My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video. I want to talk about bitcoin and ethereum im going to show you the chart and im going to tell you why i just bought 1 million dollars worth of ethereum uh late yesterday. So basically, we saw ethereum breakdown towards one thousand dollars, which was actually my target since uh many weeks now, im going to show you exactly why and i bought one million dollars yesterday, um and but yeah lets im going to talk about that in a minute. First, i want to talk about the so here we have bitcoin and, as you can clearly see here, bitcoin is very very nicely still um above this 200 weekly moving average. Obviously, you can see that were below it on the weekly candle, but we dont have a weekly close below, so we are actually above it if you think about it in terms of the weekly closes, and this is the key. This is the key right now. We have to close this week above 22 000, approximately thats very, very important. So this is one of the reasons or the the 200 weekly is one of the reasons why i went in with a million dollars into ethereum. Yesterday, um, i must be honest to say its not like im doing a big move, but its uh, its just um. I had some usdt laying on the sidelines that i didnt know what to do with for some time and now that we met the ethereum target.

This was the perfect opportunity to to do something with it lets go into ethereum usd and um. This is the interesting part here. So actually maybe i have another. Do i have another one here? Well, okay, lets just talk about it. So essentially, if i take a brush, you can see we had a head and shoulders here and the neckline was here approximately and the target was down here at 1, 000, 23 and yesterday, let me check yesterday we did actually come very close to that. Bitcoin came all the way down to 1 000. Well, actually, on this chart, we met the target 1023, so we came down to 1019 um and yeah thats. Why? I i put in my my one million dollar: buy its a spot, buy uh. We can also trade. This on by bit, obviously so, if you go over to buy bit and put in a trade here right now with leverage, then if you put in a hundred thousand with 10x leverage thats a one million dollar trade, so you dont need one million dollars to make That um, that trade, but i put a million just because thats what i had in usdt on my my ledger at the moment: um so yeah that was uh. That was that so far, of course, you can see that i made a small little gain but um to be transparent here. This is not a short term trade. This is a long term accumulation, but im considering also putting in a trade on buy bit right now.

Hey guys, if you do want to put in a trade on buybit, just go down to my link and click. The link at the top of the description you get 4 dollar bonus into your account and uh. Then you can trade bitcoin ethereum celsius, any kind of volatile coin that you find right now. Obviously i see a lot of opportunities in bitcoin and ethereum to make great returns on the volatility um and the area is just looking so juicy right now at one thousand dollars perfect perfect for accumulation and perfect to put in a trade on private, so yeah go Below this video and click my buy bit link get your four thousand dollar bonus, and then you can trade, a theory right now, just like i am doing uh im, also considering another bitcoin trade here uh, especially if we can close that weekly close then im gon Na go in very heavily uh, maybe a couple of million dollars in a bitcoin trade right now to to make a um a big bang uh on this nice potential reversal. That is coming very soon right now, im sitting here in my beautiful car im going to burst for a business meeting with someone that um is a great guy and um yeah. Essentially now my strategy is bear market strategy. It has been actually since three four months already uh, but im telling you right now that my strategies change from bull market to bear market.

So since three months i i changed my my strategy to bear market, which means less speculation, investing uh, basically, no nfts. No speculative tokens that that i didnt do crazy research on i i invest maybe like yeah maximum one two projects maximum per week in the bull market. We talked about like maybe ten per week, if not more um, so thats a big difference and also my strategies where i take my my money and i i i provide liquidity to people that need it and then i get a return on that um. So yeah bear market strategies. Uh leave a thumbs up down below. If you are surviving in this bear market right now and dont, forget that i love you guys. You are the best uh crypto audience and the most profitable um trading audience on youtube. We are the biggest crypto trading channel in the world, uh its so amazing to have you guys here, um the amount of likes and views and engagement im. Getting is just absolutely incredible. Thank you guys for for being here and uh yeah leave a thumbs up. Lets see if we can reach 3 000 likes on this video. That would be incredible, and yesterday, on my second channel carl runefeldt, i uploaded a vlog from monaco. So if you want to see me on my yacht in monaco, where i was inviting my friends and family make sure to go and search my name carl vernonfeldt, carlos monaco, maybe or carl runefield yacht, and you will find those videos that i uploaded yesterday guys.