Fiasco: terra luna its all gone yeah. I had to do this as many youtubers are saying they lost everything just for clicks just to get those views just for that. Thumbnail click, bait, ugh disgusting, so the moon, carl millions lost. He said he lost 200 million in celsius. Although hes changed, the thumbnail im sure celsius was like shut up liar were gon na see you if you dont change that uh da vinci, his buddy tech, lead, and many many others are just producing this content, saying they lost everything in the crypto crash. They lost millions. How do people still watch these lying scumbags? They did not lose millions, they didnt lose much. You know, um for one. Their millions is made using their subs with um referral links from things like bibit, which well get into in a little bit, but they made a lot of money from referrals from some of these platforms and getting their subs into these death traps. Like luna and celsius. Death traps that are probably going to zero um, all of these guys heavily promoted both and they keep promoting bullcrap bullcrap so by bit. That is where and of the leverage referral links is where a lot of these guys make their money because they have these commission. These commission tiers, where, if theyre the top of the pyramid they get commissions from the people, theyve promoted to and then also the people theyve promoted to, and it just keeps going on and on um and the more you lose the more money they make.

You guys so basically, they show these links where they give you 4 000 of free money to trade on the platform, but its not free money. You have to leverage trade with that. So basically, they hook a large majority of people because at least 50 percent of them they win. You know with their first trade but after that first win theyre hooked and they eventually lose everything and then they keep putting in money because they want to get that. You know attic taste of that win again, you know, and then they keep putting money in keep putting money in and keep leverage losing. I despise youtubers who keep promoting buy bit and its 95 of them um its how they make most of their money, and once you get a taste of that, you know good money its hard to stop so ive never promoted um. By bit, i have. I did a long time ago do one leverage video, but i deleted it within a week because i knew i was like. Oh, this is terrible. This is terrible, so i took it down deleted. It and ive never promoted any leverage since and tell my subs to stay away from leverage. Um responsible leverage is okay. You know one to five x thats, you know. If you study you learn for at least a year or two then yeah. You know dip your hands into the leverage markets responsibly with one to five x, but never do a hundred x.

I mean that is just asking to get liquidated, so ive never promoted any celsius or centralized quasi crypto bank ive, never promoted, luna and um. I mean im, not perfect, you know i have promoted some altcoins that are down significantly um, some altcoins that i wish i didnt promote. As you know, they werent as good as i thought they were, but i mean most of what i promoted i still hold. I mean you can check my on chain activity. I hold a majority of all altcoins that i have promoted or you know shield what they call shill and they are down heavily, but that is just the state of the markets. I still hold them because i believe in them and i have actually lost millions in this downturn um, but i would never use that to get click bait because im my maybe my subs havent lost millions, but they have lost a good chunk of money and i Dont want to rub that in their faces and of course, i still believe in what i hold, so i believe that it will return to those highs um. That is why i would never say i lost millions just to get you guys to click on my video, but now lets get into the crypto content yeah, so bitcoin um since monday, its been bouncing around 20 to 22.5 k, um range after dropping. You know from 30 to 28 and then 25 of them.

Well, i mean a lot of this has to do whats going in the mark going on in the market with celsius, and you know other which well get into in a bit, but a lot of it had to do also with um the fed increasing interest rates. So i made a video that i predicted yeah, they were going to do a 75 basis, point raise, and that did happen and the markets are still digesting it. If you look at um yesterday, not really a big dump, there was actually a kind of a pump in traditional markets, but as of today, the markets are down traditional stonk world dao, nasdaq smp are all down pretty heavily um. The dow has dropped below 30 000 for the first time um since early 2021, basically all of 2021s gains and the dow have been erased. Just like the crypto markets. All you know, 2021s gain in the crypto markets have been erased as well um. So what do i thinks gon na? What do i think is gon na happen. I still hold my prediction um. I talked about it a few days ago. I still think we are gon na be in a bear market until september of this year and around that time we are going to have a capitulation dump and i have a feeling its going to be in the 14k to 18k range um, because theres a lot Of bull crap still in the markets, of course, we still have celsius to go completely under.

They might fight it off, but it doesnt look like it. In my opinion, i mean if they do get markets too dumped to where i was saying they will get liquidated on their positions. Um, and then there is now three ac three arrows capital. They are a large large crypto hedge fund ran by suzu and kyle davies. I think um it looks like they are insolvent at their peak they had over 5 billion in assets under management, but they started going crazy in defy leveraging their positions and it isnt working out in the bear market. So a lot of these protocols, other funds are actually indebted to each other and they are fuckered um theres block fi whos has an investment from 3ac theres genesis, which is actually a lending platform that lends to gemini, and then there is a futures in leverage exchange. Darabit, who is also indebted, these all entities are indebted to each other, so 3ac, you know goes its likely that these others will go too um and, regarding you know, whats going to go on in the markets. You guys know. I love the novogratz song bitcoin. Please go to the moon, stop going down right now. Mr novogratz say we have bottomed out. Well, mr novogratz say we are in a recession and the economy is gon na collapse. Uh oh yikes, yikes um. So what is good in the crypto space um? Well, bitcoin is still producing blocks every 10 minutes.

Bitcoin is doing what it is supposed to um bitcoin just needs, and the crypto markets just need to wash out all these over leverage, not necessarily bad actors, but idiotic actors in this space. And then there is the ethereum merge yeah. So ethan is having a tough time, because some of these actors – celsius and um 3ac went heavy into st eth and yeah. The sd east peg is getting hurt. So of course, that is rippling into the ethereum price as well, but the ethereum merged um. It is scheduled to happen on time september isnt that a when i think the crypto bottom or you know we might start reversing will happen. I mean the bottom could come early september, maybe even late august and then yeah ethereum. Merge is scheduled to happen and were going to full proof of stake, which is good, for you know the validators um. I have a rocket pool validator as well as a full ethereum validator and again you you guys if the crash does happen. Bitcoin gets down to these levels. Ethereum gets down to five to eight hundred um yeah. That would be the time to pick up those 32 east because thats, basically, you are a miner for ethereum of the future and forever. So, in my opinion, this bear market is just an opportunity. Lets wipe out the bad actors and yeah. I didnt lose everything: im: okay in a bear market ive been through these more than a few times: 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018 and now 21 or 22 20.

I think just 22. all right guys.