So we have some very important data that i want to go ahead and cover with you all from the fed that ended up, acting as a positive catalyst for the entire crypto market, for crow and for the entire stock market as well. I want to most importantly, break down exactly where crow truly stands at this moment, and also i want to go ahead and give you all my analysis on where i can see crow moving throughout these next couple of hours and days were going to keep it short And sweet beginner funny and basic for you all zoes. If this is your first time on the channel, do me a favor like the video it helps reach more people and subscribe to the channel for more updates on crow, and if you want six, absolutely free stocks worth all the way up to three thousand dollars. Use that link down below sign up for weibo deposit, just one dollar onto the platform and again you are going to get six free stocks worth all the way up to three thousand dollars. Guys lets go ahead and get right to it. Check this out on the day, we are up 0.86 percent, which really doesnt mean much right, but hey compared uh to you know aggressively pulling back. I would take this consolidation all day. Every day our volume has decreased by nine percent, but nonetheless, even though we we, i mean we have a high amount of crow, at least compared to these last couple of weeks, right of course, when you take a look at the bigger picture, we should have a Much higher level of volume, but this level of one compared to previous weeks, its considered high right just compared to what the standard is for crow uh.

The trading activity itself is very, very bullish, consisting of 73 percent of buyers and consisting of 27 wimps that are selling their positions at this moment now, what news did we have today that temporarily acted as a positive catalyst for crow and temporarily acted as a positive Catalyst for the entire market because believe it or not right at one point, even though of course weve still, you know, we cant, ignore the fact that weve aggressively pulled back and that were at these recent lows here, uh, we actually ended up pushing up a bit Here, as we were lower on the day compared to where we are at right now, this news was regarding the most recent fed meeting here. The federal reserve approved the largest interest rate increase since 1994 and signaled. It would continue lifting rates this year at the most rapid pace in decades, as it races to slow the the economy and combat inflation. That is running at a 40 40 year, high officials agreed it to a 0.75 percentage point rate rise at their two day. Policy meeting that concluded wednesday, which will increase the feds benchmark federal funds rate to a range between 1.5 and 1.75 percent. As soon as we had this news, it ended up acting as a positive catalyst for the entire nasdaq market, which is the index that the stock market follows specifically the tech sector, and so, as we all know, bitcoin is very closely related to the entire nasdaq market.

So the nasdaq market pushed up and so did bitcoin. If we take a look at bitcoin on the four hour chart, we had a couple of green candlesticks here now we didnt go to the moon, we didnt rock it nothing crazy right, but nonetheless this is uh. You know the most green that we have seen for a big one throughout these last couple of days here. So this is one of the reasons for which crow has also uh. You know been able to just kind of continue to hold steady here along the general and 11 12 11 to 12 area right now. I personally expected this news to potentially act as a negative catalyst, as is usually expected whenever we see an increase in interest rates, it affects the price of the nasdaq market, but the markets have really been pricing. This, in in anticipation, weve been pulling back. Also, there was already that said: uh you know number right that it was going to be 75 basis, points that we were expected to see an increase by and sure enough that ended up happening. So, given that we had already anticipated this specific number and that the fed followed through with that specific number, and that the overall markets have already been pricing, this in it, actually ended up acting as a positive catalyst right. The fact that it was a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy here again the nasdaq pushed up and crow has been able to hold steady here now.

If we take a look at the entire kronos blockchain, we cannot necessarily say the same were still down eight percent. Although again at one point, we were down at 10 on the day, so this news, i understand some of you – might be like roger. I dont care right, whatever right, but nonetheless it did help us kind of just take a breather here. Right, take a break kind of consolidate, hold steady as opposed to aggressively pulling back the projects that i personally find. The most value in would be vvs finance and tectonic im currently holding a position on both of these right here and, of course, also When it comes down to where we currently stand on the technical side, here is exactly what i expect crow to do. Firstly, throughout these next couple of hours, guys is continued, a consolidation. We have just been doing this here, where we have made some low points. Some high points some low points, some high points validating the simple moving average line as a resistance. First total position below it. I expect this to pull back here throughout these next couple of minutes right in hours here to just pull back, not not plummet, but just kind of hang along this general region when we are going to know that crow is prone for a true recovery is if We position ourselves above the general 16 and a half centauri roger. Why so specific? Why 16 and a half cents previous support levels can act as new resistances? We previously approached 16 and a half, and we used it as a support level when we approached it from top to bottom right, meaning we came from the top came down here, met it pushed up, came from the top came down here.

Minute. Push up came down here, met it pushed up right came down here, met it pushed up, we ended up breaking below it after we had an increase in liquidations. All this negative sentiment for the markets right, it wasnt just grow. They pulled back. It was everything we are now consolidating again. Previous support levels can act as new resistances. You can see that we even tried to somewhat push up here before with kind of a bit of a green stick, and then we ended up just pulling back here right. But if we can validate this previous support level as a support level, once more, then we are headed in the track were in the right track, but as of right now it is still way too early, and so i expect in full transparency here, though, right, even Though i make no mistake about it in the long term im bullish right, my long term outlook is im holding crow. If not, i would have already sold my position if i didnt find true value, and i wouldnt be talking about it right, whats the point, but when it comes out to short term technicals, i expect continued consolidation. I was just moving sideways here and then once we break above that general 16 and a half cent area, then i would feel a lot more comfortable being like hey guys. You know were truly setting ourselves up for an uptrend in the case of bitcoin.

That general price target would be the 25 000 area. Once we break above 25 000, then i know that the overall market is more so likely going to recover. With that being said, right, many of you im sure are going to take this as an opportunity to pick some of your favorite projects up for a discount bitcoin at 21 000 here ethereum at 1100. I really like it at that price cardano at 51 cents. Its up nearly 10 percent but 51 cents is a major steal here. If you want to pick some doj up, if you want to pick some shiba upright, if you kind of want to go with something that comes at a higher form of risk, or of course you know, im bullish on tonic, you know im bullish on vbs and I would take this as an opportunity to also pick some of those up for a discount if you guys want more updates on crow, like the video subscribe to the channel.