It takes me less than 20 minutes every day to lose all my money and the rest of my days wide, open Laughter guys. I had my annual physical this morning. My doctor asked me is anything bothering you i showed her my portfolio. I was asked to leave im at chase and were chasing gains. 24. 7. 365.. Its not easy, huh im happy to be here lets go its amazing. How every bitcoin bottom is harder to buy than the last 2018. Everything is vaporware, bitcoin, useless experiment, no real adoption, 2020 global sell off due to a 100 years pandemic 2022 multi decade, macro shift, stagflation, world war, 3 and famine on the horizon. 2024 aliens have landed and captured the united states. Quantum computing breakthrough. Katy perry paints her nails again. This time definitely different im sure more for me, i guess and follow me on twitter matt chase99 lets go just in the irs has launched an operation targeting taxpayers who attempt to hide their crypto income. What income jerome powell, if youre a young person looking to buy a home youll, need a reset? Oh man, thank god. Good thing: im, not young. The federal reserve has raised interest rates by 75 basis points the last time this happened. I was five years old and happy had no idea what a rate hike was. Oh ignorance truly is bliss. Gene simmons re crypto write it down. I am a hodler. I have not sold a single position since the downturn.

I believe in the future the near future. Well, gene simmons: you are aging like a fine wine brother, not a wrinkle on you, love to see it. On the other hand, we have bills gates dismissing cryptocurrency projects and calling nfts shams quote its based on the greater fool theory. Well, i do applaud bills gates. Uh push that price down, so i can get in please doing the lords work. If you will – and i most certainly will but uh take advice from this guy – the same guy that created internet explorer. No thanks breaking elon, musk, tesla and spacex have been sued for 258 billion dollars over an alleged dogecoin quote: pyramid scheme dog coin lovers: punch in the air right now: fumed dogecoin, shiba, inu. All the dogs were my retirement plan. What am i gon na do now? You mean to tell me i cant trade off elons, tweets anymore, leading into todays segment of things that will age well. Matt wallace says he will delete his youtube channel if dogecoin does not pass one dollar by the end of the year. Yikes um, not looking good. Also who the hells matt wallace, just in microstrategy, ceo, michael saylor, says this is an ideal entry point to buy bitcoin well, hes, not wrong. It really is anything sub 20k bitcoin high conviction. All coins absolutely sign me up 10 times over im, not shy, but it also makes you wonder why isnt he buying then hes not but regardless youll be happy to know.

Someones buying the largest bitcoin whale has purchased an additional 927 bitcoin worth 20 million dollars this month alone. Well, thats kind of weird: have you seen the price action this month? Oh, my goodness, why the heck? Would they be doing that just in ethereum, founder vitalik buterin says he does not expect crypto to take over the world, but rather be an alternative asset? This guy controls my entire net worth and hes tweeting, like that im screwed ftx, ceo sbf, sam megman, fried interviewed today asked if bitcoin can scale for payments for transparency. My answer bitcoin can absolutely be a payment asset on lightning network layer, 2 or rap. The bitcoin chain is not intended to scale to millions of tps, so it wont be global payments directly and hes bullish on blockchain payments, so bitcoin maximalist, which one is it. Are you a store of value that grows in value over time, or am i going to the coffee shop using it as a payment paying for a coffee with a fraction of bitcoin and then two hours later bitcoin goes up and ive paid twenty dollars for that Coffee, which is it pick one and stick to it, because bitcoin for global payments, yikes just in uniswap, has appointed former president of the new york stock exchange, stacey cunningham as an advisor decentralized finance, kevin oleary on the current crypto market. What hes doing what you should be doing and whats to come with regulation? Listen to this first things.

First, we saw that massive sell off in cryptocurrencies on monday theres a lot of uncertainty about what comes next kevin youve said that 20 of your investments are in crypto, and so i just want to start with. What are you doing? Are you exiting some of these positions? Are you buying more no im actually averaging down on a couple of the big market cap names? I mean one of the challenges and this is how should retail investors be thinking about this sell off? Is it an opportunity to buy at a discount, or is it just too risky to make any sort of bet at the moment just go back 17 years to a stock called amazon? It also corrected 38 to 50 every year for 12 years in a row as people tried to figure out what this new entity was and so theres always tremendous volatility in new and nascent technologies and new markets and crypto is a new market. I still predict in 12 minutes 10 or 12 years, itll be the 12th sector of the s p, theres, just too much productivity opportunity here, around payment systems and all kinds of other attributes of these blockchain projects that we just dont yet know what the upsides going To be if bitcoin went down another 20, it wouldnt really matter because its spread around everywhere and and most of the holdings are not institutional for all. The excitement about bitcoin no institutions own it yet and thats the decision you have to make at a time like this when youre an investor i mean this is an opportunity to say to myself or anybody.

Look if i believe in three years 36 months that this therell be policy on bitcoin. Do i want to own it after policy comes and all the institutions start buying it or do i want to take a chance and live with some volatility now and buy it here at 24, 23 or 20 000, whatever its going to go to, i dont know, But if you believe in bitcoin its a buying opportunity, but you cant guarantee that youre catching the bottom, nobody catches the bottom. It never works that way. Mr wonderful kevin oleary. How do we feel guys so hes averaging down on some large to mid caps, as i am, as i have vocally been an advocate of doing so im currently averaging down as well? Second of all, he says: look back to the early days 17 years ago, amazon when it would correct 30 per year. Hmm someone think about right. Then he also goes on to say: do you want to be in this asset class, bitcoin or any other assets and be along for the ride before regulation comes in? So you can be a part of the lows before the heavy institutional money comes in and you can ride that to the upside. Or do you want to come in after when theyre already in the market and the volatilitys decrease and youre not making those crazy gains? Its up to you guys, i know which one im gon na be doing and lets remember.

Kevin oleary is a fantastic investor, one of the most successful investors of our time, a lot better than you, or i right of course, hands down 10 times over. As he said near the end, dont try and catch the bottom. Nobody ever catches the bottom. What do we do? We dca on the way down a little bit of hindsight guys nobody had any problem buying h bar at 20 cents, but now that were down to six cents, five cents hold on guys hold on. I want to see it go a little lower hold on stop this smart enough. Big kevin, oleary, spitting facts as usual. Are you in now? Are you out hey if youre enjoying my content, love to? Have you on board subscribe leave me a thumbs up, bring that bell to get notified of my daily video drops thanks so much. I appreciate it lets go crypto market sentiment currently were at a uh dead, negative 14 uh off the charts. The charts is uh bleeding and broken off interesting max payne. Apparently i would agree, but okay, jokes aside, were at a nine whats changed cause uh honestly, my take on it is not much a nine, not a good metric by any means, but you know what i want to show it a lot of you guys like it. It is what it is: uh extreme fear. I dont care how you cut it. You look at it. It is what it is not looking too good, so u.

s markets today took a tumble s p. Having the worst week since march 2020.. The s p was down today: 1.8 percent nasdaq down four percent dow jones down 1.4. Not looking good at all, lets go ahead and talk about the title of this video. Is there more pain to come in the crypto markets and the overall markets? I do think so, and i will show you why celsius the latest update from alex mashinsky himself, the celsius network team, is working. Non. Stop were focused on your concerns and thankful yada yada yada yada yada. Yes, we get it. Where are our funds wheres? The access to our funds celsius network is at risk of getting liquidated if this market falls anymore and the consequences will be catastrophic. Might i remind you celsiuss current liquidation point on maker is now at thirteen thousand six hundred and one dollars was previously 14k theyve been working to bring it down every single day a little bit piece by piece right. Will it be enough because it is a coordinated attack to bring down celsius and the sharks are out for blood? Will they push this market down to the depths of the lower teens to knock out celsius and also knock out three arrows capital? Three arrows capital? One of the largest crypto venture capital firms risking becoming insolvent with potentially 18 billion dollars under management. This could be catastrophic for crypto. I covered this more in depth yesterday, but lets go ahead and remember by catastrophic, were talking about watching out for unlocks.

If three euros capital is having financial issues, then you can assume theyll sell their tokens at the first opportunity and what are some of three arrow capitals: primary holdings, avalanche, bitcoin, ethereum, kusama, mina, nir, polkadot, solana, ave multi chain, synapse trader joe wu network kyber network lido To name a few, not looking too good if things do go, tits up right, so three arrows capital, also adding fuel to the fire of crypto catastrophe. Moving on, we have youtuber ben armstrong, has announced a class action, lawsuit against celsius and its ceo im not going to get into the details of that, but its all hands on deck bit boy is out for blood with celsius. We also have the federal reserve raising rates yesterday by 75 basis points its the biggest rate increase since 1994 and chair jerome powell signaled. A similar move could come at the next meeting, but he does not expect 75 basis points to be a common move. We could see a 100 at some point, which means no sign of relief, more pain to come in these markets going forward. We also have the usdd debacle currently ongoing. It has not been back at 99 cents or one dollar since the 13th of june. We are currently sitting at 97 cents, weve come down as low as 95, almost 94 cents on the dollar of usdd tron stablecoin yikes. We also have the dxy soaring to a 20 year high when the dxy is up like this.

You will not find investors in risk on assets of any kind its the way she goes when the dxy is up like this, you will not find investors in risk on assets, especially stuff, like bitcoin, when we get some relief here, we do usually see a correlation With bitcoin and other risk on assets, so the dxy topping out 20 year high, also not good so more pain to come. I would say so, as we have bitcoin currently sitting at twenty thousand four hundred and seventy six dollars. Look at this new range weve found since the dump down to what we thought was the bottom at twenty thousand eight hundred, but was actually twenty thousand one hundred 136 and change. This new range were in now going from the low 20 000 up to 22. 9. 23 000 and 23 000 has shown to be quite the resistance not going to be easy to crack through, based on the previous touches, so were gon na bounce here for a while and based on everything i just covered not showing any signs of relief anytime soon And big players out for blood against celsius, three arrows capital tron, you guys name it. The dxy topping out probably gon na, go higher whats going to happen with the risk on bitcoin market. The fud going around is strong, were gon na see a dump into the high teens. I know it im banking on it. I would love to see it actually because im ready to get in im getting in right now.

I dont care about all this. You know im not buying all coins now not buying bitcoin right now were going lower. I dont play that game. I buy assets when they are in the accumulation zone, which is below definitely below 100 below 25 000. My own personal choice im not waiting around for a possible bottom later. I dont care about all that. Do not care ill, put 20 bucks in today, 20, tomorrow, 20 on friday, i do not care could not be me. Im buying the whole way down ill, buy the whole way back up, and when i have my plan written out, i will sell my positions at levels. I have predetermined on the way back up its that simple were not reinventing the wheel. Kevin oleary said it best. Mr wonderful, nobody times the bottom, it doesnt happen so youre holding out for a 10k bitcoin 8k bitcoin 5k bitcoin godspeed to you best of luck, but could not be me im buying the whole way down, do not care so bitcoin, more pain to come. Yes, indeed. Well hop into the overall crypto market. How are we looking currently 884 billion dollars of a market cap wow still below 1 trillion? Looking rough, some might say we are in the land of opportunity me personally. I do say that 24 hour trading volume has pulled back. A little bit 75 bill not as busy as the past couple days bitcoin like i said: 20, 400 ethereum 1074.

What a steal ethereum is down 11 on the day. You got a 30 solana here too, im not buying that still. But if you like solana and guess what i might dislike solana strongly, but i dont discriminate on a bag. Solana could pump back to all time high, and that is a nice roi. If it does happen so do not tie your emotions to your assets. Look at where you can make some money get in there bank on it bet on it, be convicted and reap the rewards, its not complicated all coins. On the day i mean its a whole lot of red need, i say more look at the big bubbles here. Look at the big bubbles down thirteen percent nexo coin down ten percent thor chain down. Fourteen percent cosmos, eleven percent flow twelve percent dot. But what sticks out to me right now? What is not that sold on the day, hedera hashgraph, almost still sitting at seven cents and its funny, because weve been down to the low low sixes. Almost the five cent range, but were still currently sitting here on the day, only down three point: seven percent and were like mid higher sixes holding up not too bad, because people that use their brains know hmm this bear market whats going to survive with regulation. Coming. Oh, the assets that we know are already ahead in regulation and have utility all right. Okay, that makes sense. Im gon na go ahead and stack this right now at uh six cents and get ahead of the game, and you know make a smart investment and solidify my portfolio.

Every video i make got a little bit of hbar sprinkled in my favorite asset. I dont work for them im not paid by them. If i was id, be breaking the law, not telling you so well go ahead and keep going here, q and t at 44. sign me up 10 times over gallo games, five cents cant believe it cant believe it chain link six dollars: 48 cents great, buy great, Buy xrp 32 cents great buy great, buy al grant somewhere on here too dont tell me al grand is in the 20s dont tell me al grant 30 cents, still hey, hey 30 cents was 28 cents wow. I missed that one. I missed that one but hey its okay, because you know what im not throwing lump sums in trying to time the bottom: hey, hey, hey ill, buy it again tomorrow, no problem, hey easy im, easy im, easy! So, my friends, the markets looking ripe and primed to dive in and scoop some assets, but dont put any lump sums in right now because we could go down to ten thousand dollars on bitcoin and the all coins will get dusted, obliterated and then itll really be On sale right put a little bit in keep buying every week my strategy, believe it or not, does not change based on anything. If were below my profit, taking threshold i buy, if were above it, i sell it aint much, but its honest work period lets go hbar staking native staking hip 406 will be on the test net.

The hedera test net june 23rd 2022 and will be in the main net update july 14, 2022. native staking on hedera, is right around the corner less than a month. Are you ready? I know im ready im, definitely going to hop in there. Why not, but the first phase will release 0.27 will allow users to stake their hbar. To a note and when the total h bar stake to a note exceeds the minimum state threshold users who staked will receive sticking rewards for each full day they stake. So it will not be right away so have some patience. You will not get rewards right away its a big moment for hedera im excited to cover it and hop in well. Do it together lets go thats all for today, guys appreciate you watching one video a day on youtube guys, i want to say: hey golden state warriors. Congratulations, nba finals champions i enjoyed watching it. Steph curry got emotional. I got emotional, you love to see it im. A die hard nba fan, it was just glorious, so uh golden state fans, congrats, boston fans, great job, uh, excellent season – well see you next year, so good times all around hey love it. So my friends follow me on twitter. Madchase99. Follow me on. Follow me on tik tok chase crypto. Follow me on instagram matt chase underscore. I love you all thanks a lot for your time.