A thousand to ten thousand or a million to ten million, let us know which zero you are chasing this season in the comments below in this video. We are going to explore why the next 6 to 24 months will be our once in a lifetime. Opportunity to generate wealth and achieve financial freedom, be sure to check out our sponsors. Ifani nordvpn and itrust capital protect your cell phone from sim swapping attacks using ifanis, secure mobile services, protect your data privacy and crypto investments by using virtual private network services with nordvpn and protect your future by opening up a tax free, crypto, individual retirement account with itrust Capital check them all out using the links listed in the description area below awesome. Lets explore why this economic storm may be the perfect storm for achieving financial freedom. Music. The global economy is in the midst of a storm with out of control inflation, the cost of money increasing with rate hikes a potential world war. Three on the horizon. Global food shortage scares all at the helm of an incompetent, federal reserve and government at large. Yes, these are scary times and people are panicking, but we must realize and constantly remind ourselves that pretty much all of these things are completely out of our control. There is nothing we can individually do to change the market and the course of global events right now. So we need to focus on what we can control, which is how we view and feel about everything.

Think of your mindset, emotions and beliefs as your core source of strength and core strategy. Right now, most people are adopting a fear and panic strategy. We need to consciously make a decision to change our strategy from fear and panic, two bravery focus and forward action in this market. We need to anticipate the worst prepare for the worst and play a defensive game. Why anticipate prepare for and defend against the worst? Because if the worst case scenario doesnt play out, we will still be in a much stronger position. No matter what plays out, we dont buy life insurance because were dying tomorrow. We dont put money in an emergency fund for an emergency thats happening tomorrow. We do it so we are ready when and if something happens. Right now, 75 of fortune, 500 companies are bracing for a recession. We wont have confirmation of a recession until july 28, 2022. When and if gdp or gross domestic product growth is negative for a consecutive quarter in a row, what happens in the recession that we need to stay? Mindful of and prepare for? Well, companies go out of business, people lose their jobs, it becomes a lot harder and in our current market, more expensive to get a loan and borrow money. People stop spending money on non essentials. The market goes down, crypto goes down, and peoples sentiment in market outlook. Evaporates, and why are all these things that happen in a recession, good things, bad companies go out of business room for new companies to start up and grow is created, overpriced workers and talent get decimated.

Unlocking access to previously unavailable talent is possible, so recessions are actually one of the best times to start a business. Why? Because theres less competition there is more access to workers and talent. The workers and talent are more fairly priced versus overpriced. Usually, you can lock in much better rates with vendors and while everyone else is hunkered down and too scared to take action, youll be able to work in trailblaze without distractions. In fact, a ton of big successful, stable companies started during recessions like ge or general, electric hp, hewlett, packard, hyatt, hotels, microsoft, uber slack and airbnb. I mean ubers slack and airbnb alone started in the most recent recession. Not so long ago is starting a business. Easy. No, its starting a business during recession, easy not at all, and what else that has been a disadvantage for a lot of people is not having to actually work that hard or at all. In the past two years, working from home stimulus checks, things were shut down. Companies were scared to lose workers, not enough workers were available for companies to hire. If we were brutally honest with ourselves, we got lazy and were lazy for the past two years, and the reality is, we wont, be able to get away with it for the next two years, heres some historical data that will inspire us all to really truly step Up ramp up and get motivated to absolutely crush it, these next 6 to 24 months, our opportunities of our lifetime before we jump into it during this time, consider getting your crypto off of exchanges that can freeze, withdrawals, hold your account or worst case scenario become one Of the many businesses that fails in this bear market causing you to lose your funds altogether.

So if youre planning to hold for the long term make sure youre transferring your crypto off of exchanges and onto cold storage hardware wallets in the description area below you can access the correct and official sites of my recommended hardware wallets bc. Vault is my personal favorite. Another option are the ledger devices so scroll down to check them out. Sweet now lets go through a list of the top 10 market crashes in u.s history to highlight one. What percentage the market fell by and two how long the bear cycle lasted in 2020, the covid crash was negative 34 and lasted 33 days. In 1987, the computer trading crash was negative 36.1 percent and lasted 55 days. In 2000, the dot com bubble crash was negative. 36.8 and lasted 26.8 months in 19′, the world war ii crash was negative, 38 and lasted 32 months in 1907. The panic crash was negative, 40.4 and lasted 11 months in 1932. The extended great depression crash was negative: 40.6 percent. It lasted 5.75 months in 1973. The gold standard watergate crash was negative, 48.2 and lasted 20.7 months in 2007. The housing market crash was negative, 54.1 percent and lasted 17 months in 1937. The new deal cuts and tax increases crash was negative, 54.5 and lasted 12.8 months and finally, the top crash. The great depression crash was negative 89.2 and lasted 34 months, nice so of the top 10 crashes in us history. To date, the bear cycles lasted an average of about 16 months.

This is why i think a six to 24 month time period seems perfectly reasonable and if we consider the fall from our november price peaks, the start of the bear cycle, we are already about seven months in so that is also important to keep in mind. Alright, now this next part of us history is the most exciting and optimistic information. We need to understand and look forward to lets, go through how long americas, growth and expansion cycles lasted following a crash in 1938, during the world war ii era, we experienced 81 months of growth in 1961 during the vietnam war era, we experienced 108 months of growth In 1982, during the cold war era, we experienced 93 months of growth in 1991. During the tech bubble era, we experienced 112 months of growth in 2001 during the housing bubble. We experienced 74 months of growth in 2009. After the recession we experienced 128 months of growth. Amazing, so the average expansion cycles experienced in the us following a crash was about 100 months or eight years, so lets ask ourselves: can we survive and thrive a mere six to 24 months, using the time to build our knowledge, build a business, build income streams, build Our cash and build our portfolios so that we may prosper and realize wealth for a decade thereafter. Yes, yes, we can, and whats great is. If we play our cards right, this bear cycle, we will remain relatively unaffected by the next one.

For example, when a lot of us first started investing back in maybe 2016, we were getting bitcoin at about six hundred dollars in ethereum at ten dollars. So you can see how, over time, even being eighty percent from our most recent all time highs, still doesnt really wreck a long term portfolio. Is there more pain to come? Yes, can we go lower absolutely? Will we go lower more than likely? What should we do? We need to anticipate the worst prepare for the worst and decide that these 6 to 24 months are our once in a lifetime opportunity to realize a lifetimes worth of wealth in a relatively short period of time, focus on generating cash by protecting your career, maximizing your Career, creating more income streams, creating a business building, a team growing a community, increasing your knowledge and doubling down on positive distractions like reading the right books watching the right, documentaries and working with the right people and use this time to cut out people in your life. That are bringing you down and not as hungry as you are to attack this next year or so, like youve, never attacked an opportunity before and make sure you dont do this alone. We are all in this together, crypto fam and today we need to decide to recreate ourselves by showing up working harder than everyone else, fostering a positive, brave and motivated attitude, challenging ourselves, generating new ideas, implementing new strategies and absolutely owning these next two years.

Right now, im working on ramping up our discord community, so we dont have to be loners and can connect with other. Like minded people weathering. This storm together so be on the lookout for a new invite in the links down below awesome. Thank you. So much for taking the time to watch this video if you enjoyed it, please make sure to like this video subscribe to the channel and click the bell notification to stay up to date on all the latest videos.