I do not provide investment or financial advice in any sort of form and will not be held liable to any person. Investing any information posted here, which includes ideas, opinions and predictions should be viewed for educational or informational purposes only and should not be taken as personal investment advice, as always invest what you can afford to lose. So, ladies and gentlemen, kucoin one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world currently being number five of all the exchanges. Kucoin is one of the most popular exchanges in the world, so today i will be reviewing it just a bit of history about kucoin, so it was launched in september of 2017 and it is a global cryptocurrency exchange, its a user orientated platform which focuses on inclusiveness And community action reach it offers over 700 digital assets and currently provides spot trading margin, trading, p2p fiat trading futures trading, stake in and lending to its 18 million users from 207 countries. Okay, so, as you guys can see, this is the main website. Weve got all the different options at the top, which i will get in a moment. As you guys can see, you have just a few important things such as you can actually download kucoin on your phone and trade from your phone as it is a crypto exchange. You can invest and trade different cryptocurrencies, so you can download the on the app store, google play and android now scrolling down. We can see that they have different announcements and you also have a hot list: new coins and top gainers list of different sort of projects and crypto currencies now coin is the number one altcoin exchange discover promising coins that cannot be found on any other exchanges.

It offers over 600 different coins, which has an accumulated trading volume of 800 billion, so it also has the largest social trading platform, with 1 million news feeds posted and over 10 million global investors. Ladies and gentlemen, as you guys can see, kucoin is a serious, serious business with a huge community. So if you want to get involved in it make sure to join the q coin community, it is a peoples exchange. The kucoin platform was designed for investors of all types with 24 7 world class services. In your preferred channel and language. It has over 20 different global communities with over 200 countries covered. It has its own twitter page, and it has several language. Twitter pages such as german, italian, spanish, french and many many more being able to trade cryptos you can trade anytime anywhere. You can use your kucoin app and website to allow you to start trading with ease, as you guys can see, you can use it on your tablet. Mobile device and laptop kucoin is by your site. They offer 24 7 customer service. They already have a community which covers 205 countries and 90 languages, and also you are kept in the loop with the kucoin news, which keeps you up to date with the latest news in crypto. So what is the media saying about? Kukuin forbes is saying that it is a heavy hitter when it comes to the amount of coins available. Kukuin provides access to a wide library of all coins at low fees.

So all of these different cryptocurrencies that i reviewed before you never know they might be on kucoin and you might be able to actually trade them. You know this is something that other exchanges dont do like binance. For example, they dont offer exclusive altcoins such as kucoin market watch says that kucoin has a reputable and its one of the most well known, crypto platforms being persistent in its pursuit of findings and supporting blockchain and cryptocurrency project with world potential scrolling. Now, on the page, we can see that they have different faqs and you can start your crypto journey right now, as you guys can see, they have different facebook accounts. Spanish, turkish, italian portuguese arabic same for twitter same for telegram and same for reddit. Now, at the top, you guys can see that you have different options such as buying crypto, the different markets, trading derivatives earn and nfts. Yes, kuquin also offer nft trading to buy cryptos youve got three options: you have the fast trade, the p2p and the third party. The one that i recommend to do is the fast trade. By clicking this, it will redirect you to this page where you can actually buy crypto in one click, so you select currency, you use so lets, say im using the british pound. I select that i wan na deposit a hundred pounds which will give me 120 usdt, which i can then use to trade cryptos simple as that you buy usdt and you can invest and trade at your own time now.

You also have a p2p option where it enables you to buy different cryptocurrencies from other people that are currently selling. You might sometimes want to get for cheaper price, so i have done this before and it has worked out, but i would recommend to stick in with fast trades as a beginner. You want to stick with fast trade, okay. Next, the markets now click in this. It redirects you to this page, where you can see kucoins markets and the price that it trades different cryptocurrencies, you have it for spot, you have it for futures and you have different listings now. These are all the old coins that i was talking about. How coo coin offers the minority cryptocurrencies that you may be interested in trading, make sure to keep up to date with the price of the different cryptocurrencies. You know kucoin make it easier because they have a special market section, where you can actually see this so its very, very simple to use. Now they also have a trade option. Lets start with spot trading by clicking spot trading. It will redirect you to this page, where you can actually place your trades now. Spot trading is without leverage, so this is, if you wanted to invest for the long term, you know you buy bitcoin and it stays in your wallet without any margin without any leverage whatsoever. Youve got your order blocks on the right different trades on the right as well, and here you have your trade chart where you can analyze and enter at your own time.

Once you do open orders, your orders will come up over here, so you can see how much youve entered with what your price is and how much profit you have made to actually enter a trade. You simply select the cryptocurrency that you want to trade currently its on bitcoin. So if you wanted to buy some bitcoin, you simply enter the amount of usd that you want and it would appear with the amount of btc you would be getting and then youd be able to enter if youd want to trade with another cryptocurrency. You simply come to the btc usd and you find the cryptocurrency that you want, such as ethereum. Now, if i wanted to buy ethereum id be able to select the amount that i want to invest and i would be able to buy ethereum coming back to the main page. The second trading option is margin trading now with margin trading its similar to spot trading, but with this youre able to trade with leverage which is basically margin trading that supports crypto such as bitcoin, ethereum and kcs, okay, so with derivatives, you have an option such as Future trading now what future trading is, is basically youre using leverage, and you can basically multiply your profits. So if you use 10x leverage and you earn 10, that 10 gets multiplied by the 10x leverage and you end up with 100 profit. Now this is called futures. Okay, futures can be very, very risky, so make sure you know what youre doing, but the screen is very, very similar.

You have your charts here. You have your other books here and then on the right side. Here you can place your orders with the price amount and leverage which you can actually use up to 100x. You know and as we guys can see, a future leverage option pops up. So the future leverage is a magnifier. If you choose 10x leverage, then both your profits and losses will be magnified by 10.. So multiply again once entered all your trades will appear at the bottom. Okay, so those are all the trading options. Now, if we look at the top right, you have a notification bar where you can see all your latest information about your account. You also have a quick overview of your profile and the different languages that you can actually select. As i was talking about, there are different languages which you can select your queen in whether youre spanish, whether youre italian, whether youre french, whether youre polish, you will definitely find a language that suits you. The best kucoin also have an official twitter page and, as you guys can see, they have 1.9 million followers, so they have a huge community already with nearly 16 000 tweets. They are one of the biggest exchange social platforms. You know. So if you want to stay up to date with all that coupon post make sure to follow them and join the big community of kukuin, so overall guys, this was kucoin. My opinions about this exchange so having traded on this before.

I can say that this is a certified exchange platform, its very, very simple to use, and once you actually learn the layout, it gets even easier. You know the community that theyve already built is just out of this world and i believe it will grow even bigger. In the future, kucoin is a solid, solid exchange market and i believe it will grow even bigger. You know, being a top five exchange market. I believe it will get to the top three in the future, but yeah guys anyway. I hope you have enjoyed the video. Please leave a like and subscribe and comment down below what other projects youd like me to review in the future. We also have on telegram so, if youre interested in joining that feel free to do so in the link down below.