Well by now you would have heard the major news that the fed is raising interest rates by 0.75. What is this going to mean to markets now? The stock market, crypto markets, real estate? And, of course, our international markets, like here at home in australia, the uk, new zealand, canada, europe, wherever you may be, lets look at that in todays, video, a nice brief, succinct, update of the markets and the volatility that is coming into the market stuff. That weve talked about with our members over the last few days and has been a great signal for traders as well as investors, so make sure you smashed up the like button. Thank you so much for your support here on the channel throughout this bear market and, of course, hitting that subscribe button with the bell notification icon. So you can be updated with this content. It allows youtube to know what you want to see more of, and you get to see less of the other stuff so make sure you smash those buttons down below alright guys lets have a look at bitcoin right now. It is now climbing its way back up to 22 and a half thousand dollars. Yesterday, i put out a post to all of my members about what im doing with my million dollar retirement fund and what im buying, how much i have in there in terms of cash whats in the bank, what cash i have on the exchange.

You know bitcoin eth, all those sort of things all the exact details of what im buying and selling uh in that post, and you can find that in the link to ti light and ti premium. We have a special on tia premium at the moment, as well with the bitcoin crash. Just use bitcoin crash 100 links are all in the description that ones a great detail post to let people know what it is im doing with that portfolio based on what were seeing in the market right now with this current bounce, especially as it is trying to Climb above the 200 week moving average, which of course is a great target for any sort of bear market for bitcoin. You can see in the past weve hit that multiple times, if youre unaware of that make sure you keep that with your charts, its just a nice simple indicator to have a look at, especially if youre new to the game and youre just wondering you know. Is it a great time to be buying or selling, and of course you have to note that the market has fallen underneath the 200 week by about 30 odd percent, so it can fall further. It can fall less, but if you know that, then at least you know that youve got a good time in the market to be buying, you never have to buy the exact low. You just need to be buying low. If youre looking for a long term investment and then, of course, making sure youre selling out of this longer term investment, so what have we seen in the last 12? Not even five.

Six, seven hours are the fed, 75 basis, point rate hike door open for another rate increase of that magnitude later in the year. So the market has responded favorably now to this rate hike because they think the fed is now becoming a little more responsible with their stance against inflation. Whereas if we saw this during the bull market, people would probably be pissed and the market wouldnt move up as much. So this is important to understand the timing of the cycle where we are in the cycle when we start to respond well to things that we would normally have not responded. Well, to you know, things are either changing or were just starting to get to that bottom of the market. You know people are actually starting to understand. All right. Now is the time that the fed has to be tightening and were going to were all happy to see that in the market and therefore we see the prices start to increase on things like the s p. Of course, weve seen these start to bounce s. P is now at 3, 800 and the nasdaq has also jumped as well the ndx. Here you can see 11 600 points. We saw a jump overnight. We have 50 percent level our 200 week moving average and even further down the neck support levels arent too far away. So even if we did start to fall after this were still close to what i think is a potential low coming up in the market.

Now i did mention i wanted to look at some short term stuff, especially for the uh. The flip thats happening on the market. Right now were up 1.3 percent on the day for bitcoin and uh. You know well probably close by the time you guys have seen this, but that gives us one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight our ninth day down and if youre looking at this in terms of a trader, then youve got a pretty good idea that this Is potentially going to see a bounce eventually, especially with the volume coming in at these levels? If we throw it onto the red, you can see a lot of red here and the closers are all now at the same zone. So ive got a couple of hours. Left here until we get the next close, this is another fantastic signal. If you are interested in trading check out the trading series on buy a bit, this is for more experienced traders. Make sure you have a plan. Use stops all that sort of thing. So if you want to join us on the world series of trading, look for crypto hobos on buybit use the links in the video description. If you just want to sign up and use it as a spot trading platform without leverage – and you get up to 4 100 of sign up bonuses by using those links in the video description back to bitcoin – and the nice signal here – is that nine straight days Down one two: three, four: five, six, seven eight – and this is our ninth day – lower lows, lower highs, even though the average person is probably looking at this as a green day.

Sure weve cl we might close up, but the day is still lower high lower low. At the time that im recording this so thats still a down day and what we know from gan rules, because the signals here, especially at the end of very long moves, this is the the lowest price that we have seen in this entire bear market. At the end of very long moves, great trading signals seven to ten day down rule. This is again rule. It can go a couple of days longer. It might not, but seven to ten days generally get a bounce back. So its a nice easy trade signal to the upside when you get three closes at very similar levels. At the end of very, very significant, runs and im, emphasizing the very significant because you dont want to use it. The the rule, in smaller time frames and smaller, runs because it doesnt work as effectively, but now were starting to see that so weve got our seven to ten days. Weve got our three days of closers, provided in an hour and a half. We close up these levels as a potential bounce signal and we have high volume coming in. We have it at support levels. This was at the previous old all time high, which was a significant level. You can see here back at 19, 20 000, and we had that low there. So youve got fantastic trade signals lining up at this point in time for a bounce, which is why im looking at this as a signal for a flip, at least in the short term the trap comes in.

Should we get rejected at these next levels at about 25 ish, so between 24 and a half to about 26 000 because theyre the lows that came in before we got the breakdown we get rejected? There then id be looking to take some profits on these trades, but in the meantime there are some good percentages to be had up here even from this level. 12. Up to that point about 14, 15 and of course, for traders, im not saying this is for everyone and definitely dont get into it if youre, just a spot trader or beginning because you dont want to lose all of your funds or the funds that youre looking To risk, especially at these lower levels, but in terms of a long leverage trade, a couple of x, can get you some reasonable returns in this shorter period of time. Now, of course, like i said that is for more experienced trades traders, but there are some really really nice signals at this point in time, but of course, im looking out for the trap as well and im going to go to total three. So this is our cryptocurrency market caps, excluding bitcoin and eth. The levels ive been looking for on the channel are between that sort of 300 320 billion. This low is coming in at 327 billion weve just broken down over the last four days, underneath that support level of 400 billion. So all of the cryptocurrency market caps, including stable coins, broke down and were now starting to find a little bit of a base.

Possibly a short term base and im looking at the same thing here that i did for bitcoin, should we get rejected at around that 400 billion? If we come up to test it, maybe even a little higher and then start to fall our way back down? This is a temporary short term low, especially for all of the altcoins, of course, like i said not including bitcoin and eth, so that could be the trap here, the short term, the rest of the markets are looking slightly bullish for the short term here and michael Has put out a fantastic video looking at a massive v shape recovery incoming using these specific trading rules that i just mentioned in the video looking at how this works with the seven to ten day rule as it falls, and then you get the reversal falls were Looking for a reversal at this point – and this is in terms of a short term v – shape recovery for cryptocurrencies in terms of a trade, so short term check check that out ill leave a link in the video description. If you want to learn more about that as well, so the altcoins looking for a trap here, people have asked the question: should i be selling my alt coins? Well, if i wanted to clear up my portfolio – and i left it really really late and i dont want to hold these things long term, i would be looking for this as the possible bounce to be just cleaning out my portfolio.

So i can clear my investor head, so i can clear up what it is that im doing with all of my crypto spread across different accounts and different things that im holding this is my time to be able to clear those out. Like ive talked to my members many times before in the investor accelerator i sold out of all coins a long time ago. The pro bulk of all my outcomes sold out ages ago, and i held just a tiny bit that stuff is all gone. That was gone. A while ago, now too, but if i was still holding at these levels – and i just needed to get rid of some because i didnt want to keep holding them, then i would be looking for the bounce. Of course it could be a trap and then we head back down so youd feel pretty good about it. But no one knows in investing whether we are going to be going all the way back up to new all time highs from here or its a trap, and we head back down. I would bet my money on, which is why i would be looking to sell that the shorter that what we look in the short term is possibly a trap, a little test up and then possibly a fullback for the alt coins. This is excluding bitcoin and each you can see the underside here. The support from march may june july may and late may, as well has been broken and generally what happens? Is you get a re test to the underside and then a fall back again? Doesnt always happen 100 of the time, but ive seen this way too many times for me to think that this market has the potential to go back up to new hires and regain all of those losses from my old coins.

So, even if it did come up here and i sold at this level – 400 420 billion and it kept going, i would just have to suck that up and just say that it is what it is and ive taken. My profits and im all cut my losses and im just waiting for the market to come back down because it will. I think it happened in time. Id have to be patient, and i think these will continue to come out because we need to see bitcoin form a base bounce and give us some sort of support and start to work its way higher. And we need to see the bitcoin dominance also increase as well break through this 48 percent resistance weve been on the on the way down over the last few days, but we need to see bitcoin breakthrough resistance, stabilize the cryptocurrency market and then over time over the Next 6, 12 24 months begin to instill some more um strength back into the overall cryptocurrency space. Before i think all coins will have their turn in the sun again, and i think that also goes for eth. Even though eth is probably going to see a bounce here, as well as ton of volume coming in same sort of trading signal. Three closes at a similar level. Weve had one two, three, four, five, six, seven eight. This is our ninth day down, so our seven to ten day rule comes in here and, of course, the volume is there as well on previous support.

Youve got the 200 week moving average. The market is really trying to come in for a bounce here, some very, very good volume. So in terms of a trade, these majors are looking reasonably good confirmation isnt there just yet the stops need to be in play. In case it doesnt go in our favor, but there is a lot of good signs here for at least a short term flip and, of course, keep in mind that there can still be the the trap overall, like you can see, with the lows being broken down. Possibly coming up to test those levels, so my profit target area, or at least an area that id be looking for some sort of reaction from the market. Some sort of resistance is around that 1400 level, which was the previous old all time, high back in 2018. For eth and thats, where id be looking for to see how the market responds to that price range overall, im feeling pretty good about this as a temporary low and in time well find out whether it is actually the final low, its gotten very, very close to The previous all time high and then the high before the market broke out in 2020, so its looking like a reasonable low for now thats. Why? I, like it in terms of trades and if you are interested check out, the world series of trading buy bit link is in the top of the video description up to 4 100 of sign up bonuses and anyone can get into those bonuses as well fed up 0.

75, possibly looking to raise interest rates further, but the market is finding that as a good, tough stance against inflation, so theyre feeling a little more confident about that. So, even with the bad news you know, rates going up, the markets can still find that as positive news and start to push the prices up, which is what were looking for in the second half of the real estate cycle and the markets to start to work Themselves out and find a base in the coming months before we head on to the next major leg of this second half of the real estate cycle: big bull market before everything crashes in years to come. But weve got plenty of years to go for that. Plenty of good years in the meantime make sure youve smashed the likes and subscribe. Thank you for all your support and your comments down below. Let me know your thoughts on the market. Now.