The reason crypto crash has a lot of people very scared about what is coming next and to be really honest with you im, pretty sure that we are going to go lower before we go back up. We have officially entered crypto winter and where everybody else is feeling incredibly bearish. I am bullish on the future of crypto, which is why i wanted to come and let you know five projects that i will personally be putting as much money as i possibly can into in the hopes that they will outrun the rest of the crypto market. Whenever things turn back around so, please be sure to stick around, but before i get into it, please make sure to smash that thumbs up button for subscribe to the channel, but guys before we get into the video. I wanted to give a massive shout out to our sponsor ftx us with the recent crypto crash. Now is the perfect time to start dollar cost averaging into crypto and start building generational wealth, but finding a good exchange isnt always easy. Luckily, ftx offers zero fee trading for crypto, nfts and now stocks and as a special promotion. When you use our referral link, you will get 10 cashback on all trades over 100 guys. This is a limited time offer and you can only get this using my link. So check out ftx and start building generational wealth all right guys. The last few days in the crypto market has been an absolute bloodbath.

Ever since sunday we have seen a movement to the downside that we havent seen in a very long time. Taking a look here. Coin market cap has actually removed the total crypto market cap uh, but it is well under one trillion dollars at this point, especially given the bitcoins market cap is only about 423 billion ethereum 146. bitcoin is now broken down below 22 000 down 6.89. On the day. Almost 30 on the week ethereum down 35 on the week, we do see tether trying to maintain that peg at one dollar. This, of course, could be one of the other straws that breaks the camels back with regards to the crypto market usd coin sitting at a dollar. By not saying that we are sort of bullish, ish right now, but not really looking good. But if we go through here guys there are a couple of projects that are moving upwards on the day, but on the week a majority of them are going down. We are just seeing a movement to the downside that is relatively unprecedented. One project down here doing decently, helium up about 13 on the day, bitcoin sv 10.06. We always see these bitcoin knockoffs, trying to jump in and take as much profit as possible, but again were going to see ourselves moving downward for quite some time. Crypto bubbles showing you the exact same thing: we have a pretty much consistent loss across the board, looks like one project actually sitting in the green.

But aside from that, everything down, crypto fear and greed, showing us the same thing now at a uh number, eight. We were at 11 a couple of days ago, 15, uh last week and over the last month, weve been at 10., so people are very very fearful, but what i like to say is that when people are fearful, you should be greedy. Yes, i am quoting warren buffett, and that is not my quote, but i agree with it right: im gon na be putting a ton of money into crypto right now, because when it turns back around, it will be a great thing, theres a great strategy here, if You can dollar cost average yourself back in. Do it as much as you possibly can also just be very safe, make sure that youre not throwing everything in all at once and remember that in the short term, you are going to see some losses, but in the long term, when things recover, there is an Opportunity this is a once in a decade opportunity for you to make a lot of money now guys theres five projects im putting my money into right, theres, a handful of projects that i like holding like. I have gala games just for fun. I have crow because i love chronos uh, but there are five projects specifically that i will be putting my money into personally over the next few weeks. First, one is polygon. Now this is a ridiculous discount for polygon right now, trading at 40 cents.

They are the number 18 project by market cap and because of the fact that they are trying to bring the world to ethereum. I do believe that were going to start seeing some major movement. Take a look at this. All time chart its reached up to three dollars, which means that you would success your money, but everybody knows that the next time that the crypto market runs it will surpass easily this high mark. I could see this being at five six, seven, ten twenty dollars, which means that buying at 40 cents right now could be one of the best things that you do now ill be forthright with you im going to put probably between 10 and 20 000 in over The next few months, just because i want to make sure that when it does 5x 10x im sitting on 100 000, which will be a much greater opportunity guys once again, we need to remember that these are the opportunities that are going to make us. For the rest of our lives, so now is the perfect time to buy in now again polygon. For those of you that do not yet know, uh is a company that believes in web three for all very decentralized ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user friendly d apps with low transaction fees, and they never sacrifice on security. They have about 1.6 billion transactions, theres about 4 billion stakes, matic 52 000 contact creators about 140 million dollars of average daily gas fees, saved 100 validators, 135 million unique addresses, and the list goes on and on everything.

Looking good guys. Next one metaverse right uh if were headed into a recession, people arent gon na theyre gon na go to the movies and theyre gon na sit there and play on their phones right. Metaverse is where its at right now sandbox down at a massive discount. Eighty five point: eight seven cents down to four point: zero: three percent on the day market cap, just over a billion, take a look at that all time high. We all remember when everybody was really anthony. What was happening with the metaverse trading at about eight dollars and forty cents, and now down to 10 of that now we will see a movement back to the upside with regards to all of these metaverse projects. That is why im still holding gala games thats. Why? I plan on buying more sandbox, especially given that they have that market cap and guys. You know how very very popular people uh things are with these games right. We will continue to see uh. You know a very interesting period in time in which people are jumping into these metaverse games and ate these play to win games and played, earned games uh and make a lot of money, and they still have some of these great numbers as well right theyre, alpha Season two: they had 10 million sand distributed 60 million staked 100 community booster 10 000 nfts distributed uh 700 000 contested participants and 10 000 alpha passes distributed so were gon na once again see several people in this third season.

We have snoop dogg, walking dead, adidas south china morning, post avenged, seven hold hells kitchen, atari roller coaster tycoon, oh man, thats, a throwback and animoka brands as well as dead mouse, so again massive opportunities here, and i do think that the metaverse is gon na. Be one of the major things thats going to get people through this next phase as to where we are going next. One is chain link, ironically, one of the few projects that is aptly moving, actually moving upwards link doing well at 4.5 of the day 6.48 cents and the transaction volume is down, which means that people are buying a lot more than theyre selling, but over a billion Dollars in transaction volume, theyre currently ranked number 21 theyve about 47 percent of their supply out there. So there will be a point at which scarcity is huge, but again they hit almost 50 right. They were 48.75 uh, 52 and 20 cents at their absolute high. So again, trading at six dollars and 48 cents. They were about one tenth of what their value should be. The way that im looking at it right now right is any asset you buy in crypto will go up five to ten percent five to ten times five to ten times right uh, we hope its 20.. Some of the best projects out there will outperform the rest of the market and go up 20 times. So if you put a thousand dollars in while these prices are so low and trust me, theyre gon na go lower uh youre going to be sitting on twenty thousand dollars whenever youre.

Actually, you know realizing these games. So these are all projects i think, are great. Uh and i do think that theyre gon na be good now guys, the last two youve heard of uh no question in my mind: bitcoin is going to be the center tent pole of the crypto market for the foreseeable future. There is a chance that well move away, but guys were at 91 utilization, 21 million bitcoin ever going to be created were just over 19 in the next. You know several months years were gon na run out of bitcoin, and this is ultimately going to be. One of the things will drive. The price upwards is why i do believe bitcoin will move over 1 million dollars market cap 409 billion as of right now, its been crashing over the last few days, but guys take a look at this right, its crashed before its moved back up. Like i s, i almost bought bitcoin in 2011, 2012. 2012, 13. uh. When i was in college and im like kicking myself that i didnt, because if i had bought it at these levels, id be a gajillionaire um. But you know we just need to remember the crash of what were seeing right now were kind of in this phase. Right were going to maybe see one more pump and then well move back downwards. Well find a localized floor im guessing somewhere in the 17 000 range anywhere between 14 and 17 000 um thats just my thoughts again, not a financial advisor, just kind of figuring that out but uh.

You know it will move backwards once again when it does well move downwards or upwards pretty spectacularly. So again, i feel you know moving right here. I think the next time we run uh you know were gon na go over a hundred thousand dollars. I dont think thats gon na happen, the next 18 months. I think the next 18 months is going to be a crypto winter, but within the next three to five years again im looking at this as long term right, you have all those speculators on crypto that buy and sell on. You know, on the daily basis, on the weekly basis, on the monthly basis like im, just loading as much cash into crypto as possible and 20 years. From now im gon na be set right. Last one is ethereum again. Ethereum should be going fully proof of stake by august. This will help drive the price in a significant way and hopefully decouple it from bitcoin. But as of right now, it looks like were headed under a thousand probably gon na floor out anywhere between 700 to 850. But you cant see the all time high for ethereum up over well over four thousand dollars: four thousand seven hundred thirty showing that uh, you know theres still great opportunities, youre right, theres, great applications. I do think that were going to start moving upwards. I do hope we decouple from bitcoin im hoping the entire market decouples from bitcoin to start training on fundamentals as more people come in, as there are more analysts, but as of right now its going to be a great opportunity for everybody to sort of jump in.

As much as they can possibly do again, now is the perfect time to buy guys im going to be putting thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars into crypto right now, uh, just because i would much rather have it locked up and making money in the Future than having it sit in fiat currency or in bonds making, you know two percent a year uh, so you know what thats uh thats kind of it right yeah. I think that were headed in the right direction and uh and as of right now, a lot of people are gon na, be very scared. Theyre gon na be very bullish. Theyre gon na tell you that youre stupid for putting your money in crypto, but when it comes down to it, ten years from now, youre just gon na laugh and be like hey all right glad. I did the right thing: anyways thats, gon na, do it for todays video. Thank you all again so much for joining us. Please make sure to smash that thumbs up button for me subscribe to the channel. While you are down there be sure to check out ftx. I am matt stoner.