The missing man was renowned journalist, jamal khashoggi. He stepped into a saudi arabian embassy in instable turkey, 10 hours earlier and never came out a manhunt ensued and months later accusations were made by the turkish authorities that khashoggi was dead but jamal wasnt. Just any journalist he was a former confidant of the saudi royal family and even met with osama bin laden to convince him to turn himself in, but khashoggi turned his back on the royal house of assad when he uncovered their connections to al qaeda. There are sarudi intellectuals and journalists jailed. Now nobody will dare to speak and criticize the reform they like. This drew. The fury of the new prince of saudi arabia, muhammad bin, salman al saat, otherwise known as mbs khashoggis connections and information, were such a great threat to mbs that he called up his personal group of assassins. The tiger squad to eliminate jamal an ornate trap was devised and, under the pretext of having some legal documentation, notarized jamal was led into a second floor office was jumped by five men, suffocated to death and then dismembered by a saudi coroner who remarked ive never worked On a warm body, this was a heinous crime, but i take full responsibility as a leader in saudi arabia, especially since it was committed by individuals working for the saudi government. But how did a seasoned journalist, who was friends with the royal family up until 2016 fall into such a trap? He knew how the saudis worked, how they had people killed and who would carry out such an operation.

It wasnt easy jamal had been living in the u.s and in turkey on a self imposed exile, fearing imprisonment or worse. If he ever came back to the kingdom. In fact, jamal khashoggi was so well versed on saudi tactics that it took the tiger swat 10. Other people to carry out the hit tiger squad knew they needed an advantage to get ahead of khashoggi and get him comfortable enough to slip up. In fact, nbs hated khashoggi so much. He approved contact with saudi arabias mortal enemy israel to make a purchase from the israeli cyber security firm. The nso group for their anti terrorism program called pegasus. After all, khashoggi was considered a terrorist to mbs thats. All the nso group needed to know the crown prince was hunting down some terrorists payment accepted the pegasus program, a cyber weapon, so powerful. No one thought it could exist to malware. Unlike anything, anyone has ever seen. Pegasus is able to be loaded onto any smartphone without the need for a link to be clicked or an email attachment to be opened. Thats called zero click capability once inside the targets, device pegasus would erase its traces and then make the target phone fully open to any sort of manipulation. It can turn on the camera microphone. It can record your screen log all inputs from biometrics or touch inputs, gain access to notifications and location data and even access your devices contacts and their location data based on call records.

The tiger squad loaded pegasus onto two devices close to khashoggi, one belonging to his closest friend, omar aziz and his second wife in the united states, hanan alater from there. They were able to track khashoggis movements and plans to divorce. His first wife who still lived in saudi arabia, but the story that shook world governments wasnt necessarily the brazen murderer. Just how powerful pegasus was this new weapon and its unprecedented zero click capability was a game changer. While the nso group said they only sold it to governments under specific anti terrorism cases, it was obvious that the dam was open and the world had entered a new phase of cyber warfare, one that wasnt just targeting government mainframes, but was powerful personal and almost mythical In its capabilities, a powerful thing about technology is that its deflationary by nature just think making a website used to be a massive undertaking required lots of capital and a group of dedicated engineers. But today its easier than ever, you dont need to know how to code or anything special to get up and running your purchasing power for website creation has increased exponentially, while the quality has also increased, but this cuts both ways. Cyber warfare used to be the playground of governments and megacorporations, but, as time goes on its becoming cheaper and more effective. So what costs the saudis? A few million dollars in 2017 can be bought for only a few hundred thousand now, and ten years will be cheaper than a car payment.

This is a slippery slope, not just for someone holding a grudge or a political party looking to remove an opponent. It means that everything connected to the internet of things can be weaponized, but hacking isnt magic, its data, the easier it is to get data the easier it is for the hacker to find a password find a bug in some software track movements create disinformation or even Manipulate an election lucky for them. We live in an age of cheap data and big data. Everything you do online creates data ids, passwords social security numbers addresses medical information, contacts, text, messages, cookies and metadata. Its all a commodity and consumers have been conditioned to give up their data in exchange for free services like photo, storage, streaming, music, social media and search engines. But your data being a commodity means it is owned by a dozen or so companies and agencies, all of which are just as vulnerable as you are. Cyber attacks, the colonial pipeline supplies fueled gas stations, airports military bases runs over five thousand miles along the east coast of the united states, its a vital part of infrastructure that tens of millions of people rely on, but the backbone of u.s infrastructure, like the colonial pipeline, Runs on a patchwork of different software, some of which havent been updated since the 80s, a ransomware attack in 2021 shut down the pipeline for over a week. The attack wasnt particularly complicated. A group of hackers called darkseid were monitoring several energy companies waiting for an opening and as soon as they found one, it was off to the races they locked up over 100 gigabytes of files and threatened to delete them or publicly release the files once they got Paid in 24 hours, colonial initiated our standard response to a cyber attack.

A lockdown shut down operations find the leak, assess the situation and mitigate colonial ended up paying darkseid over 5 million dollars, but not before the entire east coast was thrown into chaos with gas shortages. Lasting for weeks, thousands of flights delayed or canceled and shipments of vital medical supplies were disrupted, but this is just one of many cyber attacks that have happened over the past few years january of 2021, an unknown hacker got into the water treatment plant for san francisco Turned off the water purification programs effectively poisoning the water supply for millions of people. As of this recording, no one knows how the hacker got in or who they are, after that twitch was hacked and millions of user accounts were compromised around the same time. In 2021, a cloud based video security service was breached and over 150 000 cameras were accessed by an unknown hacker. The cameras were everywhere from hospitals, classrooms, jails and other sensitive government locations. How long were the hackers using the cameras and for what purpose? Nobody knows, the rate of cyber attacks are increasing exponentially every year, at the same time, its an open secret among it, professionals that theres a critical lack of cyber security assets available to get ahead of this before we move on its a good time to mention theres A simple way to impede this threat that puts hackers at a disadvantage, its called an air gap. Now let me show you how it works.

Hows it going photoshop. Can you show them how the air gap works? Can you break into anything now disconnecting a computer from the internet for the sake of security is called an air gap? It means that, in order to interact with a device, you must physically interact with it, theres, no wired or wireless connection at all. This slows down the progress of a hacker and keeps systems in their own bubbles. If you need to move files between one set of servers to another, youd have to move them via a usb drive. Its not flawless. Viruses like stuxnet, can hide on usb drives, but by and large most cyber attacks happen to internet connected devices. The move away from air gap has been brought on by the relentless pursuit of efficiency both for profits and for green initiatives. Air gapping slows things down and creates redundancies, thats more secure, but less efficient, ceos and politicians decide in the early days of web 2 that efficiency is more important than security and this went hand in hand with the centralization of the internet. So what we have now is a hyper connected world with most of the data being centralized by a few dozen companies that are vulnerable to cyber attack from thousands of adversaries across the world, with a critical lack of cyber security infrastructure to defend themselves sounds like a Disaster, well, it is, and no one knows how to fix it. In 2019, a group of banks, cyber security experts and defense contractors ran the first large scale simulation of a global cyber attack.

It was called cyber polygon and, coincidentally, was funded by the world economic forum. Got ta hand it to klaus, he sees a threat to his narrative from a mile away cyber polygon recreated cyber attacks on banking and health care systems in two scenarios. Attack and response teams would score points based on how well they stopped an attack or headed one off. The results were not great in the attack phase 27 of teams struggled to score points and, in the second scenario, 21 failed to score any points at all. None of the attacks were repelled. The abysmal results showed global leaders what they feared the most that they are sitting ducks, but they cant go back theyre addicted to centralization, to the internet of everything, to selling off the data of their citizens the highest bidder into making everything more green. Even if that means a disaster could spin out of control, the groundwork for a cyber pandemic has already been laid and its going to affect everyone december 8. 2020. It was a normal day at fireeye cyber security until one of their mid level. Technicians got a notification on her phone asking for a two factor: authentication code, but she didnt request a code and she got suspicious. She brought the phone to her boss. The management on duty that day checked the logs for the account tied to that phone discovered that their entire suite of red team programs have been stolen. Red team programs are tools used by companies to hack their own systems to test their capabilities.

Fireeye traced, the intrusion to a backdoor and a system monitoring program from a company called solarwinds, but the attack wasnt carried out by a group of hackers. Looking for money, it was a nation state that had been inside the solar wind servers for months soon. Everyone who was using solar solarwinds was reporting breaches on their systems, open doors to let anyone from a still unknown nation state be able to snoop and spy on their files and data. Every day, someone new reported a breach, intel microsoft, department of energy department of homeland security, the national nuclear administration and over 100 other major companies. Us government agencies were breached. The back door had been open for weeks, sometimes months. At a time, the fbi and nsa traced the breach as best they could, but could only offer up. One possible suspect, russia. We dont know what the effects of the solar winds attack is going to be. But if the attacks on our infrastructure are any indication, it seems that an enemy is probing for weakness. The machines of war are in place. A digital siege is looming, one that will just lock us down, but has the potential to roll back half a century technological progress. Everything that needs the internet to function could cease to work for weeks months or even years. Cell phones, gps security systems, modern cars, trains and aircraft, of course, dont forget your money, its all hinging on the internet to work and once the supply lines are cut, they wont get reconnected quickly.

Data centralization is going to make it happen at the stroke of a keyboard or click of a mouse and theres little. We can do to stop it. The only question is, if well, learn from it and be more responsible with our data.