Whats gon na happen a little bit later in this year. Currently we are about halfway done with the year later on. At the end of this and later on in this year, theres going to be something called a world cup. This world cup will take place in qatar. This world cup is going to be sponsored with a strategic partnership between fifa and algorand. Algorand is the official blockchain of fifa world cup soccer? How good does that sound when the world cup is going to be playing and theres going to be billions of eyes and billions of heirs watching and listening to fifa theyre going to see jerseys, probably with algorand, or some banners with algorand possible nfts ticket sales for Algorand data put on algorithm blockchain many many transactions, whats good for the geese, is good for the gander as good as this is for fifa, because theyre able to upgrade their entire system from their old school analog to a brand new digital system. This is also very good for algorand, because its just gon na shine a huge mass of light on them. Entire crypto market is definitely suffering im not going to lie it sucks out there. Al goran is suffering a little bit less than everybody else. So now youre going to say adam: what are you talking about? Youre full of ish, no im, not full of ish when this drop started happening. Al goran was in the 30th space of the top 50 cryptocurrencies and it was pretty solid, 30 of space, maybe 29.

Maybe 31, but it was solid at 30. matter of fact, it was struggling to keep 30 and it was fighting between 30 and 31.. If you check coin market cap right now, algorand is at 27th space. It doesnt sound like a big deal, but they moved up. 10 in spaces, 30, 27, 3 spaces up three is ten percent of thirty. All these little incremental steps. All these baby movements up up up is fantastic for algorithm. The entire crypto market is gon na get thrown out recycled turn around and were gon na. Have some new version of what the crypto market is? The crypto market is not going to be the same to what it was before theres way too much leverage way too much margin way too much lending and way too much bs. So now theres going to be a brand new crypto market and a crypto cycle. I believe that algorand is going to be in prime position to capitalize on this new ever evolving crypto platform. I believe al goran is going to be in the top 10 cryptos and probably in the top five cryptos and in the future, a top two crypto taken over the ethereum spot. Now this is not tomorrow. This is not after tomorrow, but in the next decade. I can see that happening, algorand always thrived as being the blockchain thats able to bring cfi on to d5 rails. They are openly doxed and they want to work with the biggest and baddest companies and bring them into the d5 space, but they want to work with them and not against them.

Thats. A major major point that a lot of people dont see this crypto bear market is going to last. How much longer i dont know maybe a day, maybe a month, maybe a year i dont know but lets say by some miracle. It only lasts for the next three or four months, and then you have the world cup. Imagine theyre starting to be a crypto bull run. The world cup starts, shooting on tv people, see algorand algorand, algorand, algorithm, algorithm and wow people start buying algorithm that, in addition to the actual bull run of the crypto market, thats now reigniting can possibly propel us to that 10 top 10 spot. The question is: what can be a bigger partner? What can be a bigger world stage, then the world cup, and although there probably is nothing bigger than the world cup, maybe the olympics can give the world cup a run for their money. I read this article from watch guru earlier shout out, watch guru. Let me know if you guys want some promo work. You boy got ta live paris. 224 olympic games will reportedly employ blockchain ticketing. The french olympic committee is planning to deploy a blockchain ticketing system for the paris 2024 olympic games. The committee plans to provide fans with a blockchain ticketing system that will be a non transfundable and personalized for the fans. The community also recommended enhanced safety protocols to avoid last months championship league final situation. The 30 page report with the com with the recommendations, was submitted to the prime ministers office last week, where there was a great backlash against the organization of the liverpool and real madrid games.

Now the question is, if al goran, that already locked up fifa, world cup soccer does great and everything goes without any issues who do you think can possibly make an introduction, if not already introduced for algorand and the olympic committee, which blockchain would be at the forefront To get this to get this deal, think about it. Some people would say solano off the top of your head. Could you imagine, solana goes down at the same exact time that theyre offering these ticketed nfts right. So your tickets are now nfts right, thats what they mean and youre trying to go to the gate and solana goes down for four or five hours. Can you just imagine what would actually happen? Pandemonium would happen so whos actually left theres only a handful of blockchains that can handle something like this between the cost, the speed, sustainability, reliability and cost effectiveness, not to mention actual real world experience in something like this. At that time, its literally going to be algorithm. Theyre the only option or the front running option to be the official blockchain of the olympics. Now algorand is not thrills, its not frills its, not the most exciting blockchain, but it is one of if not the most reliable and slow and steady blockchain thats gon na win the race its just a matter of time until people recognize an absolute beast and monster That algorand actually is algorand, never had its moonshot. A lot of people say adam theres, this blockchain or theres.

That blockchain and i agree, theres a lot of other blockchains that are good, in my opinion, not as good as al grant. But i will give credit where credit is due. There are a lot of comparable blockchains im, not going to be a maxi of just algorand, but most of those blockchains already had a bull run. Most of them already had a moonshot, while algorand still never had its moonshot and most of those organizations. Dont have an absolute gangster like stacy warden behind the helm. She has a lot of connections with central finance with traditional finance and its easy to see that in the last six months, algorand has been having more push more publicity, more eyes, more heirs and more recognition than ever before. She came into power and earlier this year and its easy to see exactly what shes doing for al goran stacy, morgan, stacy, warden, the technology itself, sylvia mccally. Of course, the community myself, you the rest of community, the crazy developers that we have the algorand accelerator program. The miami accelerator program, the grants, the super grants, the crazy partnerships that al goran has slow and steady will win the race eventually algorithm will be too big to avoid, and when that happens, and people are actually paying attention, theyre going to say oh wow, where the Heck, have i been for the last year or two while al goran was a slowly expanding and slowly showcasing what they could do a lot of these big youtubers.

They dont even cover algorand, why its boring it doesnt get clicks, it doesnt get the likes and its not cost effective for them to cover it. They rather cover something like dogecoin or they rather cover something like solana, or they rather cover something on finance smart chain. Whatever its hard to cover algorand and its even harder to cover algorithm, when you know how absolutely amazing algorand is but nobodys paying attention but ill, tell you something. Eventually, slow and steady people will start paying attention and when they do start paying attention, we will have fifa, we will have olympics, we will have governments and we will have cbdcs whether you agree with it or not. We will have all of these many many transactions. We will have our governance, which we have right now. We have our community and we will have our moment and we will have the opportunity to shine in the sun. Algorand is a beast and im almost happy that i had an opportunity to keep buying daily. I know a lot of you guys are like adam you dont buy daily. I buy every single day, 200 of al grand daily, plus an additional 200 buy once a week. I do what i can to fill up my bag of algorand, because at the end of the day, i truly believe that al gorans going to make me a multi millionaire and allow me to retire and enjoy my time with my son.