We look for gold in every single aspect of our lives and we always find it now. Today we are back for another daily market update. We have some very, very bad news, or you can look at it as good news about bitcoin and ethereums price action today. Weve also got a bunch of xrp stuff that were gon na cover so before we get into it, make sure that you join the new telegram channel. Okay, the gold squad telegram the old one got hacked, and now we have a new one t dot me slash. Crypto mason, with a: u m a s: u n link is in the top of the description, go check that out weve been posting some stuff already in there go join the new telegram. Also follow me on twitter right. There now lets talk about the market were at 841 billion, 845 billion dollars. Volume is down to 68 billion today, um bitcoin. What did i say we dumped into a new range? This is what all always happens. We crashed 5.8 percent in uh four hours here, as you can see, we just keep dumping into the new range now were in a very scary position right here we are below the 2017 all time high, and i think bitcoin has only done this once ever before. It maybe in 2013. I think it was where bitcoin goes below the previous all time, high um and thats. Where were at right now right here, so we want to um.

I also saw a clip of kevin oleary saying that celsius is going to go to zero um if they do get liquidated. I dont know where their liquidation price is anymore uh. I think they changed it, but it was in the 18 thousands um, and if that happens, this is going to be the biggest cascading drop ever now. This is exactly why i told you guys this whole time that im not buying right because look at what we have now we have ethereum just struggling to stay above. One thousand right, ethereum is literally, was literally at three figures. Just just a second ago um. It was at three figures which im gon na stack: the hell out of ethereum at three figures. Just so you guys know uh, we have theta fuel up. We have quant up 14.8 percent today, bitcoin cash and xdc reason why these are in there. Quantum xdc is because of that partnership that we covered yesterday. If you didnt watch yesterdays video go watch that, as for bitcoin, i am no longer. I i its no longer a possibility of me telling you where this is going to go. This could go anywhere now. I wanted to stay above 19 or i want to stay above 20k. We are now below that. I do see a very big possibility of going down to sixteen thousand, even thirteen thousand, even ten thousand its looking more excuse me more and more each day that 10 000 bitcoin is possible thats what it looks like more and more each day and of course right.

If that happens, how much more? How many more percent is that 50, if we go down 50 more were at 10 000 right, and this would absolutely like ethereum would probably be like 750 dollars like 500 to 70 750. If that happens – and that is insane because you can spend a thousand dollars and get two ethereum crazy, im gon na be a whale. If that happens um. This is what all coins are. Looking like right, we have all the articles getting pushed through bitcoin crashes below 2017s previous all time high. We also have the fear and greed index at a six of extreme fear. Obviously, i i feel, like weve, been in extreme fear for just months and months on end now um. But this is a six and this is apparently the second lowest level since 2018.. So i guess in 2018 there were lower than a six which makes sense, because that was the big bear market, but dude six on the extreme fear. Now what do people say? What do people say be greedy when others are fearful right be greedy when others are fearful this? You could be looking at this as horrendous like, i see a lot of people in my comments like mason, this isnt horrendous. This is blah blah blah blah youre right. Youre right, but this i think this is gon na get much more nasty here, so you know be careful when youre buying, but you could buy in right now, if you want like you, do you think this is like a bottom signal right here? Six! No! I think this can go even lower um, but the point here is: you know this is also a buying opportunity if you are in this for the long term and i tweeted out uh just now.

Are you still here who is still here who doesnt plan on leaving anytime soon, um me im still here im still here and i dont plan on leaving anytime soon. If this is, you drop a like and a comment um if youre gon na be here forever, and this allows, because im gon na be here forever. This basically allows me to buy coins at any price. In this bear market. I can buy eth at a thousand dollars, then it can go down to 750 ill buy. It again goes down to 500. I buy it again right. Im not buying eth right now, im not buying anything right now, and this is why, over the past couple weeks, ive been telling you that im not buying jack right now is because i knew this was gon na happen. It just its very simple to see that everything is negative right now and we will get that pendulum swing back a little bit um and as for this melt up thing, i dont think a melt up is gon na happen. Right, i think maybe we could go to 25k into this box again uh, maybe 22 again, but at this point its just a cascading like look. We just keep dumping into these new range. Its like stairs were making stairs stairway to hell, shout out led zeppelin, the opposite of stairway to heaven. Now lets get into some of the the twitter stuff. Today, the world economic forum recently published a payments.

Interoperability report featuring a number of different approaches from nations around the world. It seems the bank of england cant get enough of their interoperable overlay service running on apis. You guys know quant connects everything through the over ledger and i swear that bank of america and quant are in cahoots here, because ive shown you a million times the um same vocabulary and termage is that a word termidge is being used by bank of america and Quant bank of america has m bridges, quant has m cbdcs, quan or uh. I think its that way, yeah quan has m. No sorry, quan has m daps right, quan has mdaps and uh bank of america has mcbdcs and m bridges um. Why would they term them? The same, if theyre, if theyre not going to be used together, so this is some more speculation that quant is going to be. In there with bank of america, we have xrp captain uh tweeting out that someone transferred 57 million dollars in ethereum and paid a fee of 1.93. An xrp captain gives the example of somebody sending 57 billion in xrp and paying a minuscule fee of under way under a cent. Now i would say why does this matter? The dif is the difference here. Really that powerful it is. It is not for peer to peer payments, though we dont need well. I would prefer to pay this much right. 0.0013 id prefer to pay that much over a dollar ninety three, but if im sending 57 million dollars, i dont care about a dollar.

Ninety three: i dont care about fifty dollars, although these the money should flow for free right. So interesting example right there um, but when we get to like when, when you know, for example, in a video game, when a door opens in a video game, actually lets say real life when a door, a high security door opens in real life. That should be in a ledger that should be a transaction in a ledger on a distributed, ledger right when we get to that, we cant be having a dollar ninety three fees, for that it needs to be basically no fees right now. Lets move on to right. Here, where i say only, i only see xrp becoming a stronger project. Really there is nothing that can weaken it. New partnerships, expansion and features all while under a lawsuit by the sec up only trajectory i dont care about price. Okay. What im saying here is that everything is just bullish: theres, no bearishness on xrp, except for the price. The price is the only trash thing about xrp right now. Everything else is just amazing everything right look at this. We got ripple fighting for regulations, new partnerships all the time. I only see this thing going up like over the next five to ten years, only up and im not talking about price, although over five to ten years the price will go up. Now we have jay clayton, basically saying that he believes regulation to the extent possible should be technology agnostic, and we know this is exactly what brad garlinghouse keeps saying uh.

He says the one side: the government should not take a one size fits all approach to crypto regulations, um and im. Pretty sure. Brad has literally said that regulation should not be technology agnostic like in those words too so jay clayton, for some reason thinks he can go around saying this uh after uh suing the suing ripple and all that okay, we also have sassel sasal. A lot of people are learning about the usdc blacklist function. Today, what to clear things up circle? The issuer of usdc can freeze usdc in any address at any time. For whatever reason, this is the risk of using centralized stable coins just like using any centralized service. This is what im saying folks have i not said this. Have i not said this? They want to see decentralized, stable coins fail, they want to see this happen. Did they get fully rid of? I dont even know whats happening with the with luna anymore dude, but lets give an example of usdd. Look that things at 96., its literally off its peg right now um, but they want to see these fail. Okay, so that they can use stuff like this lets see if the if the eurock is on here, yet, oh, it is wow thats cool. Is that a different shade of blue? Why would they use a different shade of blue that pisses me off, like like whats really going on here? I dont like this. How it looks just so spread out is the aud c on here, yet no um, so usdc can freeze at any time.

Okay, horrible – and this is why they want these to be used because they can freeze them if the government wants to now the final little thing right here. Companies list hundreds of new crypto jobs, despite uh recent uh layoffs, and this is basically just saying over 500 positions related to crypto and blockchain were advertised on job boards on indeed the past week, binance said this week. It would add over 2 000 new positions, any company thats expanding during the bear market is a winning company in my book, but that is all weve got for the daily market update really not much going on except the market crashing even further. Okay, we just stumbled across this curve, dow at 60 cents is crazy folks and that that probably will continue down as well, but that is an insane deal right. There um also, i wanted to say, whos, going to nft new york. If youre going to nft new york drop, uh drop a comment drop a like, i will be in nft new york attending as much as i can, and just basically going with the flow. I have really no schedule most likely going to pull up to the galaxy party and the nft.com party, the ledger party, what else some other ones uh, but i appreciate all of you for watching. I love every single one of you make sure that you follow on instagram twitter. All of that stuff. All my referral links are in the description.

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