We look for gold in every single aspect of our lives and we always find it now. Today we are back for another stacked daily market update today. Um. One thing i want to cover real quick is that we do have the giveaway ending today. The 5 000 giveaway is ending today. So, whenever youre seeing this video, if youre seeing it within a few hours, you probably still have time to enter, but i will be drawing the winners randomly selected today, um and yes, so you only have a couple hours more to enter that if you dont get In dont worry, there will be plenty more giveaways. Coming now lets talk about the market. We are under 900 billion, absolutely horrendous 24 hour. Volume is also pretty bad today, at 72 billion obviously were under that 100 billion level that i like to watch um bitcoin is still battling to stay above twenty thousand dollars. Um, it looks like were still doing it, but weve been doing this for a while. Weve been bouncing around at this that twenty thousand dollar level. I just hope that it does not slip below that um, but it easily could um. I feel i feel like if one more bad thing happens. Right now were going right under all three of these red lines: um, but as for now, probably going to go sideways, not up thats. The point were not going up here. Um all altcoins, also still down massively biggest gainer today is helium.

There must be something going on thats keeping heliums price up, um im, not sure, but helium is up today. Waves basic attention, token couple, little things up: three percent um: we do have this clip and then were going to talk about the the new quant and xdc partnership, massive stuff today that just came out this morning and then well get into some ripple stuff. We have some hbar stuff, um and just some general important news. This guy is jim cramer and listen to his perspective on bitcoin, okay, so hes hes basically asked if bitcoin is going to keep going down. Watch this youve gotten pretty negative on bitcoin, so the market can can uh bounce, but bitcoin goes to zero. Or did you hear tim hes, pretty smart, that you do you think bitcoin bounces from here or is it over yeah? I think? Well, look. I think the people who are involved with bitcoin have to take another stand. You know like i like novogratz, he was out there yesterday dave we need. We need some guys to just say look. This is the level thats typical of what happens? What, when youre, when its about to really drop big uh, so they just come on air and they say: listen im empire we had sailor. The other day i mean i mean hello if they changed the margin rates on crypto hed be out in the second. So i i do think that they have to make a stand: joke they cant.

Let it go down anymore. Whoever the day is, they got ta just think they got ta. I mean with that thing, whoever the they is saying. It goes down another 50 percent or or another 100 percent. I think it goes to 12 000., where it was in uh before this whole. 12. 000.. Still a lot, though jim cramer official prediction, 12 000 bitcoin, or for something that we dont really know what the heck it is. Well, it really isnt anything right. I mean it really isnt anything bitcoin, maybe its like, maybe its like a check, distributed its like a distributed ledger that you can make a case, blockchain yeah, if i have to hear about that one more time, yeah if i have blockchain in case blockchain yeah. If i have to hear about that one more time, blockchain yeah five yeah hes gon na be memed in about 10 years. For this clip right here, blockchain yeah right come on bro, but bitcoin 12 000. Do i think its gon na happen easily could easily could right easily could, but that will not be good for the stuff that i care about. I dont really care about the bitcoin price. I know i have to because everything relies on it basically, but we would see all all coins also plummet. If that happens, um – and i do not want that to happen, but it it easily could youre hearing it here. First, it can or not first youre hearing it here again that that can happen now we also have the xdc network and quant partnership or or some kind of it is a partnership.

You could say theyve over ledger. 2.2.8 has added support um for xdc the release. 2.2.8 of overledger is now live. It introduces support for xdc a hybrid network designed for enterprise use. This is what we like we well. We like to invest in this in hybrid networks, public public, slash, private, hybrid, designed for enterprise use. Those are whats going to get most of the money in my opinion and updated connectivity with ethereum robston test network, which is undergoing technical changes um as they transition to proof of stake as ethereum transitions to proof of stake. This version of over ledger adds api support for xdcs apothem test network. All the standard functions in overledger are now available on the xdc apothem test net, very cool. You can search for a transaction monitoring activity on an address and smart contract invoke. Okay, so big news right there xdc is probably going to pump a tiny bit off this at least a little bit. This is the first time that quant has or xdc have like publicly acknowledged each other. You know like this is confirmation that quant knows whats up with xdc and xdc knows whats up with quant it its just confirming more of our suspicions that these government coins are all in cahoots here. Um and i said on twitter that im still holding bags of both im still holding bags of quant and im still holding bags of xdc um. I took adequate profits, though i have no problem holding these two through the bear market and actually accumulating more um.

So i did take profits, ive been taking profits since november of 2021. Folks, you got ta remember that um, but i do still have bags that im holding of this um and im in the negative on some of my quant bags, not my 28 entry bags, um and then one cent was my entry on xdc. So, im almost break even on that very crazy that those prices are back. We also have ripple partnering with a nft project fluff world. Okay here is fluff world. I ive looked at these a long time ago. I believe they have music and stuff to them. Lets watch one of them. Oh yeah, look. This is how all nft should be folks. They should not be still images, they should be moving and they should have music right. This only makes sense. Why wouldnt you do that. Why do i want still photos Music? Okay, that beat is kind of better than any uh beat on the drake album anybody listen to that mediocre, mediocre, drake album came out yesterday, but i know for sure i will love it in about three days here, as i play it, some more thats, just the Drake effect, but lets get into this ripple and fluff world partnership theyre introducing the root network. Now, what is the root network? It is a a network thats being built. Alongside is the word whats, the word they used here, um alongside i think, theyre, oh yeah, built alongside the blockchain best suited to enable settlement and liquidity of tokenized assets at scale, which is the xrp ledger.

Xrp ledger will play a critical role in the root network by setting the standard for nft functionality and utilizing xrp as the default digital asset for transaction activity in the networks. Multi token gas economy and apparently the root networks, been a combination of five years of work and they want to um. They want to lead the conversation about the open metaverse or they are leading the conversation about the open, metaverse uh, which is grounded in two principles. An immersive experience and ownership um, basically theyre, just partnered up ripple and uh fluff world. This is pretty crazy. Xrp. The token will be used as a gas token on in fluff world metaverse, i believe, um very, very cool. The root network will give any creator access to common smart contract functionality without having to write or deploy contracts themselves and also means the that code. Previously written for ethereum can now run natively on the root network through the uh through the evm, okay, interesting right, heres, the fluff world collection. There are three eth right now. Are they pumping? I think theyre pumping right now, because that ripple partnership um, but they should pump because of that, because thats big now we also have some good ripple clips right here. Actually, this is a bad ripple clip in my opinion, so wheezy right here says gary gensler um says: xrp has a real use case and look at how much this guy is cherry. Picking from this clip, this right here is a such a cherry pick.

This is actually a very, very negative clip on xrp coming from gary gensler, so watch. What gary says right here so lets. Look at ripple. The company ripple the company, though they did their genesis block back in 2013.. They basically distributed 20 of their tokens and kept 80 percent, and subsequently they have been slowly selling and theyre now down to 61. But their revenue model in xrp is in essence, selling the xrp. They only came up with a real use case of xrp in 2018 and a prototype called x rapid. They had x current, which was a messaging system prior that didnt need to use xrp at all. So for four years you had no use of xrp. As i understand it, zero use this is actually a horrible clip, and do you see how gary or so you see how this guy put this clip uh, who put this clip out, is um cherry picking from this hes basically saying gary gensler said that xrp has A real use case, which is obvious right, but the whole tone of this video and him saying that ripples revenue model was to sell xrp right cell xrp and also um saying at the end here that xrp had no use case for four years. There was no use of it, so the overall tone of that video is horrible. Moving on we have jerome powell uh, the fed chairman talking about the us dollar check it out place in the global monetary system that may affect the international roll of the dollar.

In the future, most major economies already have or are in the process of developing instant 24 7 payments. Our own fed now service will be coming online in 2023 and in light of the tremendous growth in crypto assets and stable coins, we are examining whether a u.s central bank digital currency would improve upon what is an already safe and efficient domestic payment system. Our as our white paper on this topic notes, a us cbdc could also potentially help maintain the dollars. International standing and weve got anders right here, saying if there existed a company or two that could help with that, and they do exist. Right were just waiting and he said the fed now service goes live in 2023 right so theres time for ripple to get in there and help with the the fed. Now i want to see that fed now, because fed now or fed wire, whichever one it is, is i think its 5 trillion in volume a day or something crazy like that. Definitely in the trillions um, so if xrp could could get in there. That would be crazy. Also, we have the russian central bank saying that bitcoin, comma crypto payments for international settlements is possible. They say that our position is that cryptocurrency should not be used as a means of calculation within the country as for use in international settlements. If it does not penetrate the russian financial system, it is possible, very, very cool right there, clear proof that you know like russia was about to get kicked off swift right, what if they get, kicked off swift and they start using ripple its just so like.

I know thats easier said than actually done, but that could happen dude that that, in my mind, that could happen if youre some kind of geopolitical nerd or something tell me why that cant happen. I do think thats possible in the future. We also have wrapped hbar arriving on the um with the hashport network. They have deployed wh bar contracts on the ethereum and polygon networks furthering interoperability. The official contracts are below so now we have actual official, wrapped hbar on ethereum and polygon. Interesting very interesting, um ftx is officially launching in canada after acquiring the crypto exchange called bitvo ftx uh expanding right there. Now we do have this interesting article from the theres, a the polysign ceo right here, jack mcdonald and matt stover, which is the ceo of mg. Stover saying that the institutional appetite for digital assets has not slowed at all and the reason we care about polysign is because polysign has david schwartz as a board member slash advisor, and it has arthur britto as the founder and president right, arthur britto, literally designed the Xrp ledger: co, founder of ripple labs insane right and then we have jack mcdonald right here coming out and look what he says. So. First of all, the stover dude says we get to see both the liquid and e liquid on the investment side and theres. So much capital still flowing into the private companies building infrastructure around this new asset class. So not this market, not this market theyre flowing into the infrastructure companies thats like metamask thats, like um shapeshift or whatever its called thats, the wallets, the exchanges, the infrastructure, everything around the actual coins, so the the real dudes invest in everything, but the actual tokens thats.

What hes saying theres theres still a lot of money capital flowing into the private companies, building the infrastructure and then the the the poly sign guy says the long term view that these traditional asset managers make in investing in this sort of way is really unaffected by The recent market downturns theyre taking a long term view and theyve done the work to make these decisions. Okay, so there you go like the real investors, are investing in like the the infrastructure, not the actual coins, and to do that, you have to be accredited. You have to be all up in the vc stuff right, but we are stuck with investing in the coins for now, which have also proven to done. Do amazing, theyre, just more volatile and less safe and unregulated. That is all weve got for the daily market. Update. Make sure you follow on twitter, instagram join the telegram group.