Every single human is wondering inside bitcoin and crypto. Obviously theres blood in the streets right now, theres panic, theres pandemonium bitcoin is crashing. Bitcoin is in a free fall, but again what? If i told you, i had a cheat code that could let you know the inside scoop of when bitcoin will actually bottom thats. What were going to discuss right here in todays video if youre new here my name is steve. I started in the stock market a little over 20 years ago, back when i was just 16 years old, and i made every mistake in the book. It was horrific over the past 20 plus years. I learned how to dominate this game and im here, sharing my wisdom and knowledge with you, so you dont make all those silly ridiculous mistakes that i did when i was beginner trader and investor weve been in the crypto space right here on this channel since 2017, And our main purpose is to help you use your crypto to gain financial freedom. Hit that subscribe button lets jump into. It were going to jump into this chart which ive never shown you before its the first time and its coming from one of my students. So shout out to my student: now we have the 100 moving average and the 20 moving average and were on a weekly chart and what weve seen is weve just had this cross now right now, this cross doesnt mean anything to you, but in a moment it Will because, in two times in history, we had a cross 2015 in 2018 and those things each of these crosses were incredibly interesting, because you can see that our yellow line and our red line literally never crossed, except for this one time in 2015.

In this one time in 2018, and they have incredible things in common with each other, wait till you see what im about to show you, i hope youre sitting down. I hope youre buckled up, because this is fascinating when we zoom into 2015 – and we understand okay, this yellow line crossed the red. But who cares? What does it mean? Well, the yellow line actually crossed the red right before our market bottom by rate. Before i mean days before our market bottom, we had this cross and days later, we were at our bottom days later now lets fast forward four years, shall we lets get on our time machine and fast forward. Three years to 2018. 2018 was the next time and the second time in history that we had the yellow line cross the red line. Now, when we zoom in we can see when we crossed right, we crossed right here. If we look at our price that wasnt days before our market bottom, it was literally on the day of our market bottom, meaning we had this cross as we bottomed. So if we look at history, we say: oh, this yellow line red line only crossed twice both of them were either right at our market bottom or just a few days before that we can say with certainty, thats a fact and if youre new to our channel, We cover the biggest moves in crypto, usually before a lot of other humans do youre going to want to subscribe right now.

So you dont miss the next major moves, but what im sharing with you is fascinating, because the million dollar question is: when is the market bottom? How do we know? Is there any inside scoop? Now i want to break this down for you, because when you look at this two times in history, thats not by accident, this line crossed down through the red just a few days before our market bottom and then the next time it crossed was literally on the Day of our market bottom so lets fast forward, because these lines have not crossed since 2018 and just just just we had this cross so lets break it down. I want to share my honest opinion: could we be at a market bottom? Could this be a fake out? What could happen whats my honest! Take because again, when we look at the big picture, its not like were crossing below and above so often right, its not once a month or once every couple months, its literally two other times in history, and we just had our third in 12 years. So its its usually not by accident, but lets break it down, with my honest opinion, before we get to that, i want to say having your portfolio looking at your portfolio, seeing it go down, having the stress not knowing when to buy and when to sell. I want to remove all of that stress from you. I want to give you the confidence to know exactly when to buy and sell.

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We cover the death crosses. We cover the three day death cross, but the four day death cross is interesting. We made a video about it and if you missed it im going to explain it in about 20 seconds, and this will be another wow factor so in history, weve had two distinct. Four day death crosses when they have happened. Something interesting has occurred when it happened here and again. This is when the the green line crosses below the red line. When we had our four day death cross. We have already had our market bottom now in 2018 or 2019 was the next time and the only other time in history that we had a four day death cross again. We had already had our market bottom and then had our four day. Death cross just like in 2015, we already had our market bottom and then had our four day death cross. So so far in history, the four day death cross tells us that we have it. After weve reached our market bottom thats critical. We can say that as a fact that those two data points have suggested precisely that now. The interesting thing is that this market bottom well well get into the days in a moment. Lets look at today, because we havent had our four day death cross. Yet, however, we have a special indicator here that projects when its going to happen and again all of my students have this for free theres, a lot of free things that my students get and once you sign up with that major discount.

You will also have this. So you can project out when these crosses will happen, but right now, as we speak its projected to happen on july 24th, so we can say that based on history, once we have this cross more than likely, we have already had a market bottom thats. According to this chart – and it also lines up with this chart now lets look into more detail, because this is where it gets very interesting. When we look at how many days before, because weve already established, we usually bottom and then later, we have our four day. Death cross, but how much later lets understand how many days were talking about? So here is about 40 days, meaning we had our market bottom and 40 days later. We had this four day. Death cross now lets see if that story lines up if its anywhere relevant to here, because we had our bottom here and about 45 47 ish days later, we had our four day death cross. So we can say that about 40 days before our four day, death cross – we have our mark at bottom lets see if this story lines up lets see if its anywhere true so basically were just gon na go about 40 days before and see. Oh, this is 40 days before were there right now, so this tells us like hey. This could potentially be our market bottom using history to look at another chart. That is our story, and if we go to this chart, which is the yellow line crossing the red, its only happened two other times, and this was even more accurate.

This said, like hey, we had this cross here and it was literally days later where we had our market bottom and this in 2018, we had our cross at literally at our market bottom and weve just had this cross on this candle. This is the candle that actually, because this candle we didnt cross. Yet this is the candle that we actually crossed. This is where it gets interesting, because, right now, i would guess the majority, especially the herd, are saying were not at our bottom. Yet that would be my guess and whats interesting is this chart says hey this candle right here or potentially the next candle could be our market bottom and its backed up with the four day death cross very interesting. I wanted to share this with you now. I want to give my honest opinion: what always happens in market bottoms? Are beginner traders or investors sit on their hands and they dont do anything because theyre expecting substantially lower prices. Why? Because almost every single human will be screaming for lower prices. The problem there is those humans are the ones that, when we were up here, they were screaming for a lot higher prices. Those same humans right here that were screaming for a lot higher prices. They start screaming for a lot lower prices here and the problem is theres just so many of them that it messes. With our emotion and as beginner traders, we often sit on our hands and we dont make any decision, and then we usually buy when prices are way back up here.

So let that sink in this could very well be our market bottom. We need to look at further data and im going to give you some further data in some further videos that are really fascinating, but right now we have to be prepared mentally. Even if we really wanted the price of 13.7 and were just tied to it, we cant emotionally be tied to anything aside from the facts in the charts and now that this is playing out, weve got some signs that hey this could be the market bottom. Now, i know you know: theres theres, the the stock market, theres, the fed with interest rates, and all of these things seem so bad that its going to get way worse, that its just going to be turmoil and theres a war and theres. This crazy theres a crazy amount of things, but throw all of that in the garbage and focus only on the facts in the charts. I wanted this to be a wake up, call that we could very well be at our market bottom this week or next week. More to come more facts in the charts, but this is a possibility that we have to emotionally accept. If you are a student comment down below with what my courses did for you. Where were you? What kind of situation were you before my courses and then after the courses and if you havent, signed up read those comments? Go to the website, sign up, itll, be a game changer and itll.