My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency, video and um im coming to here from sweden and as im recording this something is happening that has never happened to bitcoin before bitcoin is right now breaking down below the previous all time high. So the previous all time high was back in 2017 18 here at 20k, the exact number, depending on the depending on the exchange, was um slightly slightly below 20k, but right now, bitcoin is actually officially below the previous all time high. This has never happened before what i mean is that look look at this ultimate the next time in the previous in the next bear market. We came uh not even close to the previous ultimate. That was like one thousand dollars the lowest point in this bear market was three thousand dollars, so the cycles have changed now. That is official. Today is the day where it has become official that the cycles theyre just um theyre just different um, and we cannot look back in history to predict uh future price action, thats just obvious by now, um im gon na show you what i think is gon na Happen, im gon na have to admit im a little bit sick, so i have a hard time talking, but um im also gon na talk about why we should not be worried towards the end of this video, of course, uh. If you right now want to take advantage of this volatility scroll down below this video and click this by bit, link, if you click this buy with link, you get 4 000 in bonus, you can short bitcoin and make money when bitcoin is breaking down.

If we go down to 13 000, for example, if you put in a short position, you will make money by the price going down. I am considering as well putting in a short im gon na show you where we could do that. In that case, however, what im waiting for right now is the weekly close, because i still think there is a small chance that bitcoin gets a um v shaped recovery on the weekly time frame um or on the daily time frame, meaning that on the weekly we Just get a week, so let me show you: this: is the 200 weekly moving average now? Why is this so important? Well because we never broke it before bitcoin has always been above it with weekly closes above um. Now ive been telling you for years actually literally that i believe that this red line will never be broken. It seems like right now, maybe im wrong because were already on saturday um. So monday, of course, will be the the the big test on monday. We need to see bitcoin close above twenty two thousand dollars approximately lets say 22.5 to be sure um at this stage. Well, it is possible im just for sure its possible, but the fact that we broke down below um 20k now previous ultimate high, which is something that never happened before. Then there is room for bitcoin to actually uh break below the 200 weekly, which also never happened before.

Actually, i want to ask you right now. Let me know in the comments i want to know from the community. Do you think bitcoin is going to break the 200 weekly or do you think were gon na get a big bounce back up before monday and get a nice little um? You know recovery from that thats. What i want to know – and let me take a quick look at ethereum, because ethereum is right now breaking down to 1 000 actually were still exactly at my target. Let me just delete a little bit of lines here. So essentially this happened exactly as predicted. Look at that so beautiful we had a shoulder head and shoulder. We broke the neckline here and what ive been telling you for for weeks and months really is that here. This is the target which is down at 1, 000 um 1016 1020, which is exactly where bitcoin is right now or sorry ethereum. So, at this exact stage, um exactly what we talked about happened thats, why i put in a million dollars into ethereum? Yes, no two days ago, um am i gon na buy more ethereum, yes, im gon na start or keep accumulating here, obviously were in a clear downtrend here. So um im, not gon na put in a long ride here. Long is based on what bitcoin does um, because we do have a lot of volume coming in here, but for the long term.

Here i think, if the am is looking like a very, very good entry point and if you want to buy ethereum, i suggest you go to buybit and you buy ethereum from there. The link is down below at the top of the description, um, Music and essentially were getting a great entry point here. In my opinion, for the for the next three four five years, ethereum yeah ethereum could go lower. We could see ethereum go down to um lets, say um, eight hundred dollars, something like that. Theres big support down there. Look at this. I have this yellow line here since a long time because there is support or some resistance back there. So 800 is a possible point for ethereum im going to keep some usdt on the side um to to potentially buy that dip. If that happens, um now, let me go into the very short term. Let me go on the four hour on bitcoin and lets. Take a look at whats happening here so here you can see that bitcoin um broke 20k right here. In this four hour candle and um, we can see that the volume generally here has been quite high as we started to break down. So the volume is definitely high here uh, but it should be said that the volume is decreasing as the price is decreasing, which could actually be a um. It could be a sign that we might see a reversal here soon, so um could we put in the long position here.

If we do see a a reversal, the answer would be yes, yeah. So look at this. We just bounced into the previous all time high. Actually, we we came below it technically uh, but maybe theres so much buying pressure here that were just gon na get this huge reversal and in that case, im gon na go very, very aggressively guys over on by bit with a huge long position um and take Advantage of this situation, basically so um, essentially yeah, im deploying more capital into buybit right now, waiting for these things to take place, um and um. I know many people have been asking also if they, if they, because there have been some platforms that um are. You know, for example, celsius is doing very poorly right now and, like i dont think, were gon na see the money come out there uh also by the way i didnt lose any money in celsius uh. That was just something that media thought, but i never lost money in celsius. I lost a lot of money in luna, though like 2 million, which sounds like a lot, but in my portfolio, its actually very fractional, its very small, but in my portfolio generally my portfolio in general is massively down. You know just just look at this. We were here at 50k not long ago now, bitcoin is down at um way below half that, so my portfolio is way less than half what it was just a few months ago, so thats sad but it but also i was never over leveraged in any way.

I didnt have any loans or anything theres, no liquidation, price, im waiting for um and i hope the same for you guys, because every all my portfolio is all spot spots trading um. But i know some friends that um took big loans, crypto loans with maybe celsius or maybe i dont know block fire or something, and they might right now be in massive trouble um. So my heart goes out to all of you guys and um. Let me just tell you this: we are, we are in a massive bear market, its going to continue for probably a couple of years now this is your opportunity to accumulate bitcoin accumulated ethereum and um. You know make some money in for the next full cycle.