You know the look when you, when your wife looks at you and says why marry this goofus this doofus, oh my god, guys. The crypto market continues to flippy floppy one day up one day down: bitcoin shiba, inu, luna stock market. Everything the times are tough were going to talk about. What am i doing, and what can you do to reduce your nerves? All i ask is, if you give me a beautiful smile, uh hug me give me a hug right. It helps the you know the serotonin. You know into the body so youll feel better and also dance into it with me. So we see that the crypto market is down, bitcoin is down, shibain was down, seven percent bitcoin is down seven percent. Everything is, you know, retracing the gains that we had yesterday and if you watch the video that i i created, i said: hey yay, the feds saved the market um until right for now for now thats what i said right, because i have been here for a While and i know that what happened last night was you know it what was anticipated, so the market reacted positively, but it still doesnt negate the fact that were in a bad situation with high inflation and a potential recession where we talked about that that we have Been getting signals that a recession is upon us from the two year three year, five year 10 year, treasury, where the two year bonds are higher returns than the 10 year bonds, and that, since 1950, 50s has always told us when her recession is coming.

Now. Something interesting that is happening right is that last time we were in uh we had a situation like this, where inflation was so high was in the 1980s 1981. Most of you were not alive. I was not alive either, but i know because my parents came to the united states that there was very, very high unemployment, and now we have a weird situation where people are employed for now: theres lots of employment, but theres high inflation and people are working. They have money, but their money is worth less and so thats. What i think is really hurting uh the cryptocurrency market, just because people are afraid that theyre gon na see a situation where theyre not gon na have money to buy the stuff that they need. So theyre pulling back their investments in cryptocurrency and in the stock market now for the stock market. You know its down big four percent for the nasdaq 3.3 for the s p 500 is is very, very big and tomorrow is going to be very huge because ive mentioned this before uh. You know on videos. They talk about amc, the derivatives market. The option market has a lot of influence on where the markets go on the third friday of every month, because these are when the monthly options expire and in this month were also seeing the quarterly options expire. Right you get in march june, um september and december right, theyll expire, and this is what called quadruple witching day and what happens there theres a heavy um action on the derivatives on the stock market, where a lot of people want the stock market.

To finish in a specific area, because if it doesnt theyre going to lose a lot of money and the big money comes in and theyll manipulate it, so you might see uh the tomorrow a lot of volatility and and and trying to get into a specific area. Could be that this dip here was a manipulation of that and the cryptocurrency just came on for the ride so well see how that plays out. Crypto fear continues to be in extreme extreme fear. Uh, you know historic, extreme fear levels. I think five was the lowest that its been ever uh and but bitcoin is still over twenty thousand holding that twenty one thousand level ethereum could break under one 1000. If it does, it would be a really really nice area to buy think about it. You know ethereum under 1000. If you told me a few months ago, id be like give me gim me right and now people are like i dont know, maybe its going to go down some more uh. Why did i say in the opening about you know selling? I was you know having a dinner with my my kids and and my dad came along and he said to me uh, you know what i i every day i keep looking at the screen and im fed up right. I i one day up one day down but mostly down, and i just want to sell everything and sit on the sidelines uh, but hes and he is an uh experienced investor of many years, uh and hes gotten to a point where hes like i i dont Know, if i can, you know, take this.

I said you know: father breathe, uh youve been here before youve seen these cycles and you know how to take advantage of it. He took advantage of the you know: 2020 drop right. It was a little bit lucky on his part, but thats not for the video today, but you can always make market money in markets that are going down, and somebody said, oh, were not the money makers with the money losers right, because everything is going down. These are the times where the big money makers are created. Why? Because things are going down down down the the money is selling and the smart money is buying up assets when the fear is highest now, does it mean that its going to stop here? No right but youre in a lot better situation versus somebody that first example bought ethereum first time at 4700 bought bitcoin at 68, 000 pachi bainu at 88, uh, 88, 08, 800 right and so um its gon na be interesting. Now, before we get to some crypto news, i want to talk to you guys about our partner for today. Moomoo get those free stocks – 11 free stocks. Once you sign up ill, get a little bit of commission and you can take advantage of this crypto dip with ihrs capital fund. Your account with a hundred dollar and youll, get with money and youll get a hundred dollar reward ill. Get a commission when you just sign up so the link is in the description down below.

Thank you. If you do, you can buy, sell crypto without any taxes. Only when you retire and you start taking out money. Oh and if its a roth ira, you dont pay taxes as well at all, because its uh money that was already taxed so its a great great opportunity, dont miss out on it, not financial advice, of course, so crypto new celsius, network withdrawal, swaps and transfers have Now been paused for over 72 hours due to extreme market conditions, it continues. I read that theres going to be a lawsuit from one of the the big youtubers in the crypto space is going to be uh. It seems that hes lost a lot of money. Ben armstrong, i think, is his name like bitboy, i think, and hes uh creating a class action lawsuit. So if you want to join that uh go ahead, if you lost, you feel that youve lost money from celsius network more news here. The tron dale reserve will draw another three billion trx to safeguard the overall blockchain and crypto market. If you didnt heard they, they, they removed three billion of trx right its another token out of c5 exchange and defy lending platform uh, because theyre theyre in a bad situation as well and breaking elon, musk, tesla and spaces have been sued for 250 billion over an Alleged dogecoin pyramid scheme right um. So all these all these uh information and news. What did they tell us that people were overexposed? They did not think that wed see a bear market, and once you know the the the doo doo hits the fan.

Then all these things, the dominoes start falling and we see all these platforms suddenly start falling and so its very important to always take into consideration. If your somewhere is giving you apy, they have to get it from somewhere and when they cant get it from somewhere. Then its gon na be a problem. People that are too greedy with high apys in the end in a bear market are getting really really screwed, and so it will be interesting to see going forward. Will people still flock to these kind of investments or will they stay away guys? Let me know in the comment section down below: if you have been burned by any of these apy um things where you, you know you put your money in and it gets staked and then you get the apy. So let me know in the comment section down below guys: dont forget to smash the like button. Thank you for watching.