We look for gold in every single aspect of our lives and we always find it now. Today i am in new york, as you can see, the setting has changed im here for nft new york. Now, if youre going to nft new york drop a like on this video, if you wish you could have went to nft new york also drop a like drop. A comment, letting me know that you guys are going. Hopefully i get to see some of you guys. Uh out here, um, but before we get into this daily market, update, make sure that is my camera frozen bro. If my cameras frozen hold on hold on hold on hold on im sorry, this is the ghetto set up folks when were traveling its the ghetto setup. Let me just do this: do this? Are we frozen nope? We aint frozen. Okay, put me in the corner here: im, sorry folks. Hopefully this daily market update from new york uh makes up for it now make sure that you join the new telegram. The link is in the in the description as well as the pinned comment were currently at 1710 subscribers. We will get this way back up to 10 000 um. If you guys join now, lets get into the daily market. Update 19 000 dollar bitcoin um, 19. 000. Bitcoin we literally went to what is that seventeen thousand bro seventeen thousand, like thirteen thousand, like i was saying yesterday, is completely within reach like that is absolutely possible.

Even ten. 000 is very possible now, like uh those boundaries have been shattered in my opinion, but lets look at some other stuff here. Ethereum is above above. A thousand bucks right. Tether is literally deep hagging as i, as i see it right here, 99.87 right. We want it to be at a dollar just like usd coin, is sitting perfectly at a dollar um a lot of people getting scared. That tether will be the next one to go. Uh i believe celsius excuse me. Celsius is probably gon na, be the one to go and then maybe excuse me tether or um tron like the tron stablecoin usdd uh might be the next to go, but i dont want to even think about those right now, because that would be horrible. That would send this market into absolute hell, as we can see five to ten percent up on all the altcoins quant is obviously down a little bit because it sort of likes to do what it wants to do exactly what quant wants to do. Um everything else up the ape apecoin is probably up because of ape fest. Here in nft new york. Also, we had dogecoin pump a little bit because elon musk tweets that he will keep supporting dogecoin in spite of the lawsuit, um and heres the tweet right here. He says i will keep supporting dogecoin altcoin gordon says: keep buying it then, and elon says he is buying uh dogecoin he is buying dogecoin, so elon is accumulating.

Does coin come on bro now lets look at the brave liquid or brave new coin liquid index. Basically, this is a chart on trading view where you can see the entire history of bitcoin um in candlesticks here. So we can see like this. Just has the most data is what im saying you can see. This is like one of the saddest charts ive ever seen, because this is the 2017 all time high over here and we can see. We have now went all the way down, and these are just cascading falls like look at these right, like look at how huge these falls are like. This was a massive right. 40. 000, all the way down to 24 000 in a few days right there, and then we had june 5 right hold on june 1 lets, say: 32 000 down to 18 000. So this is what a real bear market or entry into a bear market looks like right and i hope we do not um. I hope we do not go to 10k, because that would be horrible. That would put us right back to where we were like in the old bear. Market were actually were at 5k. I dont think well get down to 5k thats like the death of bitcoin. In my opinion, if we get to 5k also, we can look at the total um crypto market cap, its basically sitting right, where we were in january of 2021 right now, and then the bitcoin chart right weve bounced a little bit, obviously bounced hard after um hitting What did we hit? 17 000, obviously were going to bounce hard after that sort of found a bottom there.

Now we have some billionaire ceos of 122 billion dollar asset manager. Predicts bitcoin, could crash by another 50 percent. So yesterday we showed where this would actually go. If it crashed fifty percent, so this guys saying fifty percent more, we can see boom. Fifty percent is to ten thousand dollars its to ten thousand dollars. So this came out a couple days ago or or yesterday – this is jeffrey gundlach. Believing bitcoin will plummet further. Despite already falling 70 percent uh that he says, the trend in crypto is clearly not positive, it managed to rally, but its it looks like its back to getting liquidated. We had 269 million dollars of bitcoin shorts liquidated. You can also check this on coin glass. Um. The liquidations right, you can check the liquidations here: 24 hours, 504 million right thats for all. Like all coins, we had 220 million wrecks. I like how they say that 24 hours wrecked uh 220 mil uh for xrp lets just check for fun. 3 million in in liquidations eth, almost 200 million in each liquidations. Thats crazy link lets see 2.4, so you can see the liquidations absolutely spiking. Also june 12th, we spiked huge insane stuff going on right now, a lot of people getting wrecked. Now we also have these little charts right here from oliver zap. Look at this okay. This is how you have to zoom out. This is macro right. Macro chart, bitcoin pumps all the way.

In 2012., we crash hard. Everyone screams bitcoin is dead. We pump again higher than the last time. Then we fall bitcoins dead pump, again bitcoins dead pump, again bitcoins dead, its the same thing, every single time like that drake song uh best. I ever had same thing every single time you to you the best. Okay. Im. Sorry for just doing that to you there i had to sing that um. This is a cool website called bitcoinsdead.org, where you can see all these people calling bitcoin being dead, uh right here. Look at todays price, though this doesnt look good, like is bitcoin, actually dead. This time look at this look at todays price like it has went below some of these predictions. So all these people are right here that that is dead um, but this is called the obituary or this is a different one. Actually, but this ones good too, and it basically shows like like who said this, like heres a google fiber fiber engineer, heres a professor at the university of chicago, like heres, an economics writer from bloomberg, all saying that bitcoin is dead. Uh man look at these prices like this dude, the google fiber engineer was saying: bitcoin is dead at 3.87 right and then you also have the obituary one, which is this one, where you basically click the button. I think is this: the one where you click the button and it spits out one. Oh theyve changed this website, but you can see this is a track record of all of the deaths of bitcoin, absolutely insane um.

And then you have this one as well same exact thing: bitcoin is a bubble and then bitcoin is dead. This one went super viral on twitter uh. Of course, this is how the bitcoin maxis defend their basically dying. Coin is with stuff like this, and it works right, because this is true, true facts. Now i wanted to talk about this. Okay. I saw this article by sony joseph june 8. 2022. He says the other great merge now what the heck is he talking about? Not the ethereum merge because he has a ripple logo right here. The other great merch is the trad phi world, which is the traditional finance world, tradify and crypto continuing to blend together, thats the real merge. The real merch is trad fi and crypto blending together in blockchain thats the real merge facts: okay, because ive said it time and time again, you cannot leave my grandma behind with her online bank account. You cant leave her behind you. Cant leave people who dont dont want anything ever to do with crypto behind you. Cant leave them behind now, who are the companies bringing who are the companies that are going to merge, tradfi and crypto? This new ripple website is nice. I havent been on here in a while – that is a very high quality photo right there. I like this um. These are the companies ripple. Okay, quant oops got that quant right, quant network stellar. These are the ones right.

These are the ones that are trying to merge the banking, the government, the digital identity, all of that stuff, boom internal interlocking and eventually right, you will get it watch this inner workings of a car. Do you guys know how this works? Do you guys know how this works only a few people, a small percentage of people, know how all this works right. Fuel filter, exhaust system, chassis lubrication. This is a car right. This is like blockchain, like everything will be running on blockchain and you wont even know it. Youll just be driving the car, but yet all this stuff is going on aerodynamics. Inductively coupled charge port like right. This fiberglass reinforced urethane instrument panel, like all this stuff, will be going on and most people everybody drives these things around every day, but they dont know how they work right. Itll be the same thing, and these are the people doing it right. So lana is not necessarily doing this icp, not necessarily doing this, because in order to understand icp, you need to know about this stuff, and that disproves my own argument. There um but im im, saying icp and solana and all those are not positioned to merge trad, fi and crypto theyre, just crypto. These are actually working with the old system to merge it and get this new system. Now we have a good clip about this. Basically, from chris larson right here detailing his vision on digital assets, take a look at this one minute, 48 were gon na watch.

This whole thing very uh worth it. Watch this um Music Music, supplemental to the existing family of currencies; theyre not trying to kill fiat dollars, theyre trying to actually unite all fiat and make them stronger and hes going to get into that right here. Strengthening the old system with digital assets thats exactly what the government wants to do. A lot of people just want to replace the old system with digital assets, but these these guys are trying to strengthen it right and its sad but thats. Why? I bet on it and more people around um Applause, very good view right. There im actually going to give this a retweet right here, um thats spot on from chris larson right there um – and these are the companies bro. These are the ones stellar hbar, quant, ripple xrp, who else algorand, who else ethereum right filecoin. The reason i say filecoin is because ripple supports filecoin in a big way. Helium right, the illuminati coins chain link right – and this is just my pickings – you could say some of these other ones are illuminati coins uh, but you know i just i can pick iota right. How is usdd up here? Dude thats, so bad 57th, quant, obviously right engine a little bit xdc uh right. Some of those are the ones anything working with the banking is im betting on that, so that is all weve got for the daily market. Update make sure oops is that frozen.

Is that frozen? Okay were gon na, have to do the outro right here. Watch this hold on sorry for the ghetto setup lets just expand me right here to there boom do not join that telegram. That is the. I have not changed that yet i actually shouldnt even have that on here, but make sure you follow on instagram twitter. I love every single one of you um.