So if you are holding bitcoin, if you are asking yourself this question, should i hold or should i sell, should i jump into any trade, then your question will be answered in this video, so do watch it till the end and also before jumping into the content. If you havent destroyed that like button, then please do it right now, and also for those individuals watching this, for the first time hit the subscribe button and the bell so now, starting this year in a monthly timeframe. What i want to talk about is this 2b reversal pattern, because the 2b reversal pattern is playing out one two, one, which is also indicating that the bottom might still not be in even after this retracement retracing up to 70 percent. The bottom might still not be in. Why am i saying you this? Because if you follow these two reversal pattern guys this 2b reversal pattern in an uptrend is usually considered as a reversal pattern, and since the price of bitcoin was forming this exact scenario, you can see very very similar to the example here. On the right hand, side we penetrated towards the previous eye, but unfortunately we were not able to find any proper support of of this line. What happened after that? The price started showing his weakness. Many were also saying: hey loop. Can we actually call this a and pattern or even a double top pattern? Yes, doesnt matter m pattern. Double top pattern, 2b reversal pattern.

It is considered as a train reversal pattern and in an uptrend whenever we see those kind of pattern appearing. That is a sign of a train reversal here to the download duration. If we are going to see this as a m pattern and if you measure the price target to the downside according to this m pattern or double top pattern, your price target has already been reached. But, according to this 2b reversal button, we could head even lower. Why? Because if we look at this example here, the next confluence area in a monthly timeframe is around 14 to 15 000 price range. So for me personally, between 14 to 20 000, this is a great buying opportunity. So if you are thinking about buying bitcoin right now, you can start dollar cost averaging, because i personally think this is a great great opportunity to accumulate bitcoin, because if you focus on the short term movement, even a yearly movement for bitcoin, you can see. We have seen many impulsive movement corrective movement playing out, but what most of the people miss out? If you look at this for the longer term, i mean yes, five years from now, ten years from now, the price is clearly showing this move in here to the upper duration. So if you are diamond hand like me, if you are just buying and holding your coins, do not worry guys in a long term, the train is clearly in an uptrend this regression, this reversal, what were witnessing just the noise in a smaller time frame.

So if we look at this in a bigger time frame, five years from now ten years from now this price, twenty thousand fifteen thousand seventeen thousand doesnt matter, these price areas are going to be a great buying opportunity. So thats, why guys thats? Why? If you are thinking about accumulating bitcoin, then this range between 20 to 14 15 000. This is going to be a great great opportunity, because i have been very clear. The reason why we are still expecting the price of bitcoin to show further weakness in an upcoming days weeks, even months, because our capitulation phase has just begun, because i showed you with this example here in a capitulation phase. Most of the time, what the surprised us, the price, shows, months, even years of consolidation before breaking here to the upper duration. In our case, this year was almost a year of capitulation before finally breaking it to the upper duration. This was also like five six months of consideration before breaking it to the upper direction and in our case you can see very clearly. The capitulation phase has just begun, guys so thats. Why? If you are thinking about placing any trades at this current stage, then please use proper risk management and do not overlap with yourself. If you are a dollar cost averaging, then this might be a very, very good starting point to accumulate some bitcoin and now not necessarily this. If you have been following me for a while, you know this pair flag is still playing out according to this bear flag.

The first target the target around this 19 to 20 000 has already been reached because this 20 000 was also very crucial area for us, as you can see, but the actual price target from this beer flag is somewhere around 15 to 16 000 area, because if You take this from the top till the bottom line right and simply add it here, you can see guys. The price of bitcoin is clearly indicating the bottom might not be in yet so thats. Why, according to this 2b reversal pattern, we might be finding support around this 20 000 range consolidation, maybe weeks or even months of consolidation around that range before finally, breaking it to the downward duration, forming an actual accumulation phase or ending this capitulation phase and then slowly Starting this new markov phase, because, according to this bf flag, you can see the lower price target is still open. According to this 2b reversal pattern, if this trend is going to continue, then the next confluence area is around 14 to 15, 000 and now, from this pair flag, you can see. The lower price target is also around 15 000 area, but that doesnt mean the price of bitcoin has to go this low. We could find an actual accumulation around this 20 000. But if you look at the overall market, i think the 20 000 might not be the bottom line for now so thats. Why guys thats, what we are going to focus on this 14 15 000 as our potential download target, and also the target from where we could be starting this new impulsive movement? Not just only this.

If you also look at this example, which we talked to my yes, this video for now for the immediate short term, if you follow this descending channel, you can see just like with the previous example right. If i hide this williams, alligator indicator, you can see, the price was clearly forming a very similar scenario, just like it from the past price action. Once we broke the upper line area from this descending channel, we showed this contribution and even a very nice, really fairy type of scenario. So, in our case, i warned you that if this is going to be another similar scenario, just like you from the past price action first, we need to find a proper support at the lower line area, because this lower line has always acted at a strong line Of support, just like you from past price action, each and every retracement on the lower line area from this channel, we have found support and also some really friendly type of scenario. So if this is going to be an actual movement here in this manner, then we have to overcome this obstacle around 20 for 25 000, and then we could be witnessing this actual relief rally, type of scenario. Otherwise this could be another bigger trap place for us. Why? Because, if you look at this example here, if the price of bitcoin is going to fail to continue this rally here in this manner, then we could be forming another beer flag type of scenario around this area.

Let me show you here now before i switch into other chart. I just want to make you aware: buy bit is organizing this event, wsot race to the next level, with a price pool up to 8 million usdt. I am taking part if you want to be part of my community and trade along with me, then do join this squad because if you join as a squad member, then they will ask you to write the name which squad leader are you going to choose? So if you want to choose me as a squad leader, then our group name is piranha piranha because you know piranha, never hunts alone, so thats, why i chose this name. So if you want to be part of the piranha community, then do join it here. Its a very, very simple process, the link is provided in the description down below now. Let me show you this one scenario, one more time those who have watched my video from yesterday. You guys are aware about this pair flag, because each and every time the price in a downtrend like this has formed this bare flag. What has happened in most of the cases in most of the cases once we have broken the support right support from this beer flag? We have started this new download price movement and again during this download price movement, you can see the price has formed this bare flag, pretty often each and every time we lost the support from this sne channel.

We have started this new rally here to the download duration and thats. Why i showed you yesterday, the price of bitcoin could be forming another beer flag type of formation here in the immediate short term, and once we break the support, we could be continuing this rally here to the download duration, because we can see very clearly. This scenario has unfolded again and again, each and every time the price of bitcoin has lost the support from this bill flag or this sne channel. We have started this download rally so thats. Why thats? Why? If we are going to see more of a consolidation or range bound type of scenario in this area, we have to be extremely careful because we could be parallely forming this beer flat type of formation, and once this support gets broken, we are aware we could be Heading towards this 15 to 16 000 range one more time before finally showing this actual accumulation phase months of consolation before finally breaking it to the upper direction so thats, why guys thats? Why? If we break the support around this 20 000, then we could be heading towards the next possible target from this bigger pair flag and also this confluence target from 2b reversal pattern. So this are some of the quick update that i wanted to share with you in todays video. If you enjoyed my vlog, then do hit the like button and for those individuals watching this for the first time hit the subscribe button and the bell.