But of course, this does not hold me back to go into the charts and show you exactly whats going to happen right now, so lets jump here straight into the charts and lets actually see what is happening to bitcoin. Right now i mean yesterdays video by the way the most watched bitcoin video on the whole youtube internet. Thank you very much for the likes 11. 000 likes. I was saying im selling everything selling my car selling my watches, to buy even more bitcoin. Why not? Why am i planning to do that? The chart is giving me the answer and yes, i talked about support resistance, 200, weak ma. I have something else to show you today a chart which no one else has shown you before wait for it. First of all, i want you to go into the immediate short term for bitcoin and see for the first time since a long time what was happening there. Let me quickly go back into the face mode by the way im back on the boat im, not on the jet ski anymore. That was a small gimmick just for you to cheer you up in these very, very crazy times for the bitcoin price im back on the boat. But of course, this doesnt hold me back to talk about the bitcoin price and yes, bitcoin is still tumbling back and forth and we really need the weekly candle close on sunday to be somewhere in the areas of 21.

22. 000 us dollars bitcoin breaking the previous bottom of 20 100 – could bring the previous all time high in danger. But i want to talk about why i am so incredibly bullish on bitcoin, unlike almost everyone else, if we are going over to twitter at mmcrypto on twitter im almost having a million followers over there. Thank you so much for your continuous support. I was asking your btc sentiment right now. You can see here. One day ago, more people are bearish than bullish: 4200 people voting for bearish, while 1 200 people voting for bullish, and this the ladies and gentlemen, is a very clear indication. What is the sound here? What is the wait? A second okay? Now it stops. This is a very clear indication that we are going lower and lower. More and more people are bearish. Do you think those bearish people are still holding? No, the more people are getting bearish, the more we are going lower, the fewer people are there still willing to sell and the more the redistribution already happened from the weekends to the strong hands. Now lets go into these charts. This is the net unrealized profit and loss. Black line is the bitcoin price, and this colored line is the net unrealized profit and loss, meaning whenever this line is red or orange, we are severely severely profitable, most of the people holding and trading in a profit. When we are yellow, we are getting more neutral still in the bullish zone when we are getting green.

This is when almost no one is profitably holding anymore this, the the sentiment is already going down and when we are blue, this is when the average of people is holding or trading in a deep loss. This happened in 2015, deepest bottom of the bear market. 2019. You can see these bear cycles are getting shorter once again, blue area. When we broke down to 3 100 us dollars, it happened once again in 2020, at the black thursday dump boom quick wick to the downside. The fed came to save us all now, on the right hand, side you see, we are dipping once again into the non profitable area, and this is a once in a two three four years opportunity. This is what weve been waiting for. Almost everyone is holding and trading in a loss for a crazy, crazy, rising asset like bitcoin, very, very weird right – and this is even more interesting than that realized profit and loss – is at an all time low. We never had that high losses ever in the history of bitcoin. Today, today, on the right bottom side, we are marking the highest losses in u.s dollar value we ever had on bitcoin. So if you will understand a little bit about the fundamentals of bitcoin, this should make you bear bullish, actually wow. My hair looks crazy with the wind and the salt water im. I really apologize for that, but youre not joining for my face.

Youre joining for the for the bitcoin content right, so this is for me the moment. Yes, okay, maybe bitcoin breaks down. I dont care if it breaks down to 18 000.. My trading strategy is the following. I am here in my trade and yes, its in a twenty percent loss 30 bitcoin in this trade, my anti price being a tr – and you see it on the bottom left side. 21. 000. Us dollars, but go here the order. The next order is already open. 19 hundred, if we break below the previous all time high, i am going to open the next one. If we break lower, there is going to be the next limit long, all right. 18. 100 us dollars. I do not recommend you to do that, but this is my strategy to be there when the bottom comes as no one, not me not elon musk, not michael sale. I can predict for you. This is the exact bottom. We can say. Okay, we are getting in a bottom area and thats, where im scaling in similar to dollar cost averaging. I am dollar cost averaging down with long orders, which unfortunately have to get bigger after time. This is what im looking at right now and, of course, guys if you want to be trading as well. Pin comment down below ten thousand us dollar bonus for free click, the buy button, femax link or binance link, and you can claim your free bonuses today by clicking the link after your initial deposit, however, be an experienced trader for that and make sure that the most Of your portfolio is a huddling portfolio, because this these realized losses are just happening because people are not holding.

Imagine look at one of these blue dots in 2020. 2021. If you sold there, you lost money. If you just didnt, do anything, you went back into the green area, its just a question of time. If you are a bitcoin holder that you are going to be profitable again, this is set from me based on an 11 or 12 year, historical confidence. If you dont believe me believe the statistics believe the history. Thank you so much for watching guys.