This is daryl from daily crypto trade sales coming to you live from vietnam, guys its a great time to be alive, and you know wow. You know the crypto markets are still just weird and wacky were seeing more and more uh big companies, uh becoming insolvent, were gon na talk about that. Another huge crypto company has just become insolvent, and you know that is not good for the crypto markets and uh. You know its just a debbie debbie downer and we keep seeing that uh. You know once again its a its a whole, its you know its a typical typical story of uh. You know companies using leverage because they think they can make uh some more money and outsmart the markets, guys so once again, uh with three arrows a capital. You know this was a company thats worth about 18, a billion dollars uh and its at its at its peak and uh. You know you know for some unknown reason. You know. Just before uh luna crashed uh, you know uh the three hours capital they invested. Half a billion dollars, 500 million dollars into luna and, of course, uh that tanked and you know that 500 million dollar investment is now worth five dollars five dollars and about five dollars and 27 cents out there. So you know like come on man like half a billion dollars got wiped out uh, so that is whats going on and also looks like a you know: block fight, theres theres been some rumors and flood going around right.

Now that uh, maybe block five block. Five. Might uh in fact uh you know being heading down the same road as celsius, so this is totally unconferred. I dont want to spread fud out there. Uh blockfi has said no. They you know, theyve got risk management in place. Theyve got all that, but it looks like you know: uh three hours, capital out there uh they did have a margin, call and uh their position got liquidated. So basically, three arrows capital – 18 billion dollar company – has now become insolvent, its out of there its finished its done. So this is not. This is definitely not going to be helping the crypto markets at all its just its just, not good guys. All this kind of stuff is going on, so you know we see a lot of companies who dont have proper, proper risk management and the other thing that even uh, you know made things worse for three hours. Capital is when, when luna uh dumped and they lost that 500 million, what they did is they started. They started doing what we call revenge trading uh. You know they they, they started trading into uh, a lot of cryptos and they took high risk uh because they thought that you know they could. You know get into something and they tried to recover that half a billion dollar that they lost by you know basically revenge trading out there. So you know from that perspective they did, they did do a revenge, training and now theyre done theyre done like a donut, and you know you know what can i say – and this is just not going to help you know we got the celsius thing.

As i talked about earlier, we got, we got citibank, uh, you know, theyve hired, citibank, some citibank guys to help with the whole. You know trying to figure out a way how to get themselves out of this hole that they dug, and you know from that perspective you know the only saving grace out there is that nexio nexio out there uh has offered to buy them. So you know right now we dont know you know some people are saying that you know uh block fi whos. Also, you know a huge lending platform out. There could be going the same well as celsius now theres, no confirmations out there. People just started to talk but celsius. Sorry, block fight, did issue a statement. They did issue a statement to reassure everybody that everything is under control and you know they have risk management in place. Uh is a is a confirmed fact out there. That uh is. It is a fact, a fact out there that um, you know three hours. Capital is done and dusted guys, so that is whats going on from that perspective, uh so and then we also had you know: elon musk, hes being sued by some snowflake knucklehead, uh and hes, saying that uh. You know uh that uh dogecoin is a ponzi scheme and elon musk is responsible for pump and dump and uh. You know theyre accusing uh theyre, accusing those the elon musk of racketeering out there and participating in this pump and dump saw they won like three 235 billion, 258 billion, sorry uh, basically, 86 billion times three.

You know its like you know like people are really. You know people out there are losing theyre losing their goddamn minds out there i mean come on guys, stop all the the shenanigans out there and at the end of the day, if you make some dumb moves in crypto and you lose and you go out of Business, that is your fault, stop trying to point the fingers at other people out there point the fingers where they belong and thats yourself, guys and gals. So from that perspective it is what it is. So you know its confirmed that three hours capital has done and dusted out there. So we are seeing right now that you know the the pre markets out there. The pre markets out there theyre looking okay, but you know anything can change with. You know the way that crypto is acting right now, the way that the uh, broader markets are acting, anything anything absolutely could can change on a dime out there. So from that perspective, guys and gals, you know we just have to wait and see. You know three hours is down and dusted, and you know if we take a look at the bitcoin price right now. Bitcoin is still above the 20. You know its still above the 20 000 600 level right now, uh its just its just. You know its just a 20 900, so its just about to pop up to 21 000 in the house.

Guys and as i said earlier, that you know bitcoin. If bitcoin fails to stay above twenty one thousand and thirty dollars, then we could be going down to nineteen thousand the dollars uh in house at nineteen thousand six hours so thats absolutely coming. As i said, you know its confirmed that you know the crypto hedge fund. Three hours uh fails to meet his lender, margin, calls and basically its lost all of its liquidity and its out guys, and you know i i believe that when the new york stock exchange opens uh, this news is going to become mainstream because remember its still. Its still super early morning in the us, its like you, know, 4 30 at the time recording. So you know when this comes out. I think that youre going to see probably crypto markets, tankity tank tank uh. We see that right now, the you know the the heat map in the house, you know were still seeing that you know bitcoin is i mean right now its struggling, but you know we could have a turnaround guys. So we dont know that really really its really iffy right now i really cant tell you: if its going to be going up its really going to be going down. You know it could be going from bad to worse guys, because you know we got three arrows. We got celsius collapsed, we got the luna thing, the claps there and you know if we, if it comes to light that the block fires also collapse.

This is not going to be good for crypto. This is absolutely going to be just a a you know, a terrible, terrible cascade of negative events out there. So you know things are not looking good at all right now for cryptocurrency, and we can see that you know right now. You can see that bitcoin is broken down below the 200 a week moving average right now, and you know the last time that we did do that was back at the corona dump in 2000 with it was back in march of 2020.. We did see a bit of a dump below that in 2018 and then, if we go all the way back to 2015, we also saw another another uh, another time when bitcoin was below the 200 moving average. But from that perspective guys, one one thing that you guys need to understand out there is that it is so important out there that you guys absolutely understand that you know every time that bitcoin does go down below the 200 weekly moving average. This is often an indicator of a bottom out there. So you know, maybe maybe this is going to be good news. Maybe this is the bottom. Maybe the bottom is is in maybe its already been in, and you know and were gon na bounce it from here. Uh, you know some other good news thats coming in right now as well. Is that if you take a look at if we take a look at uh, the miners right now confused where the bitcoin miners are selling and weve, seen that the miners did a whole bunch of selling around about 30 000 in the house? Now the miners have stopped selling that, in fact the miners have all stopped selling right now, so that is pretty good.

They were selling when bitcoin was at 30k, but they are. There are no signs that they are selling right now these levels, so that is pretty reassuring: that the bitcoin miners have stopped dumping their bitcoins on the open market, because if that happens, that could push bitcoin down to the capitulation level, and we can see that the Pitch capitulation level is right here guys and is that 21 its also a 21 000. So right now, bitcoin is at the bitcoin minor capitulation. So that is not good in house guys, uh, so its anybodys game, anybodys guess how low we could go uh. You know crypto is, could be going from bad to worse guys. It could actually be going from bad to worse in the house uh. So you know: im im im im not like im, not overly concerned uh, because im a long term holder and what im going to be doing is im going to be hauling huddling like a madman, and i can wait to 2025. But a lot of you out there cannot wait. Absolutely cannot wait that long guys. So some other good news i mean the good news. Is you know the biggest btc whale out there? You know uh hes, still picking up, you know he picked up. You know 300. Bitcoin 214 bitcoin and 488 bitcoin in the last three days, and you know that was over 20 million dollars worth of bitcoin that hes still picking up.

So from my perspective, i use this as a key indicator. A key benchmark indicator ive told you about many times and if he aint selling, i aint selling guys. So i really dont believe that i believe that where the bottom is in were all were getting pretty, damn close to it. I know it feels like a big kick in the kick in the nuts, but you know you guys just have to wear the storm and and keep focused guys keep focused and the only way you can keep focus guys is dont panic, guys absolutely dont panic out There uh things are going to be going in our direction soon. Uh, you know, expect some volatility. We got the cme futures that are expiring today, so there is a bit of a gap there, so you know watch out for that. We could see some extreme volatility today in the crypto markets guys, so you just got to be prepared for that be prepared for that. Please uh! You know this is also you know. Mike novogas hes also saying you know mike over guys, came in and says look its going to take a while for bitcoin ethereum to recover and hes. Also citing hes, also saying that you know three hours hedge fund has failed. So you know this is not helping guys, because you know with all of these uh. You know crypto firms that are failing right now and basically, its taking the whole crypto market down with it.

And you know from that perspective uh its really giving crypto a big black eye right now, and you know, of course the government theyre going to be looking at this and go yeah yeah. We see, we told you you guys, you you snowflakes out there, your crypto snowflakes are going to need more uh regulations, so theyre going to be turning on the regulation uh. You know the opening the regulation tap soon, so thats whats going to be happening. From that perspective and thats not good for anybody when we have this over regulation in the city, so you know this whole, you know you know celsius what the heck were you doing out there. You know luna. You know doko on the criminal out there and now weve got three arrows guys. You guys are really hurting. You know you and me out there and its just not good guys, im really getting fed up with how these big companies are not doing the right amount of risk management and theyre. Just like gambling out there guys stop it. So elon musk reveals a crypto twitter plans in a leaked transcript. So basically what now heres the setup heres the absolute setup now remember that uh, you know paypal uh, you know, elon musk comes from the paypal background right and uh. You know. From that perspective he wants to have. He wants to do two things he wants to eliminate the bots and scams on twitter thats.

Fine. I agree with that. He also wants to have twitter use, crypto payments, and i believe that you know the the long term game plan here is that he wants to have twitter become the next paypal, but using crypto payments. So you know you can use twitter as a platform to send payments receive payments. So i think that that you know theyre going to convert twitter, not only into a you know a social platform or social platform, but they also want to turn into a payment platform. As well, so i think thats pretty cool and i think thats pretty ingenious guys because you know you know if you look at all the all the twitter users out there. You know to convert twitter into a social platform and a payment platform, its its genius guys because theyve already got you know, you know i think its about 20 over. You know 20 million people using twitter right now uh. I may be wrong with that number guys. You know, please comment what is the exact number but out there, and you know if you can turn uh twitter into a payment platform. This is huge guys. This is gon na be huge, and i really believe that at the end of the day, elon musk hes gon na win hes gon na win his bid for twitter. They absolutely have no choice but to do that guys. So from that perspective, its absolutely coming. So you can see um bear markets end when the night, when, when the negative three day on mac, uh emmy with words, get awards, bear markets and when negative three day moving average 50 crosses the positive three day, uh moving average 200 with a 50 sell off To the 38.

2 fibonacci level so, like i said in 2015, when we saw the bitcoin go down below the 200 weekly average, this indicated the end of the bear and an upturn were seeing again when we had the when we had in 2019. We saw it again. We saw it briefly with the covert crash, but that was kind of a black swan outlier event and were seeing it right now that the 38.20 fibonacci level is being hit guys. It was hit here here or here, and i really believe that were going to be taking off guys. I think that reversal is coming in. I mean its going to be a little bit slow. I mean expect extreme extreme volatility, because weve got the three arrows collapsed. Weve got the the cme futures coming, so i expect some huge volatility coming uh for that. I i believe its going to be coming guys, so lets take a look at the dogecoin price, so the dose coin price right now is still its just going sideways. Its doing the crappy walk waiting for some confirmation, what the heck is going on with bitcoin right now, uh, so hopefully bitcoin can get itself above twenty one thousand and thirty. That is the the line in the sand. So those coins just going sideways right now, uh. If we take a look at uh, you know the bitcoin dominance its coming up a little bit, but its still a 45, but its you know its dropped, hugely its absolutely dropped, hugely from where it was before.

You know when it was up at this level here. Uh its gone down from like a 48 to uh 45, so its dropped about three percent, so that is pretty bullish. From that perspective, uh, you know, dxy is coming up, thats, not good for bitcoin its going to create some more pressure were seeing right now for the leverage we give this a minty refresh on the house, moon the refresh so were seeing that the amount of leverage Uh apes is coming down 192 million, so thats not too bad. Seeing 73 a million uh 73 000 traders got wrecked and were seeing in the last one hour. Right now were seeing mainly long so yeah thats, going to put some downward pressure on on on bitcoin uh bitcoin is going to go down guys, so you know its not looking good uh ethereum right now is trading at a one thousand one hundred eighty eight dollars In the house uh, you know we need to get see. Ethereum go back above 1200, but you know theres been a lot of a lot of leveraged positions. You know three hours, you know and all these people have been leveraged trading. The heck out of uh. Out of ethereum right now and its not funny guys its absolutely not funny in the house and ethereum is getting slaughtered right now. You can see that you know. Bitcoin is 67 million, an ethereum and 64 million, so wow guys people are just going to town on ethereum its, not good, guys stop leverage trading its, not good for anybody.

Uh, you know ada is doing pretty good its kind of holding its own its at 48. A cents on almost 49 cents, so im pretty pretty bullish about that. So from that perspective you know things are looking looking okay for ada. If you take a look at the total market cap cap, its up slightly gingerly its at 916 billion and set to 48 uh 48.06 billion and the bitcoin dollars at 43.7, thats aggregate right. So if you take a look at the total coinage of carnage in the house were seeing that bitcoin right now could turn green. Hopefully it turns green, but you know im concerned that when the markets open and get the three arrows a news that hits the hits, hits everybodys ears and eyeballs that you know its going to tank 10 crypto even more were seeing a bitcoin. Ethereum is down, 2.5 percent were seeing b and b is down uh b and b is up. Sorry 0.23 into 218. Uh dollars were seeing, ada is also is also, it looks like it could be. Turning green could be going neutral, uh salon, it could be going green as well. Doge has just gone green. One point one: two percent up were seeing: sheepy weebly is turning green, so right now its looking like pre market wise things are looking okay, but you know these markets could turn red and im just afraid that you know when the three arrow news hits the eyeballs In the years when people wake up in the u.

s, this could have a negative effect out there, guys and gals. So from that perspective uh you know, all i got ta say guys is uh. You know be careful out there. Crypto is a huge jungle right now. Uh we could, we could see some downside, i think uh. You know worst case here. Right now is 19680 thats. My worst case scenario: uh guys do go smash the likes subscribe. If you want to and if you dont want to thats fine. You know you know you, you guys dont want to be uh, you know smashing like subscribers, the most amazing crypto channel. We keep it real, we keep it straight and you know no, no bs on this channel so guys dont forget to also go down there check out all the links uh become a becoming patreon member. Buy the channel and coffee show some love guys and show some support. I would appreciate it. Weve also got merger if youre in merch, if youre interested here with the og gear, you know what you guys should be doing now is just dont panic uh. You know i just want to you know: god bless you all out there uh, you know were gon na get through this uh bitcoin will will recover. Dogecoin will recover. We will be going up. Uh lets wait to see what happens with three arrows news. I mean. I think we could see some more tankage this weekend could be rough.

Guys could be a rough run, so hopefully im hopefully im wrong. I mean hopefully im totally wrong out there and you know things just go up and its a beautiful moon shot uh but guys, but you got ta, you got ta prepare for the worst. You know this could be going from bad to worse, guys. So watch out out there watch out out there.