Put your crypto on cold storage, get a ledger, not your keys, not your crypto! Now you know why hes creepy uncle gary Music, when theres an entrepreneurial group promoting it, an entrepreneurial group, thats thats uh, the investing you take, the redsville you stay in wonderland and i show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. All im offering is the truth. Nothing if you got a bag welcome home. Welcome back to the party, welcome back to some more moon, oclock news, no breakfast, no coffee, just straight extra extra foolishness, also quick announcement. The xrp bagman shirts will be back available soon. Also, some new ripple bucket hats shout out to the latest sub gina maria go ahead, throw on those pilot shades because the futures extra extra bright, buckle up and lets go full speed, full throttle into the cryptoverse total global cryptocurrency market cap up about 3.1 percent right Around 950 billion xrp in that number, eight spot 31 32 cents. We did have a little rally up about four and a half percent in the past 24 hours down about 20 and a half percent. In the past seven days, btc 21k 1100 stellar, xlm, 11 cents ripple says fiat money is going, digital cbdcs can offer increased transaction speed and reduce fees, reduce risk via decentralized infrastructure, accelerated payments, plus the ability to redeploy capital faster, financially inclusive payment rails, learn how using Xrp moneygram international were excited were so excited about the rollout of our first of its kind global on off ramp service between crypto and cash, in partnership with stellar org to support adoption were offering this as a zero fee service for the first 12 months, stellar moneygram Ron hammond after a little delay this week in congress and crypto, just as the fallout from terror debacle, was beginning to fade in the minds of congress.

Not the regulators, though we saw another crash triggered from celsius. Here are some of the questions we are getting in dc. However, the celsius news, compounded with the overall market crash and terror, has spurred all the parties, both pro and anti crypto, to message. Their policy solution. Sec, chair gensler highlighted the crash to again push for exchanges to come in and register with the sec. Looking ahead, it seems crypto will be going through some rough patches in the weeks ahead. Congress will be hyper focused on many of the issues i outlined earlier, as well as the impending election. That doesnt mean the regulators are sleeping at the wheel. 2023 settled instantly mark cloud chief, payment, executive federal reserve financial services xrp to bridge different domestic rtp systems around the world, including now david schwartz, mentioning fed now in a speech in the interledger image down below. It should then be fed. Now, instead of ach fedwire comes later, so theres definitely an opportunity here to bridge domestic real time payment systems such as fed now, Music, all roads lead to the bridge, the interoperable one xrp bankers know you know. We know whats coming and theyre afraid of xrp three seconds to settle 40 to 60 percent cost savings, 24 7 365 xrp money, never sleeps, alex cobb, says ive been in xrp for four years now and thats at the fn near price. I bought it at diamond hands honestly sad af at this point, but im never gon na give up on it, not gon na.

Let my emotions take over and capitulate never giving up on the future of the entire banking standard for payments. Xrp know what you hold: xrp is coming for, that top spot james k, phylon, the ripple defendants have filed a response to the sec submission of proposed redactions to the sccs letter opposing movements motion to file an amicus brief regarding one of the secs experts. You today says xrp lawsuit, ripple, shoots off its response says the sec is trying to hide its weakness from the public scrutiny. We got the evidence, get the gel cells, get those jumpsuits ready. Digital asset investor whistleblower alert at gary gensler. While you tell the entire industry its very clear, ethereum joseph is being allowed to flip you, the bird, why is he held to a different standard than the rest of the industry? This was just last week. Consensus 2022.. If youve got some lending or youre giving a return, you may well be an investment company like blockbuy with 670 000 customers, and some of these lending platforms literally have millions of customers and theyre pulling all that together. Um, if you, if youre running, yield farming or staking thats st aka, int thats, taking um youre, offering a yield youre, providing something at consensus. Weve been consensus with hawaii uh, we weve been building uh, staking infrastructure, uh industrial staking infrastructure and were doing that uh in the service of making it available uh via metamask and metamask institutional uh to individuals to small organizations, so shout out to the crypto bag boy.

For this one now, you know why hes creepy uncle gary when theres an entrepreneurial group promoting it, an entrepreneurial group, thats thats uh, the investing public cindy young, a clear message on hiring from our ceo, big brad, garland house, whats. More many of our open roles are in europe, so come and speak to us. If youre interested in taking your career and crypto forward thats, because xrp in the ripple net is here to stay. Meanwhile, the usa, picket winners and losers. All the rest of the world is plugged in to that xrp ripple net are you plugged? In iso 222 world economic forum has mentioned xrp as a payment coin spoke at davos, recognized by the ibf imf. Advisory board visited the sec frequently working with 300 plus financial institutions from 55 countries. Banks utilized ripple, including cimb bank of america scb and many more and were just getting started crawl walk. Then we rock it scc who mr intuitive, not your keys, not your crypto store them away. Stop staking get a job. Put your crypto on cold storage, get a ledger, not your keys, not your crypto stop staking until its fully insured and the systems ready get a job. In the meantime, xrp 32 cents fire sell the opportunity of multiple lifetimes still at hand. Xr phone official airdrop checker tool now updated with final eligible snapshot, 1 and 2 addresses. We have updated the xr phone airdrop checker tool, xr phone dot, app, slash, airdrop dash checker with the final eligible accounts from snapshot.

Number two airdrop checker tool now contains the full list of all final addresses who will receive the xr phone token airdrop. The total number of eligible airdrop addresses is 3494 airdrop inbound digital perspectives. Btc is not for payments. Proof of work is not necessary to run blockchains. I agree you cant stop the tech, but governments can regulate it. Tax it out of existence. Btc proof of work, doesnt work, taking up too much energy might as well use. The xrp ledger interviewed today asked the bitcoin cascade for payments for transparency. My answer, btc can absolutely be a payment asset on lightning, l2 or rap. Btc chain is not intended to scale to millions of transactions per second, so it wont be global payments directly bullish on blockchain payments and im bullish on that xrp standard cause, xrps built for payments, scalable and ready for enterprise use right now. No upgrades needed bpm wallets, the bpm airdrop window is still open. The first snapshot has not taken place yet, but will do between now and the end of the month. We have a number of bpm airdrops planned with 13 random snapshots and air drops 1 billion. Bpm has been reserved for these airdrops bpm for the win clear network. Successful audit launch details end of the week onwards, flare flare supposed to launch fourth of july summary of findings. The audit did not uncover any significant flaws or defects that could impact the confidentiality, integrity or availability of a flare, node or network at large.

Summary of the findings is provided below the scent wallets xdc network were super excited to announce the integration of xdc networks based nfts on descent wallet. You can now manage xdc nfts from collectibles tab for details. Please refer to this. Article nft is on the xdc network. Can now be managed from the descent wallet descent wallet, your best wallet for xrp xlm, xdc, songbird blair? Also, if you havent picked up a descent wallet yet july 1st, they will be up in the price about 20 bucks. So if you havent got one yet, you might as well get one now, while its cheaper link down below with the bagman discount single pack, double pack document and ripple ripple archive boom. The author, loomis gillibrand crypto bill believes its clear that the sec has given up on calling xrp as security or getting close, get those bags packed, locked and loaded. You know i can say with confidence that theres nothing in the case law that supports the idea that an asset thats recognized as not a security should be hypothetically treated as security when its traded between people were not otherwise involved in the transaction. Like you and me buying buying assets on on gemiini or just trading amongst ourselves or using a decentralized exchange. Moreover, we have the secs own words. You may be familiar if you follow the whole ripple saga that a group of disgruntled xrp holders attempted to intervene in the ripple case as defendants, which is kind of an unlikely thing, and in doing so, they they filed a motion with the court in the ripple Action and the sec responded, and on page 24 of that response, the sec acknowledged that the xrp token is not in cell in itself a security and instead said well similar to the gram token in telegram, with that being said, bagman and bag.

Ladies get those bags ready, packed, locked and loaded cause. Its almost time to play. Xrp were coming for that top spot all rose lead to the bridge, the interoperable one. I am the xrp bagman, the moon commander, currently up here on the mothership stuffing some bags and enjoying the show appreciate you stopping by tuning in smashing those likes for some more moon, oclock news hope yall continue to stay extra extra bullish out. There continue holding those good vibes remember to sell the fud, buy up that bag and dont forget to spread that liquid love also once again be on the lookout for the bagman shirts. In the new ripple bucket hats appreciate you stopping by dont, forget to smash that like button. Also, if youre new here dont forget to drop a subscribe, all the ogs drop a comment down below drop. Kick that like button well catch you up here on the mothership for the moon party, byob peace out, crypto ghost i am not a financial advisor. I am a teacher of crypto teachers and im gon na get. You excited people get excited, welcome to the universe. Welcome to the future welcome to the show x, r e money, never ever sleep, xrp money, never sleeps, 24, 7 days a week.