All of these questions, of course, are theyre. An indicator of uncertainty and uncertainty unfortunately leads to further declines guys in this video. I want to go over. A couple of the numbers that are indicative of the overall cryptocurrency market were going to talk about market cap were going to talk about overall crypto volume. What it means for where we are right now and, of course, a little bit of a glimpse into what we could see happen in the future. So if it sounds like something, youre interested in lets get started. Music whats up everybody, im clay im here to make 2022 the best year ever. If you havent, clicked that subscribe button make sure to subscribe to the channel, join us become a bro. We are here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together. Hey look! If youre brand new to investing you dont know how or where to buy stocks in crypto, you got a link in the description below for weeble. It is super simple to set up your account any deposit going gon na get you guys. Six free stocks during their anniversary, promo, one dollar, crypto trade, each five dollars of free crypto and if you guys want fifty dollars in free bitcoin, youve got a link down there for voyager 100. Trade is going to get you 50 in bitcoin and then you guys can earn up to 14 plus percent interest. Just by holding your crypto on voyager, you dont have to stake it or anything like that.

But lets talk about these cryptocurrency. The overall market numbers really quick and then jump into some expectations that are going on out there. As far as you know, bottoms and and bull markets, and things like that are concerned. So theres, currently an overall market cap of around im, going to say around 890 to 900 billion dollars. It sounds like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things guys, it is a very small amount compared to one what cryptocurrency has been worth, but an even smaller amount compared to what cryptocurrency will and could be worth. I mean youre looking at a billion dollar company, guys youre talking uh, i mean a 900 billion dollar market cap for the entirety of the crypto market. I mean youve got companies the the united states companies, they trade on the new york stock exchange that are worth more than than the entire cryptocurrency market. So its very interesting to to see such a. I mean such a player as cryptocurrency and the future that it has, but its trading in it only in 890 billion dollar market cap right now extremely low, and what we see is a 40 plus percent decrease in trading volume. Now uh thats a day over day, and that is roughly 64 billion dollars in the entire cryptocurrency market, has been traded in the last 24 hours. That is dramatically lower, now heres a couple of things that these numbers are going to lead to anytime.

You have such a small asset and, of course, bitcoin is the largest of the cryptocurrencies, but im talking in general. This entire market is only worth 900 billion dollars, so it is very small in terms of overall wealth and overall worth of so many other assets out there there will be skeptics. You dont hear people out there saying that. Well, you know what the united states stock market is its a scam. The united states stop well, you do hear them saying its a scam because they see the manipulation and corruption on wall street day after day. But what im saying is you dont see them saying that the united states stock market is not here to stay? You dont see them saying that i dont know the all of the gold that is that is out in the world. Right now is not here to stay. You dont see people saying that the real estate market is is going to go to zero. Clearly, these things have value, and, and one of the reasons people see, the value is because theyre valued in trillions tens of trillions, hundreds of trillions of dollars, when you add up the entire market cap and in regards to that cryptocurrency being so low, gives us the Opportunity to grow over time to to wealth and worth that we have yet to imagine so uh in and of itself. Crypto, being so, small is going to be a like fuel for the fire for the skeptics that are out there and theyre going to tell you its going to go to zero theyre going to tell you its worthless theyre, going to tell you all of these things And and then theyre going to be buying in the same breath so that they can have a little bit of exposure just in case something does happen, but we know what theyre doing out there lets talk about the volume, though, because im actually a little bit more Concerned about the cryptocurrency volume than i am the overall market cap right now now, why is that? A slow and in low volume, meaning very few trades are being are taking place, indicates a couple of things.

One buyers are still not willing to place bets and place trades and invest in the cryptocurrency market. Higher volume indicates one of two things: either we have a huge sell off occurring or a lot of buyers coming in. So we need those buyers that are out there to support the overall market, but more important than that. All of these centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, coinbase and you know weeble – is getting into crypto wallets. Now robin hood is out there youve got voyager link in the description right. Cue coin: kraken i dont care what cryptocurrency exchange binance being a very, very large one. I dont care what cryptocurrency exchange you name. They make money when people, trade and people trade is volume. So if the volume is lower, these cryptocurrency exchanges are making less money. Now. Weve already seen, coinbase announced that theyre laying off 1100 people weve seen other cryptocurrency exchanges come out and say the same thing and as the cryptocurrency market continues to fall in worth and price. I believe the volume is more than likely going to continue to the downside. As well, it is going to get stagnant and it is going to get hard to hold, because people are going to be whispering in your ear all day, long that its worthless, that you shouldnt be here that you should stop this right. Now that you should give up your dreams that you should not be investing in cryptocurrency and its going to get very difficult for the centralized exchanges.

So what we need to see if we are going to outlast this bear market, especially if you were concerned about your centralized exchange that you use if you use coinbase, we already know that theyve said during a bankruptcy they would be taking or could be taking. All of your assets, as you would not be viewed as an asset holder, you would be viewed as a non secured creditor, and that is wild, that a centralized, cryptocurrency exchange would be saying that. But if volume continues to go down these centralized exchanges, their revenue continues to go down. If their revenue continues to fall, it could be a very difficult and vicious cycle. I mean imagine, imagine if coinbase for a second, you know, hypothetically speaking, if coinbase did go out of business and the largest centralized exchange in regards of cryptocurrency is done for dont. You think panic would occur, especially if the people who have assets on coinbase have those assets taken from them, even if its dollars, even if its hundreds of thousands, no matter what it is if their assets are seized, if they are used as unsecured creditors, if the, If the, if coinbase goes under, because volume is so extremely low, it could trigger it could trigger a very i guess, drastic measure and even further downside for cryptocurrency markets, so guys these are some serious numbers that we are looking at. They are very important numbers that we are looking at and i hope that we look at them and give them the importance that they deserve, but i am still im bearish in the short term, but i am absolutely bullish in the long term.

I want to know what you guys thoughts on there overall cryptocurrency market, the numbers that were just i guess displayed for you. Let us know what you guys think about those, and if this button right here is still red, make sure to click it subscribe to the channel join us become a bro. We are here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together.