What, if i told you, i had a simple, simple strategy that bought the absolute lowest price in 2021, that same strategy bought the absolute lowest price in 2015.. That same simple strategy also bought the lowest absolute lowest price in 2018 and the absolute lowest price in 2020.. And what, if i told you that same strategy that bought those five best buying opportunities of your entire life, is about to flash a signal right now. Get ready this video youre going to want to share with everybody if youre new here my name is steve. I started in the stock market a little over 20 years ago, back when i was just 16 years old, and i made every mistake in the book. Literally, it was painful, and over the past 20 plus years i figured out how to dominate this game and im here with you, sharing that knowledge and wisdom so that you dont have to go through all those painful mistakes that i did hit. That subscribe button lets jump into it. What im going to share with you today will just blow your mind, because bitcoin is getting close to arguably one of the best buying opportunities of your entire life. But the question is when what to look for and what to do so well break it down pound for pound back here in 2011, im going to share with you this strategy right here we have the 200 ma on the two day: chart thats our red line.

Thats this, when were below here, thats check mark number one. We only need three check marks and we need them at precisely the same time. The second check mark is here in the rsi. Keep in mind were on the two day. This red line is at precisely 26 all right, so check mark number one below the 200 ma check mark number. Two. The rsi has to be below this red line at precisely the same time and the simple one number three stochastic rsi has to be below this 20 level. All three have to be yes at precisely the same time. Then you have the best buying opportunity of your life. Now you can see that we did not have yes to all three four years, all right we were above here even when we were below. We were not below here and we were below here, but not here. You could see that this strategy is the most accurate strategy on planet earth. You can see here in early 2015 we did drop below here. We did have some times where we were below here and below here, but we were not below in the stochastic rsi. You have to have all three be yes at precisely the same time that didnt happen from 2011, all the way to 20. 2012. 2013. 2014. Still. Never happened, it didnt happen again until 2015, which marked the absolute lowest price. You could buy bitcoin, where we had below below below at precisely the same time again it didnt happen for years to come.

We were above here we were above here. We did not present the best buying opportunity of her life that didnt happen again until 2018, when we were below below below this strategy is fascinating. You need to share it with your friends with your family, with your neighbor hell, even share it with your cat and dog. They need to know when is the best time to buy bitcoin, because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity right. You can fast forward to 2020.. We did not have those signals again and this strategy dominated even the covet crash, the covert crash which freaked everybody out it caught everybody by surprise, but not this strategy. This strategy is outsmarted every angle of the bitcoin market anytime. We have the best buying opportunity. This strategy below below below dominates its that simple. Now we get to the fun part with 2022 and im gon na share whats going on with 2022 and why you should start to get excited and when were looking for that buy opportunity. But right now in crypto youve been checking your portfolio, its stressing you out. You dont know when to buy you dont know when to sell. You want to recover your losses. You want to get away from all of that pain. I have your solution. I took my 20 plus years, condensed it down into dominating strategies to help you recover. Your losses know exactly when to buy and sell and get towards work towards financial freedom.

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We are below here check mark number two for the first time in a long time, and we are close. Ladies and gentlemen, we are incredibly close, the stochastic rsi. You can see its plummeting. We do have our blue line right below here, but we need our orange line. It looks like this could happen in just a few days from now in just a few days from now, we could be sitting here with the the rsi below with price below and this below marking what could be the best buying opportunity of your entire life with Bitcoin all right, this is major share this video with everyone. You know in crypto all right this strategy, i cant believe im giving it to you for free. Nobody else would give this strategy, and i havent seen any strategy even remotely as accurate as this one and im giving it to you in this video for free. The only thing i ask is that you share it with everyone. You know at least one person all right so ill leave you here with that well be covering this as we progress in the next handful of days to see.