sec chairs warns of crypto lending platforms with unrealistic returns. So this is interesting. This is directly correlated with luna, directly correlated with celsius and a bunch of these other platforms.

So a warning here there will probably be more probes with the sec going into these lending platforms. So take that into consideration. If you hold a high amount of money on any of these lending platforms, maybe you can decide what to do from here for me personally, im moving a lot, not all, but a lot of my long term holds onto my ledger right into my cold storage wallet. If you want a cold storage, ledger theres a link down there in my description or theres, a bunch of other different options, but thats what i use and thats how im going to keep safe in this like turmoil of a market? And lastly, we do have coinbase slashing staff by 18 amid the bear market and the reason why i wanted to talk about this. Its not only coinbase its a bunch of other exchanges. All of these exchanges slashing stuff cutting back cutting loads of stuff, and the reason why i wanted to talk about that, and just remind you guys, is even the biggest entities in this market. Basically, up right, ive been involved in this. Before i made my mistakes in 2018, i learned from those mistakes. I took profits in this bull market 2020 to 2022. I made a bunch of money. I took a bunch of profits, but i still didnt take enough right. I still didnt time the top perfectly and thats just the journey that were on theres no way to time it perfectly and, like i said, even the biggest people in this game still messed up.

So dont beat yourself up too much. If you are here, for the long term, were gon na make it through, and only thing that you can do right now is stick around the advice that i would give myself back in 2018 was stay, paying attention as much as you can so thats.